Crossroads is a new place for people, plants and animals. It is nature-inclusive as well as climate-adaptive and rainproof, offering an unprecedented quality of life within the urban fabric. Through its unique biotope, it helps to green Sloterdijk, one of the plainer outskirts of the city.


Our latest project “Verantes” Located at Ahmedabad India. Verantes ( in Greek means Varandas) is designed and developed for HRG Construction. Client has already developed Images for this project from Some other agency but now they wanted to Develop Film with Us.

Here is the film Please give your comment and critics as they help us improve a lot.

Hunter House

The Hunter House has been something we have been working on intermittently for the past year. We’ve used it as a testbed for lots of new techniques including World Machine, Real Displacement Textures, and Mega Scans to name a few.

I designed the hotel concept for a private client, who has been working with The Boundary for several years.

The building comprises two longitudinal blocks that overlap to create a partial upper story. Fins of concrete set between the floor and roof slabs promise to offer uninterrupted views out into the landscape – a key point in the brief.

While The Boundary has created numerous sets of renderings for the client for larger commercial projects in the US, this is the first architectural commission.

Villa Savoy

Personal black and white interpratation of Villa Savoye, a famous architecture from the swiss architect Le Corbusier. The choice of the point of view is based on the architecture itself principles, of course the most important are simplicity and the gap between the structure and the natural environment.

Black and white is also a choice for enfatize the light and syntetize the shape of the building.