A good restaurateur friend of mine approached me and said that he wants to freshen up one of his restaurants. I gladly accepted his request.
I quickly got ready for a business trip and after 200 km I was already inside the old restaurant, which needed something fresher and new in its style.
I took measurements with the help of lidar on an iPad. After listening to all the wishes of the client. After we had dinner, I left for my hometown.
Immediately department of 3D scans to your assistant to optimize the geometry. After the optimization was done, I already had a goto concept in my head and I started to 3D model and implement the design.


This is the second room in the project. I listened very carefully to the client. I took a few days to think and began to create.
First, I decided on a color scheme. I painted the walls, made the flooring and installed models of curtains and tulles. I set up the lighting and caught the vibe.
I turned on the music of Savage in my headphones and started filling the room. A few hours later the job was done!