Monolith Tower

We at Omegarender Studio love to make art projects in the spirit of futuristic and neo-futuristic images. We are pleased to present our new non-commercial project Monolith Tower.
The exterior facade reinterprets the archaic in a modern way. The fuzzy vertical structure highlights each level of the skyscraper and emphasizes the cyclopean size of the tower. The monolithic spire enhances the sense of the overwhelming scale of the building. Chaotic areas with greenery inspire viewers with the association of images of ancient structures and ruins. It is as though some hi-tech extinct civilization was able to preserve itself in the legacy of its architecture, one that was found and appropriated by succeeding generations.


Opulant Walk-In Closet & Bedroom

Our team has recently completed the development of a sophisticated CGI bedroom featuring a walk-in closet, for one of our distinguished clients. With a focus on attainable luxury, our talented interior designers have crafted a space that caters to the tastes of our client’s higher-end audience. We have included additional secondary images and the 3D flatlay render that played a pivotal role in effectively conveying the initial design idea and colour palette. These supplementary images complement the main walk-in closet scene and show off the attention to detail the 3D artists have used throughout this project.