Sansa – Residential Complex

Have you ever noticed, when entering a room, you want to start talking about how the room feels somehow soothing? A specific space can evoke emotions and we certainly believe in the power of architecture. This ability to create emotions inside of us is very important as it corelates with experiences one can have when interacting with architecture in various forms. It is not only about the understanding of the architecture, but also about appreciation of the emotional element of it. The feelings spaces and building can evoke are often so difficult to describe.

Interior visualizations of the exclusive Elvira 17 property in Munich

ELVIRA17 is an extraordinary exclusive property near one of the most beautiful boulevards in Munich. The classic lines of the townhouse feature confident accents in the characteristic style of Parisian townhouses.
Inside, the apartments are characterized by clever room layouts, spacious living areas and high-quality furnishings. Versatile spaces open up a wide range of possible uses for one- to four-person households.
Our interior and exterior visualizations capture the opulence of the décor, presenting each room as a warm, inviting and sophisticated part of these beautiful homes. Great emphasis was placed on showing the property as atmospherically as possible.



Victory project is a multi-storey apartment building located in Toronto, Canada. The building consists of 30 floors above ground and 2 floors of underground parking. The parking has a total of 6 floors (2 underground and 4 aboveground floors).

In addition to the residential spaces, the building has a community barbecue terrace, gym, children’s playground, sauna and billiards.

For this project, we also did the exterior animation and editing of the animation using drone video.

The visualization of the architectural project was done for the Canadian architectural bureau.

Enjoy the view!

BI Cube

We are begining this week by publishing one of our favorite works with BI Group sales office. It was done in close collaboration with Fundamental Architects.

The Fundamental Architects have developed a fantastic concept of the sales office building. The prime aim was to change the initial public perception of the sales office’s image. The usual unpretentious utilitarian structure was to become a gorgeous and full-fledged part of the overall architectural and urban design of the entire residential complex.

The concept itself provides a representation of the aesthetic and ambitious intentions of the company BI Group. The design solutions were based on scale, monumentality and history. In other words, there was the idea to make the building large but at the same time give a sense of stability and reliability. It was also necessary to emphasize that the developers company looks to the future, not forgetting the past.

For that very reason, the monolithic cube architecture was chosen as a symbol of steadiness. The cut out light niches assist to illuminate the interior while classic Kzakh patterns on the facets of the cube give the building its unique design.