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" Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it. "
Salvador Dalí
Spanish Surrealist artist
" Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist. "
Pablo Picaso
Spanish artist

From the Tutorials Section


Animating Urbanscapes with NVIDIA Omniverse

NVIDIA Omniverse is new to me, and I haven’t explored it much (yet). This is where Pekka Varis comes in with his how-to video and writeup about populating a pedestrian street using ActorCore, iClone, and NVIDIA’s Omniverse platform. Enjoy the ride!

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ArchVIZ Biz

Cause & Effect

The ASAI American Society of Architectural Illustrators invites you to join a unique conversation harnessing the global village of visualizers, architects, developers, marketers, creatives, place makers, and artists who collaborate to depict our cities’ future.

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Fast Realistic 3D people in ArchViz with ActorCore & Unreal Engine

3d people are becoming a bigger point of focus as real-time tools take center stage, aided by real-time ray tracing. Beyond the visual fidelity of the 3d characters, you must now also consider the motion fidelity as part of telling a compelling architectural on interior design story. This is where ActorCore comes into play, as you’ll see Pasquale Scionti’s work with Unreal Engine.

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Case Study

Photo Matching with Fstorm

Photorealism might not be the primary goal for ArchViz in general, since we pretty much achieved it thanks to technological advances in hardware and software. And yet, from time to time, someone still manages to surprise me with efforts towards realsim. Such is this work by Matthew Hallett.

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Easy Animated 3D People with ActorCore

You can never have enough 2d people. I’ve always said that, and this is true and more when it comes to 3d people. But to be more specific, it is really about the variety of motion that we need. More mocap animation without the complexity of capturing it. That is where ActorCore comes to play as you’ll see Paco Barruguer’s work with it in Blender.

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Making of Aland Islands House

Aland Islands House immediately captured my attention. It is a Blender-based project that looks super good and showcases both still and animation work done by a very skilled artist and fantastic final results. Worthy of exploring how it was made.

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