Taikoo Place, Hong Kong

The scale of the project is very impressive taking into account the density of urban development in this city. We can’t imagine the amount of work needed to build this development but we are proud to take a small part in the venture.

First of all, attention should be paid to the innovative design of the facade, which will certainly distinguish the building from other developments in Hong Kong.

It’s extra large 3m wide curtainwall modules vs the typical 1.5m wide that you see around the world. The podium glass wall is a physics-defying glass enclosure spanning 15m tall without any glass fin supporting structure, providing maximum transparency and unobstructed vista towards the Taikoo Square

Villenkolonie II

The exclusive properties are located in Obermenzinger Villenkolonie II, one of the best residential areas in the north-west of Munich. In the year 1900 four villas were built in Obermenzing and Pasing according to the plans of such great architects as Richard Riemerschmid, Bernhard Borst and August Exter. The beautiful green surroundings with well-kept historical buildings, modern multi-family complexes, large gardens and a lot of old trees provide an extremely pleasant, privileged living. The new buildings fit harmoniously in this environment. Obermenzing is one of the most sought after residential areas in Munich. Here a high recreational value meets a family-friendly, grown infrastructure. The idyllic Würmgürtel presents itself as a natural oasis, the nearby Blutenburg Castle unfolds its historic charm in every season and conveys a very special feeling for life.
September 2018