Small Details

This is a small animation I did for TheRookiesco Competitions.

I really like to focus on the small details when I’m doing 3d, but these days the clients want wide images to show the whole space. So this project is going to be about close-ups and details.

Also, I decided to have a little fun with phoenix fd, tyflow, and growfx, so I force myself to learn new skills animating liquids, smokes, plants, and cloth.

The Wine Room

Created through the boredom of isolation the project was a chance to learn some more plugins and programs!

Primarily GrowFX, Railclone and ForestPack. With large mirrored ceilings, imagined to reflect the landscape beyond, I wanted to create everything digitally. So using GrowFX to create the vineyards and the vines was helpful! It also made created low and high poly versions very easy which allowed me to create the rolling hills without to much of a performance hit!

Mountain Bowen House

I came across a photo of this view a few years back and recreated it using tools I wanted to explore such as the Substance suite. The main structure was modeled in Sketchup and then imported in 3ds Max for detailing. Some of the objects are scanned assets from Quixel megascans but most of it was custom modelled, including the foreground plants using Grow Fx. After the rendering process I tried to get as close to the photograph in post production, making some of it directly into the V-Ray Frame Buffer, then using Camera Raw and some individual elements later on in usual Photoshop.


It was a very unusual and interesting project. The visualization was made to order a French Agency, but I decided to slightly modify and Refine the project for fun. I really hope that I was able to convey the atmosphere of a French morning. If you like the project, please rate it.
Location: Ambarès-et-Lagrave, France
client: Hubstairs
visualization: Boris Trevgoda
modelling: Ilya Ilyin, Sergey Buligyn, Anton Kosobruhov