Insight to Aerial Photography

It is not a secret that the photo being used as a backdrop for a photorealistic architectural visualisation, specifically an aerial, can make or break the visual. I find it odd I did not address this area of our work so far – When Virtual Meets Reality! That is why I’ve approached Jason Hawkes, A London based photographer specialising in Aerial Photography since 1991 to share his insight on the topic. Enjoy!

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Architectural Watercolors by Atelier Crilo

Atelier Crilo posted some architectural watercolor visuals recently that immediately captured my eye. I like this approach in general, and their use of AutoCAD layers in this case was specifically interesting. This is a traditional technique revisited with digital tools to produce architectural illustrations that have both the watercolor feel as well as some CAD drawing too. Enjoy this one!

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ARCHVIZ Workflow with Cristian Chierici / CC79

Pushing on with the exploration of the various workflows in Architectural Visualization, I’m presenting you today the work of Cristian Cherisi from CC79. Three works to be exact, ranging from mostly postwork towards mostly 3d. This is a mixture between both ends of the spectrum, while keeping the same end result style. Cristian presents us how he approached his latest 3 projects with examples. Enjoy!

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