This project is named LSD (that stands for “Laurence Simoncini Décoration”!). Designed by Isabelle Stanislas and decorated by Laurence Simoncini, this apartment is located in front of the Louvre Museum, and this is why you see the replica of Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. Modeling, framing, lighting, texturing by Laura Savelli with Cinema 4D and Corona Renderer. Post production: Angelo Ferretti. By the way, the 99% of what you see in these rendering is modeled from scratch, including carvings and floral decorations!

Cozy cafe

Typology: Public Building
Status: Realized
Location: USA
Customer (Architecture): Rockwell Group
Visualization: Omega Render
Schedule of visualization: 2 weeks

One of the most realistic visualizations of our artists. This is an incredibly beautiful, cozy and welcoming place. Very custom made ceiling – the second light and hanging plants. And the interior is made in a nice wooden decoration with warm colors. You want to come here and order a cup of aromatic coffee.

Neutral Bedroom Design

Bedroom is designed for younger with Strength and Simplicity.
The functionality is easy for changing the arrangement in future.

These images have done by 3DS with Corona render.
Interior decoration and 3D visualization by Hoai Tran.


Happy to announce that we have completed one more project for Timothy Oulton Studio.
This project consists of two rooms, one of them – secret bar, which is made in the style of wine cellar.
One of the main features of this room is a huge mirror made by Timothy Oulton Studio. This mirror has an infinity effect.
Also, the floor and walls are covered with copper panels, which is a really interesting solution.
Hope you enjoy it!
Thank you!

If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us by e-mail: [email protected]


We made this architectural animated film as an experiment focusing strongly on the Story and the experience of the audience. During our first cooperation with Creative Director Ferenc Benesch we reshaped the process of filmmaking inside ZOA.

We think of this animated short movie as a very specific milestone in our lives.

Any film is a sequence of images cushioned by the sound of music and the voices of the actors resonating in our ears. However what you appreciate in reality and what you remember of it in the deepest sense is the Story with a capital S: The very fabric of filmmaking.