Modern living room

Hello friends
I hope you are well
This is a new project of me and Mr. Yazdi
This project is actually a modern design for an interior project
In this project we tried based on color scheme and act according to the scheme and create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere for the residents of the house
That’s why we considered three types of color cycles for the design and acted according to it
Also, we used modern furniture to reduce the crowded space
The design of this work was with Mr. Yazdi and the rendering of this work was with me (Yahya Jafari)
I hope you enjoy the work….


Architecture | A2M
Location | Liege, Belgium
Year | 02.2020
Soft | 3ds Max, Corona renderer, Adobe Photoshop CC

Liege is a huge project that consists of several multifunctional buildings. The future buildings will offices, co-working spaces, residential space, retail and much more. All the buildings designed, of high quality, live up to the passive standard and embrace the Near-Zero Energy Building (NZEB) concept. The project is currently under construction.

The 3d visualization of the project was done for the architectural bureau A2M.

Enjoy the view!

F-Loulos Villa

F-Loulos Villa is a hospitality project in Mykonos by Chorografoi. Tropical vegetation blended into the wild land of Mykonos, creating a place of calmness and relaxation.
Creating various plants and trees variations to avoid repetition was a key for this particular project. Every palm was custom designed and placed in order to give the tropical feeling accurately.