Rockefeller Paradise

The intention was just to model an Art Deco glass panel bas-relief over the entrance of the Rockefeller Centre in NYC. Decided this is a really nice object to help me test my new corona renderer volumetric fog material and some quixel megascans.

Reconstruction in San Francisco

Typology: reconstruction
Status: project
Location: San Francisco, USA
Customer (Architecture): Rapt Studio
Visualization: Omega Render
Schedule of visualization: 2 weeks

The next work of our studio is the visualization of the reconstruction of the building in San Francisco. Here we paid special attention to detail. The materials of the facade are worked out as realistic as possible.
We also showed different angles of the building with different lighting and mood. Evening general views of the building and the daytime roof terrace show the building beautifully at different times of the day.


Location | Canada
Year | 05.2019
Soft | 3ds Max, Corona renderer, Adobe Photoshop CC

А1468 SKYSCAPER is a multistorey residential complex. It consists of 48 ground floors and 5 floors of underground parking. Section height is about 520 feet (approximately 158.5 m) and 471 feet (approximately 143.5 m).

Visualization of the architectural project is done for the Canadian creative agency. The task was to prepare a visual material for coordination with the government. Subsequently, the project was finalized.

NYC Aquarium

Besides rendering, we also like to design visionary projects. NYC Aquarium is one of them. Multi storey NYC Aquarium simulating different faunas and floras of underwater life in connected tanks. Designed with optimal conditions for diversity of underwater life.