A modular hotel suite in the wilderness

The aim of this project of visualization is to create a natural environment, the ideal place for installing an eco-friendly modular microarchitecture. The DROP box is a low-impact micro hotel room that can be dropped in virtually any location, with little impact on the surrounding environment.

We have created a lakeland landscape interspersed with forest and ridges, in a placid and beautiful expanse. We have imagined nature-lovers, guests that like traveling but don’t want to stay in common resorts located in common places. We have imagined a perfect place for combining water activities and nature. The perfect place for relaxing and enjoying the natural sourrondings… the perfect place to get inspired.

The scene has been completely computer-generated. The pictures represent the landscape in different seasons of the year and different times of the day. A winter landscape, a summer landscape, the sunset over the lake…

The DROP box suites, designed by In-Tenta design, are aimed at the tourism sector, hotels, camping sites, resorts … who wish to expand their accommodation with a modular option designed to be integrated in nature and allow their guests to live experiences in it.

Recreation of the Bridge House

It all started as an effort to practice using itoo software(forest pack) and also improving my skills in modelling. For a long time I was searching on the internet and also in the books any project that would really inspire me to do. After a while I came across studio of Max Pritchard architect and found this beautiful project of a house situated near Adelaide, Australia. It combined everything I was looking for at that time. Magnificent architecture, modern materials and extraordinary surroundings, best for pracitising exterior visualizations situated in nature. With the help of pictures posted on the internet and also in a book I was able to catch the iconic details of the house. I created all the interiors as my own design to give this project a little twist, hopefully underlining the unique atmosphere of iconic contemporary piece of architecture built in wilderness.

Vayle – 1.1

Firstly, Im not certain that this strictly counts as architectural visualisation but I often visit this site for inspiration so, at least to me, it seemed appropriate. This started as my first experiment in using Forest Pro, but expanded a little beyond that. Because the project evolved organically ( no pun intended! ) from its initial concept, i’m not particularly happy with the final composition. But I am very pleased with my learnings about Forest Pro, Vray Fog, new material theories, and some post production techniques. Hopefully this will be the first of a few images I have in mind based around the countryside location and Brutalist structures of the fictional ‘Vayle Facility’. 🙂

Open Hand – Le Corbusier

Open Hand is my latest personal project,

this time I wanted to present it in a different way. I imagined it as a virtual reportage of a place that has always fascinated me but I haven’t visited yet. The fact of not having been there, lived it and known it, has allowed me to not be influenced in any way, and this has allowed me to imagine the sculpture as if it were a theatrical scene to be manipulated.

For me is important to think the render like a virtual photo and not like only a digital image. I previsualize each image in my mind, choosing the parameters to use to get the result I want.

In these images there is no post production (just a bit of glare on the black and white image done in ArionFX), I thought of everything before, as I do when I shoot with my analogue cameras.

Petrol City

Images created for a concept of the shopping center in Turkey. This center contains a wide area of semi-open spaces and terraces, full of cafe and restaurants. We were given very limited time – 2 days to create a few images, capturing the essence of the project, so it was quite a challenge.