Gowanus Loft GA

I had a goal, I wanted to create more clearly images, raw shots from corona with minimal post production steps. So I found that project and tryed to reppet it in 3dsmax. I found some materials very interesting, old damaged wooden planks and logs and strange flore/ At the end of the project, I’d started postproduction, and changed only contrast and brightness, and a few saturation

Australian Manna

The design and visualization of the Australian office building.

The intended feeling of the scene is about the air that appears scorched and simultaneously starkly filled with blue gum oils. The life is slow but a single cumulonimbus creeps on from behind the horizon. The trees tremble as it approaches, birds soar up and the arid soil seems to sigh as it is to get finally studded with the soothing pattern of dark drops.


We couldn’t help but get inspired by an incredible project by Prague architects Jan Holna and Petr Šedivý (http://www.dam.cz), so we decided to create a visualization for it. We, like all 3D artists, can always find time to improve our skills and learn new techniques. It was very interesting for us to try new lighting methods and gain experience that we will use in our commercial projects. Beautiful minimalistic architectural forms and contrasting materials of the building make it stand out from the surrounding and attract attention.
We invite architects who enjoy the quality of our work to collaborate on many interesting and satisfying projects