Taikoo Place, Hong Kong

The scale of the project is very impressive taking into account the density of urban development in this city. We can’t imagine the amount of work needed to build this development but we are proud to take a small part in the venture.

First of all, attention should be paid to the innovative design of the facade, which will certainly distinguish the building from other developments in Hong Kong.

It’s extra large 3m wide curtainwall modules vs the typical 1.5m wide that you see around the world. The podium glass wall is a physics-defying glass enclosure spanning 15m tall without any glass fin supporting structure, providing maximum transparency and unobstructed vista towards the Taikoo Square

Norsk Skogfinsk Museum

The project looked very charming from the very beginning: a clean and simple museum deeply rooted in the beautiful context of a Norwegian Forest 100 km North-East from Oslo. The little town community felt this project very much so the images were absolutely crucial to show how the people could use their own new museum. Our friends LLJ Architects designed a great building and won the competition, so we look forward to seeing it built soon!
Fun fact: the wooden columns around the building represent the transition between natural and artificial space and each single column will be provided by many different local companies.