The ArchVIZ BIZ – Starting a Studio : The Art

Yesterday we kickstarted a 5 parts series about The ArchVIZ BIZ by Norm Li. Read the introduction on the Job Board Blog to get a sense of what is coming… it’s GOOD! I’ve been keeping an eye on Norm Li’s studio since I started out 15 years ago and seeing how they grew to become the biggest independent ArchVIZ Studio in Canada is amazing. Lot’s of insight coming your way – brace yourself!

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360 Architectural 3D Tours by Robert Dukes

360 degree 3d panoramic virtual tours aren’t new. I remember a period more than 10 years ago when we played with this a bit until it was put aside in favor of conquering photorealism. Now that we have defeated the latter, the former is back, riding the VR waves. Photorealism + Immersive Experience geared by the many headsets available today opens up the field once more and we must look beyond the curve for what’s ahead. Let’s start with the most basic of things, introduced by Robert Dukes from Brisbane based rdvisualization studio – A creation of a 360 degree 3d panoramic virtual tour… we will tackle how to get this working inside an Oculus Rift or Gear VR later on.

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Insight to Aerial Photography

It is not a secret that the photo being used as a backdrop for a photorealistic architectural visualisation, specifically an aerial, can make or break the visual. I find it odd I did not address this area of our work so far – When Virtual Meets Reality! That is why I’ve approached Jason Hawkes, A London based photographer specialising in Aerial Photography since 1991 to share his insight on the topic. Enjoy!

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