Boundless night as far as the eye can see, a stillness of ice in the deafening silence.
The abyssal darkness as the canvas for the phenomenal Aurora Australis.
This is an architectural CGI of a creative concept by our visualization studio. The glowing spheres of Aurora, an international research station, are an extension of the raw wonder, not interfering with the natural order of things

3DS Max | Realflow | ZBrush | Vray | Nuke | Photoshop

de Nor Concert Hall

The client, DiederenDirrix asked for a concerthall in use. De Nor is an old and very respected concert hall in Heerlen in the Netherlands. The architect asked fot either a party of a band playing. This had to show the new desing of the interior. The work was done with help from CGrender


Images are primarily created with 3ds max, V-Ray and Photoshop. The winter image illustrates clearly the concept of the building and shows the playfulness between the facade and the slightly wonky pine trees around the site.

The aerial view is partly drone photo and partly matte painting. It shows the building in the context of an old military site with the city of Växjö just behind it and the forests of Småland in the horizon.


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This is my new work: Countryside University
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