Exterior visualization of a modern family home at nightfall

The right light has the power to set the right mood.
We depicted this single family home in the South of USA at nightfall. The choice of timing presented us an opportunity to give the 3D-rendering a warm and cozy atmosphere.
The idea is that clients who view these images immediately see themselves enjoying a homely evening on the property.


Exterior visualization of the upcoming North Star Medical Centre in Australia

Where would the future of medicine live? In a sleek, futuristic building, of course! Meet the upcoming North Star Medical Centre in Queensland, the new home for medical research businesses and specialists.
We decided to depict its modern architecture in this 3D-visualization during the morning hours. The sun hits the building to make it resplendently, while a crisp and bright sky in the background helps it stand out even more.
We enjoyed bringing this captivating project to life for TVS architects and can’t wait to see the finished result!


Oleander Clubhouse

Oleander Clubhouse is a residential complex from the architecture company Planworx. We did both exterior and interior visualization for the client.

The interior design was handled by the Crosby Design Group, which accurately notes that «this interior plays into downtown Wilmington’s repurposed industrial architecture while embracing modern furnishings».

MORE PROJECTS ON: https://omegarender.com/gallery


The “semi-transparent” architecture of Moments gently transitions
to its own rhythm. The bustling city remains beyond an invisible but pleasantly
tangible boundary. The clean geometry of the facades and the uncluttered silhouette
bring to the forefront the most important meanings in life

Nature Link

Soon Northern Minnesota will have a new wedding venue, micro cabins, and a small hotel all nestled into the woods on Clark Lake. We set out to create a complete set of images that would capture the essence of Northern Minnesota, and what type of experience one might see when attending a wedding or event at Nature Link.

Tasked with building the site in complete accuracy, we worked closely with Double Jack Design Workshop who was able to provide us with a full landscape plan and detailed Revit model. We were then able to identify the types of trees and other vegetation, helping to carry out the vision of the structures being carefully nestled inside the forest.