Oak Pass Main House Re-creation

This is my re-creation of the Beautiful residence Oak Pass Main House. This was created for the online training Course of 4pixos. This project really stood out for me for its amazing architecture designed by Walker Workshop. Its tranquil surrounds and use of cool tones in the concrete, and the warm tones in the timber. Also the use of the existing major feature tree in the design and the positioning of the water features that reflect everything around it. The idea and execution of building the bottom level in the ground provided not only a feel of privacy but also limits the visual impact on the surrounding landscape.

Autumn Walk

Autumn Walk.🍂 Polytechnic Campus.
After the storm, the day begins to transform into a colorful and pleasant autumn walk. These boots are made for walking.

Software Used:
Corona renderer
Forest Pack
Quixel megascans

Horation court, Santa Monica

I came across the architecture of Irving Gill during my travels in America
as I was walking around the streets of Santa Monica passing by Horatio Court.
The simplicity of the houses, the materials and colours are so quintessentially LA
it made me stop and admire the architecture, perfectly blending in
and standing out at the same time.

Back home in the UK I wanted to re-create this iconic housing block in 3D – focussing on capturing the “LA vibe” and showing off the combination of the simple geometric shapes forming the houses.