Le Pine House. Repro Project

Repro projects are always challenging. A copy so close to original one may take it for a photo.

This time we have summer house in Saint-Tropez, France, designed by SAOTA. It’s a breath-taking place you would want to visit. So put down your chores and thoughts, and just enjoy.

Project: Le Pine House. Repro Project
Architects: SAOTA
Source: ArchDaily
Location: Saint-Tropez, France

Aesthetica + Link Arkitektur: Norway School

Aesthetica + Link Arkitektur: Norway School

Artist: Sabrina Ricco

Link Arkitektur great design for a new educational complex in Oslo, Norway. A freezing Monday morning shot to capture the moment before school begins. Winter and lights gently crafted by our artist Sabrina Ricco. As alwyas a great pleasure to work with our friends at Link Arkitektur!

We hope you like it!

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Japanese House

Japanese House | 2019-2020

An interesting project rendered by our team is published in GA Houses magazine (a magazine about housing in Japan).
Project : Japanese House | 2019-2020
Design by VTN Architects
Render by Dezoor Visualization
Softwave: Corona Render, 3dsmax, Itoo Forest.