Bedroom 3D Design Visualization

Incredibly creative and eye-catching 3d Rendering project with the emotional touch from Archicgi Team.
This Bedroom Visualization is a great example of what an efficient zoning should look like.
Basically, the bedroom is divided into three parts: relaxation space, the bedroom itself and the cinema zone. The best part about this division is that they are separated by a lot of space.
The quality of this Interior Design Presentation allows displaying the wide range of textures and bright colors. The red is splashed in bright accents against white surface of walls, furniture and linens.
The golden brown wood of the wardrobe matches the decorative lightening balls and gives it a touch of royal solemnity.
Another thing about this Bedroom Visualization is the way the 3D artist contrasts the textures. It emphasizes their best features.

Cottage settlement

Cottage settlement in the city of Tver in Russia. Visualization is done by one person and it was first exterior work. The scene was rendered on i5 4670 with 16 gigabytes of RAM and an old terabyte hard drive. The final resolution is 7000×3937.
The most difficult was the optimization for such a weak computer. Work is not perfect and photorealistic, but its almost all what i can do with so weak PC.

Edificio Las Hortensias

The assignment consisted in making the exterior and interior images of a residential building in Providencia, Chile. The project is located in front of a square, in a quiet neighborhood with a good quality of life, which generates a very attractive family environment for its inhabitants, impressions and sensations that the client wanted to express in the images. The emphasis of the proposal for the architects of the project was to design a building with simple lines but with a well defined architecture with a powerful landscaping project, which would make the difference with its competitors.

Apartment Complex Vander Park

Typology: Apartment Complex
Location: Moskow, Russia
Status: on going
Customer: Group of Companies PIK
Visualization: Omega Render
Schedule of visualization: 1,5 weeks

Construction of a residential complex Vander Park is in one of the best districts of Moscow. In this visualization, we wanted to show the architecture style of the Netherlands, because the project was done by Dutch architects. The complex is 8 high towers, different in color and texture. The towers consist of separate displaced blocks so that on the floors we see the open terraces. The courtyard is separated from the external surroundings of the quarter. Here you can safely walk with children and play sports.