Chaos Corona 8 Released

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Chaos Corona 8 Released!

Out with the “Old” and in with the “New.” Corona Renderer is now entirely in the brand and called Chaos Corona, with both 3ds Max and Cinema 4D versions released on the same day.


Convert your scenes into VR tours, adding freedom of movement, with Biganto’s Virtoaster

Providing VR assets as part of an architectural visualization project is gradually becoming the norm. We’ve seen a few solutions before, and today I’m showcasing a new one by Biganto, called Virtoaster. Exciting features to consider are the overall 3d model explorer (open scale model style) and customizable interactive hotspots.

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Corona Renderer 6 for 3ds Max & Cinema 4D Released!

Chaos Czech released Corona Renderer 6 for both Cinema 4D and 3ds Max, with a new sky model, new lens effects, new library materials, UvwRandomizer to avoid texture repetitions, and a new adaptive environment sampler. Many more things under the hood! Cover image by The Craft.

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