DeSilver house

1961 John Black Lee and Harrison DeSilver designed the house to demonstrate that good design and construction could be built without compromise. This project inspired me so much that I decide to make visualizations of it.

The bigger images you could check on Behance:

Software: 3Dsmax + Corona

CPH apartament

Status: Concept
Location: Copenhagen
Type: Residental
Year: 2019
Architect: Evgeniia Popova
Visualizer: Evgeniia Popova

After visiting Copenhagen I decided to create concept of modern flat in Denmark style as I feel it: with a lot black and bright colors and perfectly white walls. Would be nice to hear your opinions!

GH House

Fresh visualizations of GH House which was theme on Architectural Visualization Challenge on Ronen Beckerman website back in 2010.
It was a really long time ago and I do not take part in this Challenge, but I thought it will be fun to create new set of visualizations of this building.

All renderings was done using 3ds max and Corona Render. Vegetation was created using Forest Pack (trees models are from builtin library) and GrowFx (tall grass models).
Postwork was done in Affinity Photo. It is pretty neat replacement of Photoshop.

One image was test of simulation of infrared photography (made in postwork). If the leaves are pink, that’s the right one.

Hope you like it!


ZA_Beta is an in-house passion project with the aim of elevating our knowledge and skill in Corona renderer and Interior Design.

This is one of our first set of a project that we’ve done in Corona. We focused particularly on the technical execution of design, lighting and materials. We’ve learned the power of Corona’s real-time light mix and how its progressive image development redefines the way we look at architectural Visualisation.

Any feedback or tips is encouraged, outside perspective will help us push our quality of work within the industry