The Bund

Our latest work “ The Bund” an image describing the soul pain of modern society. Hoping for a brighter future

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Hotel Omorika

The project scope is a proposal for a new pool and leisure area for Hotel Omorika, located in Dramalj, Croatia. Hotel Omorika is an existing hotel located less than 100m from the seaside. Its accesbility to the seaside, and year-round programming of a congress hall allows the hotel to operate thoruhgout the year when many of the neighboring hotels in the area are open only for the summer season.


Hi all!

Finally can publish some of “APOQUINDO”, the largest real estate project under construction in Chile, in which we have been working for a little more than a year working on images in FAZ for Territoria Real Estate, which has been working on this project with the collaboration of KPF, Handel Architects, and Seggiaro architects in architecture, and Ray Chen, Tony Chi and Sergio Echeverria in interior design.

This is a view of the inner square on Level 3. Architecture for the people.

We hope you like it!

Black House On Nevezis River Slope

In created the work on a real project already built by the architect Laurynas Avyžius. Worked according to plans and references. The task was to practice doing similar projects in 3 different types of lighting and different atmospheres. This is not a complete photo copying, but an attempt to build an independent and thoughtful frame / lighting according to independently selected references. Also learn how to do post-processing of exteriors and enter people on Wednesday.