Revisiting the first Arch viz image I created 5 years ago. This project was a test to see how much I have imporved over the years, the answer is a lot!


Inspired by still-life chiaroscuro paintings, “7:10” is the 8th of my digitalcanvas collection. Each piece wants to express the feelings and the beauty in our all day life moments.
You can find the others on my Behance profile.
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Dining Buffet Vignette

A daily styling exercise. I wanted to highlight a wood texture created by a friend, so I used it as an accent wall. The props are from various places around the web, the buffet was modeled by me, and the art in the frame was created by me as well. Created with 3ds Max & Fstorm, and then used Photoshop for just some slight noise reduction. You can find the wood texture here:

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