Kitchen and dining room, project

Customers have set many restrictions:
– modern minimalistic interior
– cold colors of materials
– many smooth and light surfaces
but the interior had to be cozy.
Therefore, we created warm shades with the help of light.
We created a lighting scenario and lit each area in the rooms separately.
The main accent was the wooden bar counter. This design separates the cooking area and the dining area.


Actually, you don’t often see in our portfolio the product visualizations as exteriors or interiors works. But we certainly love to work in this direction and are trying to develop it more and more.

Today we are sharing with you a project in which we made a visualization of the tile for one of the big tile manufacturers. We worked carefully on every detail of the material to implement all the client’s requests in the best way.

This project is an indicator that the product visualization is not limited to furniture or appliances. We are ready to visualize any of your requests because it is a special pleasure to create works for catalogs.