Bespoke Bedroom Furnishings

Handcrafted bespoke furniture deserves the very best CG to demonstrate its elegance and sophistication. Our client manufactures bespoke wardrobes and cabinets and wanted to expand their brochure imagery. Our interior designers used their brief of ‘less is more’ styling and natural lighting to produce these images. Also, how good is the CG bedding that one of our talented artists crafted!


It seems the people at BIG have won the CityLife Milano competition.
Two individual buildings will be connected by a 140m long hanging roof structure and will form a generous urban-scale portico as the entrance to the city.
This was the best way we found to express it.
Images courtesy by Beauty and The Bit.
Have a nice week you all…

Orchard Jenga

Image is part of the architecture studio submission in Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.

To cope with urban heat island effect and lacking trees canopy coverage in cities cramped context, on top of the existing two-level car park, Orchard Jenga proposed to plant not only trees but editable vegetations vertically which cast healthy shadow for open public space underneath and produce organic fresh foods for the nearby Queen Victoria Market by applying the technology from adjacent University of Melbourne research centre. Covered by the transparent water tank, the unique facade allows semi visual connection from in and out by acoustically reflecting and refract the light when it passes through, standing out as an environment protect sign without a word.