Al Ghafoor Grande City Surjani Visualized by Pixarch

A modern apartment complex well-suited for all your needs, Al Ghafoor Grande City is located in Surjani Town. Comfort and convenience at its best, Al Ghafoor Grande City is an excellent example of a stylish abode. Pixarch’s creative team has made the imagination come to life. Key features in the project are highlighted through 3D animation video, while the project’s layout is presented as a 2D and 3D floor plan.

The branding of the project comprising logo and stationery is exclusively designed by Pixarch. The TV commercial is carefully executed, capturing the right target audience and converting them into leads. Outdoor media advertising and billboards have also been designed by Pixarch, giving Al Ghafoor Grande City the competitive edge to help it stand out among others.

Living Capital

‘Living Capital’
Image illustrated by Duy Phan

Born from nature, I think we go a long way further from where we belong through civilised history just to find out how we can get back.

Living in a more crowded world, we learn not to take but share, and since the land doesn’t get bigger, we create more common landscapes. These outdoor spaces not only act as a socialised zone psychologically but physically cool down our shelter during every heatwave.

‘Living Capital’ is a reminder I made to keep me remembering we as humans are not the centre of this planet, but Mother Nature is. Sooner better than later we should realise the more we try to take control the more the damage is. So step back, observe and co-exist!

Green Bathroom

What are the Benefits of Green Walls?

Purify the Air.
Decrease the Ambient Temperature.
Decrease Noise.
More Productivity.
Make a Building More Fire-Resistant.
Extend the Life of Your Wall.
Give Your Building More Value.
Create a Community Feel.

Aesthetica + Link Arkitektur: Hammerfest Hospital

Aesthetica + Link Arkitektur: Hammerfest Hospital

Artist: Marina Ambrogio

Link Arkitektur’s Design for a Hospital planned on the spectacular site of Hammerfest in the Norwegian Fjords.
A very subtle color palette to enhance this amazing landscape painted by our artist Marina Ambrogio.

We hope you like it!


Aesthetica + Studio Gang: C40 Loop

Aesthetica + Studio Gang: C40 Loop

Artist: Sabrina Ricco

Congratulations to our friends at Studio Gang for being selected as the winning proposal with this carbon-neutral affordable housing in Chicago!
A great urban atmosphere crafted by our artist Sabrina Ricco.