UE4- Interiorxc

This is my latest work using UE4 and Blender. Interior scene textures by hand and some photo textures used as well. Majority of the assets were created by me with some assets which are free models modified, cleaned up and textured from scratch.
For this project, I created dynamic textures for majority of the assets which enables clients to play around with colors and mood during projects. Also very useful during skype and google hangout discussions with clients as changes can be made on the fly in real time.
I have included a small demo of how the dynamic textures work at the end of the animation video.

Music by Michael FK – Lighthouse

The Power Line

Hi guys!

This is a small project I’ve been doing in my spare time.
I tried the grass to be flawless because I made it with Graswald, a great addon created by Julius Harling that is in Beta State, so I wanted to show its potential.

I made this piece with Blender and rendered with Cycles.
Postproduction in Blender with the Compositor.
Each render took, approx 40 minutes with a 1080.

Feel free to comment and share.

Rain House

I work as an archviz artist, most of my professional work is done using MAX and V-ray. For client work I’m usually forced to stick to a rather rigid style of midday sun and clear skies. So while waiting for an upcoming project to start I decided to put together a more interesting scene using Blender as much as possible.

The house itself was modeled entirely with the Archipack addon, the grass used Grass Free, and the trees were made with Sapling. The visible furniture was from 3DSky, the car by Andrei Maximov on Blendswap. The textures were a mix of free ones by Poliigon, Quixel, and a few others I can’t remember offhand. The cutout people were from mrcutout and skalgubbar. Finally I added a few subtle water effects in post with brushes by Obsidian Dawn.

My render settings were standard, with 2048 samples and some denoising. Render time was about three hours.