Jesolo Lido Pool Villa

In the beginning, it is necessary to have a basic reference for how to build the project..and with this I found archdaily a very important site for this type of project, which consists of an amazing architectural design and advanced photography that helps you build the project’s scenery..
After collecting the required images, I first started on the sketchup to Model the project, and then completed the scene on 3dmax with the help of forest pack and maxtree, megascan.

As for lighting, I found HDRI Heaven the desired way to build the appropriate and required light, and in the end i used corona renderer for final result images

Aesthetica + Snøhetta: Ski Museum

Aesthetica + Snøhetta: Ski Museum

Snøhetta will design the new Ski Museum in Oslo, located right underneath the famous Ski Jump in Holmenkollen, Oslo. This beautiful building flows under the iconic ski jump tower and it will host the new extension to the existing museum. Don’t steal the skis from its facade. Thanks Snohetta for this great collaboration!

Enjoy it!


Summus Penthouse

This is the second joint project we have implemented for our client CK Architecture.

It was important for the client to convey the luxury and at the same time the consistency of the style that pervades the modern interiors of Melbourne.

We have transferred ideas and wishes of our client from 2D drawings and paper to 3D visualization. Here we would like to delve directly into the creation process.

Want to take your projects to the next level? We are always open to interesting projects and are ready to help developers, architects and interior designers with modeling and visualization, thanks to which you can get even more relevant and profitable projects!

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Ellesmere Dust Grey Kitchen Interior

Grey kitchens are a designer’s dream, when combined with appropriate palette there’s limitless styling possibilities. In this CGI our interiors team have featured the best of both classic and contemporary styles, pairing wide bordered dust grey doors with premium countertops and gold accessories. They also planned a concealed home bar, hidden away from plain sight but handy when situations call for a celebration.

The interior layout and styling was crafted in-house and produced in 3D using 3DSMax, rendered using Corona renderer. Additional props and ornaments in the glazed cabinets were individually modelled with tweaks in Zbrush. Colour accuracy adjustments and finishing touches were added using Adobe Photoshop and Fusion Studio 16.

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