Laubwerk Lucky Plants Kit 13 Released

Laubwerk Plants Kit 13 is here for Halloween! Update 1.0.27 for the player is out too. This kit is a selected mix of charming and common temperate deciduous trees, mainly from Northeastern America, temperate Europe, and East Asia, planted in parks, gardens, or streets, including such showy specimen trees as the Japanese angelica tree, the showy crabapple, ‘Merrill’ magnolia, and white willow, as well as some very common street trees such as the columnar Norway maple and Turkish hazel.

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AXYZ Design - ANIMA + ALIVE 3dsmax Crowd Software

ANIMA 3.5 Released + Alive

anima 3.5 released by AXYZ Design + alive, an innovative technology that establishes a link between your 3D modeling software and anima. This level of control is very much welcome and will improve the overall workflow for sure! Check it out below.

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