Business center + Whole Foods Market in USA

Typology: Public Building
Status: Realized
Location: USA
Customer (Architecture): Landry design Group
Visualization: Omega Render
Schedule of visualization: 1 month

The modern minimalist building is located at the intersection of Barrington Avenue and Santa Monica Avenue in America. The ground floor is occupied by the health food store Whole Foods Market. The remaining three floors are reserved for offices, Collaboration Zones and cafe.
The architecture of the building is unique – the walls of a complex and unusual shape, between which the main space is filled with glass. This allows to create bright and open spaces in the building. In our visualization, we conveyed all the facility and openness of this building, also showing a cozy street cafe at the entrance to the Whole Foods Market.

3D Furniture Rendering for Sofa in a Roomset

Stylish interior surrounding the product highlights its best features. Even though the room design in the 3D furniture rendering is to die for, sofa is unmistakably the hero of the image. It instantly captures attention – by sheer elegance of the design, exquisite shape and vibrant color, which contrasts beautifully with fresh greenery and crisp white of the walls.

The eye-level camera angle allows to observe this statement piece in detail, appreciate the beauty and softness of the upholstery. Prolific natural daylight fills the scene, underlining the high-loss fabrics, emphasising every fold of the sofa – so incredibly comfy. And so realistic – it feels like you can touch it.

Looking at the 3D furniture rendering, viewers will imagine the endless feeling of comfort and rest once they buy this product. It’ll bring such a sense of style into the room! The image creates a perfect world, tailor-made for the target customer. It shows the furniture piece promoted as the item transforming a house into a home – and who can resist such offer?

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Castell Rooftop Bar (Repro)

VisEngine presents a 3D remake of Castell Rooftop Bar photograph designed by American design studio BHDM.

Project: Castell Rooftop Bar
Location: New York, USA
Design studio: BHDM
Architectural Visualisation: VisEngine Digital Solutions
Tools used: Corona Renderer, Autodesk 3ds Max, Adobe Photoshop

Private house in the south of Russia

A private house in the south of Russia designed by our studio for the architectural competition “Beautiful Wooden Houses 2019”. The house has a wooden frame in places of large unsupported spans, learned by steel beams. With this project we wanted to show that a wooden house can be not only a traditional style of chalet,
country and Russian style, but also in a modern minimalist style. The facade is made of black plank and wood panels of light wood.