“The New Barn” – Full CG Showcase

Richard and where inspired by Dorte Mandrup´s “Barn” and needed a 3d showcase for potencial clients to show VR, AR and full CG rendering.
Richard created the architecture and we planed the shape of the landscape.
Than it was about one week of texturing, lighting, scattering, painting, populating and finetuning.
The final shots are rendered in 6k, about 8hrs of rendertime.

Farnsworth House – Full CG Showcase

Full CG – Showcase I made, after I saw the beautiful nature during a hike in Schweden.
The picture at the buttom shows the original foto I made for inspiration. I thought about, which architecture could be interesting in this setting and decided for “Mies van de Rohe´s” Farnsworth House.

For plans and Details of many architectual classics, see the Book: “Key buildings of the 20th century” incl. 3d Data.

Farnsworth House – architecture build from original plans by Mies van de Rohe

Villa Sunnano

Hi everyone
Finally, after more than one year of working in my free time , I finished my personal animation. This is Sunnano which is a full CG animation. I tried to make it the best work I’ve done so far.
I got the idea from a villa named Sunnano which is located by the side of a lake in Sweden. This place helped me to create some different scenes and atmosphere by light and weather.
I tried to make dynamic weather during the animation, from cloudy to rainy. I also made different lighting from morning to evening to create a better feeling for the audience.
I started modeling with 3D Studio Max and used Zbrush to add some details. I used V-ray engine for lighting, shading, and rendering. Furthermore, I used Photoshop and Mari for texturing. All the effects such as fire, smoke, sea waves were made using Phoenix and finally, I used Nuke to do composition and Premiere for editing.
Last but not least, I am grateful of my wife, my family and friends for their support.
3dsmax, V-ray, Forest pro, Growfx, Mari, Marvelous, Frost MX, Phoenix fd, Nuke, Ps, Zbrush, Quixel

[email protected]

Making of Edition in Parnell

Edition in Parnell by MR.P STUDIOS was shared on the showcase section during August and now, the making of Edition in Parnell is giving us all a glimpse behind the scenes of MR.P teamwork on two images they delivered for a contemporary building design by Monk Mackenzie. Learn how they used RailClone, GrowFX and gave Corona Renderer their first go!

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