Arrachay – CGI

Text description provided by the architects. Arrachay from Quichua language: Arrarray, very caliente (agua termal). Achachay, very frío (páramo andino). This project is auto-commissioned, the culmination of many years of dreams, encompassing local technology, environmental challenges, and small but flexible architecture. Designed during the pandemic, this project is based on the newly used term “workations”. Its purpose is to challenge new ways to work. Working remotely in an incredible natural setting.
Located in the Andean “paramo” of Ecuador near 4000 meters above sea level this project begins from past building experiences mainly in using wood. An earlier project exists on site where the team understood the hardships of building in these conditions. Extremely cold weather is enclosed in an atmosphere of clouds and trees, these are the chilling climate conditions (achachay). The refuge must retain maximum heat on the inside, outside it’s another story. Nearby thermal pools (arrarray) help you relish in this landscape of extremes.


Following the Parallel Worlds project led me to these new concepts, as I experimented with new visual approaches to stretch how much I can pull out from an imagined structure. Chapter 3 introduces some closer look and interaction between the design, surrounding landscape and people who temporarily occupy it. Sometimes I find myself being greedy as frankly speaking life is too short for not trying new things every chance you have. Hope you won’t regret following my “inconsistent” visual journey so far and somehow find these enjoyable! 😉

Parallel Worlds project Chapter 3
Design and Illustrated by Duy Phan

3D Residential Exterior Rendering St. Petersburg Florida

Case Project of 3D Exterior Home Rendering in St. Petersburg Florida. An example of Residential Home Rendering project in St. Petersburg Florida. We collaborate with Real Estate & Architectural professionals in Florida and all the US surroundings. We specialize in Real Estate and Architectural 3D Rendering for Residential Homes or Commercial projects. Have a project you’d like to work on together? Contact us! get in touch email us at [email protected] Website :

Situated amongst the picturesque landscapes of St. Petersburg Florida, the location is a drive away from the heart of the city. Situated at an altitude, the orientation of the cabin isolates it from the vehicular side and opens it up into the woods. From there we collect all of your materials & colors, to incorporating specific details of plantation, foliage as well as building elements like lighting posts into your renders. Through combinations of lighting, texturing and camera placement, we equip you with the best of the best HD quality 3D Exterior Renders.

Client Inputs – For this image, the client supplied with the CAD Plans of Area, Elevations, and Floor Plans along with details of façade, landscaping plan, and schedule of materials in exteriors.

Timelines – The image was completed in 7 business days comprising of 2 rounds of feedback/markups leading upto final 4K quality HD rendering. The first draft was submitted in 5 business days.

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Architecture | A2M
Location | Porto, Portugal
Year | 11.2020
Soft | 3ds Max, Corona renderer, Adobe Photoshop CC

MUSEU AMBIENTE is a competitive project of the environmental museum in Vila Nova de Gaia. The actual site is the ruin of a ancient brick factory. The new facilities will be constructed around, in or next to these ruins; along patios and indoor gardens.

The architects decided to combine and connect the “old” and “new” through the roof structure, providing a dynamic connection of all parts.

The 3d visualization of the project was done for the architectural bureau A2M.

Enjoy the view!