Hidden House

From the architect – “Located within the small hamlet of Trevanson, North Cornwall, Hidden House nestles within an existing garden, flanked on three sides by mature trees, with expansive views towards the Camel Estuary beyond.

The beauty of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is unquestionable; the project site feels like a hidden world; immediately relaxing and connected with nature.

The limited material external palette of rugged grey brickwork reflects the tones and textures of the local stonework seen in the vernacular buildings of the area. The building is conceived to be a series of simple sculptural forms which provide an elegant backdrop to the lush vegetation within which it is embedded.

Commissioned to be a permanent home, Hidden House will provide energy-efficient, generous and flexible family accommodation—designed to take advantage of it’s secluded site with a sensitive approach in form, massing and materiality, to the landscape in which it sits.

Responding to the site’s orientation, views, and wider context, the design comprises a cluster of three masonry single-storey elements with a lightweight glazed links between which frame views and provide fluid visual connectivity with the landscape setting.

Focused around a natural swimming pool, the sheltered and private courtyard garden will provide a haven for wildlife, creating a string sense of living within a garden.”

Rothschild 87

Rothschild 87 – Urban renewal project in “The White City” of Bauhaus that is Tel Aviv, Israel. Visualization by The Craft and Architecture by Stability Studio.

We are showcasing the addition of three floors over a conservated building originally planned by Architect Carl Rubin in the international style. The original square composition maintains the continuous horizontal lines by subtracting volumes in favor of balconies along the whole façade.


The new ten-story office building, 1700 Pavilion, spans 267,000 square feet and is situated on just under three acres directly south of the Las Vegas Ballpark. Featuring vantage points with one of a kind views of the entire valley, from The Strip to Red Rock Canyon.

Mykonos High-End Resort

Making nature visible within a building elevates the spirit. It serves as a visual connection between the indoor, the outdoors, and the natural environment. It can reduce stress, produce more positive emotional functioning, and actually improve our concentration.

In SALTVISION we try to make the connection between the nature and architecture as close as possible with a natyural visualization that observer can understand the charm of the environment and the phylosopy behind the design.

Life in the Mediterranean

This scene came to mind on a trip to the Mediterranean a while ago. I wanted to create the detail and complexity of the architecture and the fresh
feeling of the ocean an landscape. I was planning to take this oportunity to learn new software for future projects in our studio. So I decided to
start improving my skills in World Creator, Quixel and Phoenix for the folowing months to come. Most of the views are big landscapes, but wanted
to provide them with as much detail as possible. In most cases I would prefer to mattepaint a lot of these details, but in this case my thought was to
approach it mostly in 3D, my main reason being that I wanted to test out these software programs.