Laboratory of molecular biology

Typology: Building
Location: Germany, Heidelberg
Status: pre project
Customer : Render Vision
Visualization: Omega Render
Schedule of visualization: 2 weeks

Soon a modern building of molecular biology will be built in the German city of Heidelberg.

Visualization of the project of the laboratory quite accurately conveys the idea of ​​the architect in creating the weightless volume of the building. The conciseness and simplicity of the forms and structures are quite organically integrated into the architectural environment of Heidelberg. Also on our visualizations it is perfectly clear that the building is designed in several levels, which allows it to easily fit into the terrain without disturbing the natural landscape.

In our visualizations we tried to convey the scale and significance of this project, both for science and for architecture.

Cube Apartment V-S

Arjaan De Feyter Architects (belgium), impressed me with this beautiful piece of space planning and decor combines “light and warm materials” in converted brewery Apartment which got on my eye because of the simplicity and minimalism.