How to PhotogrammeTREE

Keeping tabs on how to use photogrammetry in Architectural Visualization, I revisited The GrowFX Tree at the Archipelago House article by Radek Ignaciuk where he used GrowFX and replaced the Truck with one based on photos he took and thought about how others might do it? Looking at the gaming industry, I found an amazing looking tree done by Xiao Fei Li, a Senior 3d Artist in a gaming company. This is his process using photos, Zbrush, and great 3d modeling skills.

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34 Prince St. Case Study by MARCH / 1900s

34 Prince St. Case Study by MARCH

MARCH are no strangers to the blog, with two articles already posted and among my favorite ones – 15 Renwick & 12 Warren Case Studies. Today I’m happy to post yet another fantastic Case Study for their recently released work on 34 Prince Street, a development located in the former St. Patrick’s Cathedral School in the heart of Nolita, NYC. Interesting seeing the visualization over time approach. Enjoy!

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CROWDED Winners Announced

We have a Winner! Well… winners. The CROWDED miniCHALLENGE#05 with Anima Lite by AXYZ Design closed last week and today I’m very happy to announce the winning entries. Congratulations to Strahinja Drazic for winning First Place with “Inspired by Amsterdam”! Check out the other winners, selected by the jury panel for this challenge which featured: Roberto Cepp De Rose, Sergio Mereces, Javier Leon, Mike McCarthy, Victor Feliz, Diego Gadler and yours truly!

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