House A

Indoor-Outdoor Connection

The house sits in an open landscape and ensuring an optimum indoor-outdoor connection. A simple facade and massing focuses attention on the house’s relationship with its landscape and opens directly to the street disrupting commonly defined boundaries of public and private space in a suburban street. The site is open. Passers by can, if they chose to, navigate around the house and experience its settings.

Club 09

We’re presenting our recently completed project “Club 09”. This is our first-time experience posting in this showcase, Please give us critics and comments to improve our work.

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Bialoleka Clinic

Hi ! I wanted to share a couple of images I made for Sosak&Sosak architects and their design for a Clinic in Warsaw, Bialoleka district. Software I used here is 3dsmax and Vray renderer. Plugins: forest pack for grass and rail clone to make the road and parking paving. Post produced with photoshop. People on the inside are from Viz-people.

DeSilver house

1961 John Black Lee and Harrison DeSilver designed the house to demonstrate that good design and construction could be built without compromise. This project inspired me so much that I decide to make visualizations of it.

The bigger images you could check on Behance:

Software: 3Dsmax + Corona