Batumi Hills

Curved balconies resembling seacosts and green hills of Batumi, spacious terraces for freely enjoying the sun and beautiful views were the key elements we cared about while preparing visualization for this architecture project. Balcony hedges were specially crafted in growfx to follow curved lines of balcony rails. Vibrant and deep hues of greens and blues are used to emphesize the feeling of hot sunny weather.

Mea Terra

We at FT studio were assigned to make a presentation of newly opening beach bar in Lachania area of Rhodes island.

The venue has bar, restaurant, “secret garden” for wedding events and of course a beach lounge.

Our proposal and goal was to show the project in various Mediterranean vibes.
From the typical day white-washing sunlight, through pinkish sunset colors all the way to blue-casting sky in the evening.

We tried to compromise as little as possible, so most of the assets are made by us, and materials are combination of all possible sources.

Let us know how we did, and how you find the project 🙂

Full project and full resolutions :

Thanks for watching !

Outdoor Pavilion

The structure made out of metal and wood profiles allows a fast construction and an easy reconstruction on another site that allows enjoy the activities offered by the foundation, never losing sight of the fact that we are in the middle of a park. We will be inside the pavilion, but always feeling as if we were also on a balcony facing the surrounding nature.