La Lisière

We worked in close collaboration with Cigüe on a set of ten images to illustrate this project built against the forest of Fontainebleau.
The houses are available from 3 adaptable types. The images had to reflect the relationship of the buildings with their particular environment as well as the material design work.
This was the most ambitious project in terms of quantity of renderings that we had to do since the creation of our collective last year.

Exterior Visualization:

This is a scene for self-training,a series of images to practice how different lighting conditions change the mood of an image, how materials react to nature and seasons, how light shapes and defines our environment.

Visualized by : Gaurav3d, Softwares: 3Dsmax,Corona,Photoshop
hope you like it. Comments are always welcome to improve my works.

#3dvisualization #archviz #cgi #corona #architecture #3drender #rendering #exterior #architectural #3d #3dsmax

Thank you for viewing!

A Gateway To The Universe

Resting near the Hverfjall volcano on the northern side of Icelandic territory, the project is designed to host a coffee shop located at the base of the hiking trail.

The Gateway is thought to be the link between the main road and the trail, acting as a filter and a shelter at the same time.

It hosts not only a resting area where people can enjoy the magnificent landscape that surrounds the site but also a small exhibition space, a visitor centre, a retail store and a gazing ground to enjoy the Northern lights when the nights are dark and the sky is clear.