Insvire company office

This project was created for an Indonesian app development company Insvire. We really enjoyed working on it, as the design is rather expressive. The deadline was quite tight, but our amazing team was able to complete it on time. The building featured in this project consists of 3 floors: – Lobby, kitchen, and meeting room are located on the first floor – Second floor houses the division and coworking areas – The third floor contains the relaxation area The Insvire offices project was truly great to work on and we are looking forward to many more interesting collaborations in the future.

Finzels Reach

This development consisted of 11 buildings and a bridge so it was a large project to undertake and the model management was huge. One building on the site was already built by the previous developer and several buildings were in derelict and in ruins throughout the site.

More info can be found on each of the separate mini projects here –

M65 Residential

Moscowsky 65 is a new business-class residential development by Legenda in our hometown Saint Petersburg, Russia. The project is located in a historical place on the Obvodniy channel embankment. At MIII we produced marketing imagery for a start of sales campaign.

CG Artists – Alexandr Belkov, Vladimir Kozlov
Art director – Ivan Savenko
Manager – Lena Varlamova

House in Leira

Probably the most complicated part of the entire project was modelling the house. Firstly it was challenging because even after days I would discover new details and spaces that I hadn’t seen before or are not visible in photos. The modelling part was done with an obsession for the details.
The house itself is so minimal that would result in a non-photorealistic render if all the little details and shadow gaps were not modelled properly. So the main focus was to obtain a model as detail as possible. The second challenge was lighting and fine tuning the textures of the wood and reflections.
Once I was happy with both model and materials, I started to study different cameras and particularly different lighting conditions.
And I guess it’s worth mentioning the grass and gravel which were all 3d modelled and scattered with Multiscatter.
I hope you like it.