4 On Ross

A private Residence our Studio worked on from Architectural Concept Design, Documentation, Costing as well as Architectural Visualisation.

The whole project was designed using conceptual sketches in Morpholio Trace as well as Pro Create. Sketching was initially done over drone footage, these were later sketched to scale in Morpholio Trace, afterwards these were translated into conceptual and final construction drawings in Archicad.

The overall and general modelling was done in Sketchup whilst detailed modelling for specific furniture or appliances was done in Blender and 3DS Max.

Corona Render 8 was used, taking advantage of the new ACES OT tone mapping parameter. The raw renders were colour balanced and levels tweaked in Photoshop.

Hope you like it.


Calatrava’s UAE Pavillion

Digital recreation of the UAE pavilion by Santiago Calatrava.
Project developed to further explore the capabilities of blender as a modelling and rendering tool to recreate complex architectural shapes.
3d model and blender file available here:
High res images available here:


Looking for to improve my interior renders, I realize making a kitchen was a pretty good exercise to do it, I model the kitchen and also adding some assets from free libraries.
The porpuse of the render was getting a warm and confortable feeling in the kitchen.

Into the Forest – Housing project

Proximity to nature and centre of a small forest creats a perfect location for a solitude residential project far away from a city noise. Visualization made in Blender, location: Gdynia, Poland

Roshan Business Center 2 | Visualized by PIXARCH | Bahria Town Karachi | Karachi

We at Pixarch are proudly presenting another meticulously crafted 3D architectural animation walkthrough video. Roshan Business Center 2, a ground plus 18 floors high-rise, located in Bahria Town, Karachi. Our experts focusing on every detail of the project created an almost tangible 3D structural animation making it a visual pleasure. The video enables you to get a tour of the entire design of architecture in a very effective way. This walkthrough covers all intricate detailing of the design, including shopping outlets, immaculately designed offices, and spacious corridors.

We have also created an elegant brochure and flyer along with the required stationery of the stunning Roshan Business Center 2.


Cafe Nikari

Warm and light tones, large windows, worn out floor and great seating.
Furniture is by Nikari and location was inspired by Helsinki.

360° version here: https://artstation.com/artwork/vJDXe3