ANIMA 4 Released + 4D Animation System

AXYZ design anima 4 released this week and introduces a revolutionary new 4D animation system that turns 3D characters into real humans! (Header image by Pavel Huerta).

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Hello Everyone,

We have created this particular project to represent the typical joyful culture and life long peaceful lifestyle of unique town Rajkot in Gujarat, India. Our main challenge was to recreate each plant, local materials, water body and fountains required by client.

We have tried to incorporate client’s view and perspective with speech in our storyline.

We welcome your thoughts and suggestion.

Thanks & Regards.
Team Impact 3D


The One Rendering Challenge submission
For this challenge, I experimented with a few different characters, compositions and atmospheres whilst designing the form of the building.
I wanted to develop the architecture secondary to the stories that may occur in an everyday environment.
This made me realize there are too many important stories that happen everyday. I did not want to choose one specific story.

Therefore my moment is a young man receiving a phone call; the call could be from anyone – about anything; it could be sad news or it could be joyous. This phone call was important enough for this person to leave the function he was attending.

The message is life happens.
Appreciate what you have – you only get to do it once.

3ds Max l Corona l PG SKIES l Photoshop l Itoo Software l Phoenix FD

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UTS Central

Last year the University of Technology Sydney engaged me to create a 3 minute animation for them to show off of the new UTS Central building currently under construction. The aim was to focus on 4 key areas:
1) The exterior of the building in context with the rest of the campus masterplan
2) The main interior student lobby
3) The magnificent library reading room
4) The new basement “Superlab”.

Already having many of the master-plan assets from previous animations completed for UTS, I still had to change many areas, including the Alumni Green space to be accurate to what had been built.

I completed the full animation in about 3 months. The only help I had was in modelling some custom furniture and some custom scripting. Rendering was outsourced to GarageFarm on the cloud.

The interior still images of the library were offered to the client free of charge, as a gesture of good will. They required considerable work but I had spare time and the building was so nice, I wanted to show it off.

G Hub – 3D animation

G Hub – residential and retail development in Istanbul, Turkey by Mar Yapı. At MIII we created a set of high-quality 3D visualizations and promotional CG video for the project.

This time we decided to use Unreal Engine during a concept stage and present a client with more visually refined version of animatic.

MIII Production Team:
Director – Alexandr Smirnov
3D Artists – Alexandr Smirnov, Evgenia Timofeeva, Choduraa Hopuya, Alexandr Belkov
Manager – Lena Varlamova
Art Director – Ivan Savenko

Skybar Party

The image we made for a commercial project was completely adapted to make an image we wanted to create. All work was done in 3dsmax and rendered with vray and post production was done in Vray.