FOREST office campus

Aerial shot of Forest office campus in Warsaw, Poland.
Building is supposed to meet high ‘green’ standards and will have many environment-friendly facilities within its premises. Those include a roof urban farm, outdoor fitness, leisure deck and others. Additionally it will be surrounded by a nice park – so the name “Forest” came up naturally.

The project had many versions since we first started working with HRA on it in 2015 and I hope I’ll have a chance (and client’s permission) to share them with you at some point.

Aerial photography was done in coop with Przemyslaw Pawinski from Geopoint


Tried to balance the light, work as freelance.
Design Architect: Mohamed Magdy
Software: 3ds max, Vray, and Postrproduction in Photoshop.
Join me:

International Music Centre / Zelazowa Wola, Poland

Exteriors were some of the last images done on my old workstation, whereas interiors were done on new PC and 3dsmax version. The lecture room in particular was my first render done in V-ray Next and I’m especially proud of it even if it’s not the main image. I was pretty happy with all the results to be honest especially considering extremely tight deadlines (as it is when it comes to competitions). Filling the concert hall with 2d people was a bit tedious, but the result was worth it afterall. It was also a nice chance to work on a project that is to be located a place I know and like since schooltrip in 1st grade which was quite a while ago… 🙂

The project passed through the first stage of the competition in the spring, and received official commendation at the conclusion of the contest in June.
The Building adheres to the existing parts of the park/monument and it’s modern architecture. Architects from HRA also used raw wood shingles – local and typicaly rustic material