family home

“Family home” is my new work for Germany
Model and Render by me
software use: 3DSmax_V-ray_Forest pack pro_Quixel bridge_Adobe Photoshop
I Hope u love it..
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“BelArt” Residential Complex

“BelArt” comprises five residential towers with up to 23 stories, kids outdoor playgrounds, sport facilities, and a ground level retail complete with things like local bakeries, grocery stores, and cafes.

To make the scene get more complex and developed we’ve shifted a daytime 3D image into a twilight one. Thus high-rise structures have become much more dominant bringing a whole new set of readings and hierarchies.


TYPOLOGY: Exterior
LOCATION: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Client: RSTI

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Studio: Photoreal3D / Artist: Photoreal3D
Work: Commissioned Project
Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia

Troparevo park

Troparevo park is a project that combines the peace of nature with urban comfort. It was important for our client Samolet — a Russian developer company — to show how the future residential complex will be integrated into the environment in different seasons.

The entry group is illustrated in winter visualization. It was crucial to show that in winter the environment is also cozy and beautiful, that the courtyard looks very lively. People walk their dogs, socialize and spend time outside.

We especially enjoy the play of warm and cold colors emitting from the street lanterns and natural light sources, and thus giving additional volume to the residential complex.

Just the other way round, the summer view has more open space, defining the complex itself.


Levitas Temporis

When I started to read, a new world opened in my mind. My wife is the person who made me love books, and I am so thankful for that.
Levitas Temporis or Lightness of Time represents how time goes quickly when we are reading.
This short film made me realize how books, cinema, and TV shows are joining my passion for storytelling.