The Apartment – Virtual tour

For this particular project we wanted to create a new experience promoting the use of a virtual tour. So we went back to the first ever project that we made for VR and gave it a facelift. This apartment is well suited for our little experiment, since it is rather small and therefore does not need as much time and attention as a bigger space would need.

Considering that the real-life project is from 2014, we decided to update its look. We went with a more sophisticated style and updated the model for the apartment and the kitchen. We also had to overhaul the materials that we had created initially since they where not up to our current standards anymore.

Now all that was left to do was to position new cameras throughout the scene, leaving behind the hotspots approach and using the simpler and less cluttered click-n-go method. This gives the user a more intuitive navigation and feels less restrictive.

Original project “Petit and Chic” by Studio Maayan Zusman and photographs of Gideon Levin from 181 Architecture Photography.

Please visit the tour in the link
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Shaker Cashmere Open Plan Kitchen CGI

Another of our recent CGI interiors from a kitchen layout supplied by our client. This elegant shaker kitchen bridges modern and traditional using a layout that carries the cabinetry through from the kitchen into the dining space using complimenting bench seating.
The scene was crafted in-house by our artists using 3DSMax + Corona renderer, colour accuracy adjustments and tweaks in Adobe Photoshop and Fusion Studio 16.

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Soul Marbella Sunset (Part III)

Sunny Marbella, we’ve always known that it’s never ‘good-bye’ with you; it’s only ‘see you later’.

Someone flips a coin to return to this place – we left our heart here. These beautiful panoramas never cease to amaze us. Marbella, we are ready to explore your days and be carried away by your nights.
We keep falling in love with your sunrises and sunsets over and over again.

Project: Soul Marbella Sunset
Architects: Gonzalez & Jacobson Arquitectura, Manuel Burgos Architects
Real Estate Developer: AEDAS Homes

Mama Mall

Today we’re glad to share with you a project that was created for Fran Silvestre Arquitectos. The concept of this building elaborated by the architects is unique and universal in that the building can be located anywhere in the world. We pitched the client an idea to show the jungle on the background of the rendering similar to the Chinese skyscrapers.

On the ground floors of the building are provided the office spaces while the upper levels of the building can be used for the apartments.

We tried to keep the vision of Fran Silvestre and portray the rich atmosphere in minimalism and familiar for Fran Silvestre Arquitectos white hues. The main feature of the building is the facade, which composed of two finishing materials: the metal mesh and the glass, which makes the building look different depending on your distance from it.
As you approach the building, you will see it in a new way. It will always reflect day and night lights and catch the spirit of the seasons. That’s why Mama Mall will never bore you.

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