A few months ago we helped our favourite customers from Blank Architects in making a concert
hall visualisation for a cool European contest in Lithuanian Kaunas: KAUNAS M.K. CIURLIONIS
How can anyone NOT love European contests? Beautiful architecture and a great number of
happy people surrounded by nature and the old city atmosphere.
The task looked like a dream: unusual shots everywhere, different time of the day, a lot of beautiful
people, not a single apartment complex or shopping mall, only evening dresses, plays, air
balloons, mist and a warm evening relaxing atmosphere. According to the project, the building will
be situated on the river bank and near the water and the architects wanted to express closeness of
the concert hall to nature, that’s why we placed a lot of birds on the visualisation.

Block 32

The Block 32 was an office complex proposal.
It was also our first tryout with Quixel megascans and incorporating it with Forest Pack.
The full set of images are available n our behance page here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/57140485/BLOCK-32