Boundless night as far as the eye can see, a stillness of ice in the deafening silence.
The abyssal darkness as the canvas for the phenomenal Aurora Australis.
This is an architectural CGI of a creative concept by our visualization studio. The glowing spheres of Aurora, an international research station, are an extension of the raw wonder, not interfering with the natural order of things

3DS Max | Realflow | ZBrush | Vray | Nuke | Photoshop


Images are primarily created with 3ds max, V-Ray and Photoshop. The winter image illustrates clearly the concept of the building and shows the playfulness between the facade and the slightly wonky pine trees around the site.

The aerial view is partly drone photo and partly matte painting. It shows the building in the context of an old military site with the city of Växjö just behind it and the forests of Småland in the horizon.

Nouvelle Mesure Office Project

Nouvelle Mesure office is a project done to imagine our dream studio. I’m also archicted and i wanted to combine architecture creation and visualization.
Two volumes are articuled around a central entrance hall. The left one represent our archviz studio, the second one our lab (3d assets store)
Moreover, all environment assets are from our store ( I used Scott pines and Cajuns Grass Pack.
Scene Plugins : Forest pack & Railclone
For this project, i used vray cloud for rendering animation (really fast !). After effect for AE for post production, Arion FX was strong and helpfull to give a nice impact.
Axyz Anima was used for the rigged walking man.
This is a Full CGI project. Hope you like it 😉


Melbourne’s most acclaimed architects (Bates Smart) have designed this multi residential – mixed use building to maximize views to the river and create residencies where urban life seamlessly connects with nature.
It was important for our studio to set the right tone and composition for each shot to help compliment the design language. One of the major elements in the design is how the large terraces cascade down the northern elevation and almost merge into the contours of the river bank.
Technically it was very hard to capture certain angles due to ongoing neighboring construction, so the decision was made early on to go full 3D for the majority of the shots.
The largest challenge was file management, with some scenes ending up over 7 gig even though the building was modeled procedurally with rail-clone and all interior assets (furniture/curtains/plants) were scattered with Forest pack. We probably did go OTT by scattering debris and gravel on the roads surfaces, especially from the distance the cameras were positioned. As they say…The devil is in the detail.
A small animation is in production and will be released next year.