House in Bolu

The model sent without terrain, terrain modeled manually and trees placed with forestpack plugin. Athmosphere is the main focus for me, building fresh cold feeling and foggy snowy effects was a challenge but generally working with snow material was fun. Rendering done with vray 3.60 hybrid rendering, elements saved seperately athmosphere lights and refract/reflect passes so postproccesing was quick.


A spiral-shaped museum sits on the mountain peak, overviewing the panoramic landscape.
The Shot was taken from a higher level, which appeared to be highlighting an infinity shape formed by the museum and the road turn below.

Christmas CG Kitchens 2017

Last years Christmas CG images went down so well that we created 2 sets this year. Both designed by our Senior Designer Tan, fully CG, no with no photography at all. We used photogrammetry techniques to create some really nice food models. Read more here Superb job on this project from Darren, Jordan, Rich Ip, Ben and Jon.