Apartment Complex Vander Park

Typology: Apartment Complex
Location: Moskow, Russia
Status: on going
Customer: Group of Companies PIK
Visualization: Omega Render
Schedule of visualization: 1,5 weeks

Construction of a residential complex Vander Park is in one of the best districts of Moscow. In this visualization, we wanted to show the architecture style of the Netherlands, because the project was done by Dutch architects. The complex is 8 high towers, different in color and texture. The towers consist of separate displaced blocks so that on the floors we see the open terraces. The courtyard is separated from the external surroundings of the quarter. Here you can safely walk with children and play sports.

House made of Dutch Bricks «Edison House»

Happiness of a visualizer is in an interesting project of an architect. The more interesting the project, the more chances there are for a good visualization. Of course there can be exceptions from the rule, but not this time.

The project of the «Edison House» was done by the bureau “Alexey Bavykin and partners” and its leading architect, our good friend, Natalia Bavykina. They designed a dream for every fan of architecture – a complex and rich masonry of Dutch bricks on the facade of the house, on which you can look endlessly. The sun every time gives a different shadow play on this voluminous surface of the facade.

Grove Street Residences

Typology: House
Location: San Francisco, CA
Status: project
Customer: Edmonds + Lee Architects
Visualization: Omega Render
Schedule of visualization: 2 weeks

This a boutique residential building located in the heart of Hayes Valley. Given the size constraints and through-block nature of the parcel, the building has an internal courtyard carved out in the center to allow light to flood all the interior spaces. The stair brings a vibrancy and liveliness to the courtyard, integrating it with the natural rhythm of life in the building. The interiors of the home feature expansive white gallery walls, designed with an attention toward where future artwork could be hung. This warm, minimal treatment continues throughout the interiors, which feature on the flooring and kitchen the cozy brightness of European white oak.