Waimarino, Still Waters

Waimarino is being sustainably developed to set a new standard in premium lodges in New Zealand. This waterfront oasis located a short 12 minute drive from Queenstown comes with an onsite kitchen garden and orchard, micro distillery, owners residence and a mix of 24 luxury villas. Complimenting these facilities is a yoga and wellness spa, on site private restaurant all nestled into a picturesque landscape with stunning lake and alpine views.


I started collecting information so that I could start my own business. After that, I started designing a house and decided to use a lot of software so that I could simulate my own environment. I am very interested in the blue theme and I preferred that I use it in this scene to give a better feeling to the viewer. Using warm light in my work and the river could make the work more attractive to prevent the cold of the scene, and finally I was able to reach my rendering and finalize the work.


Architecture | A2M
Location | Mons, Belgium
Year | 01.2020
Soft | 3ds Max, Corona renderer, Adobe Photoshop CC

The Mons project is a residential complex located in the Belgian town of Mons. The layout of the buildings of the residential complex forms an inner courtyard with a picturesque recreation area.

The architectural project was visualized for A2M.

Enjoy watching!



Baobab Waterfall

Madagascar, the land of opportunity. But how people living there?
Do you know only 20% of people having access to electricity? also More than 75% of people lives in poverty.
We all know the main factor of Crime rate that is poverty.
Do you know more than 50% of prisoners in this country is pre-trail detainees?
We try to design prison with manmade green energy.
The Main focus of prison is to rehabilitation prisoners and in the future the prison will change to Hotel in the middle of ocean.

Aesthetica + Schauman & Nordgren Architects: Pori Art Museum

Aesthetica + Schauman&Nordgren: Pori Art Museum

Schauman & Nordgren design for the Pori Art Museum. A rainy and soft atmosphere to celebrate this beautiful design. Another great work with our friend at Schauman & Nordgren!

We hope you enjoy it!

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