Simple Interior

My first interior design project entirely done in Blender!

I was trying to make a photorealistic interior small room near a door to light the scene with natural light!

Hoshang Pearl Karachi Visualized by PIXARCH

Hoshang Pearl is built in the heart of the city by the sea – Karachi. Pixarch creatively built the visual representation of a brilliant architecture as promised by this project. It was supremely depicted through 360 views, highly captivating 3D virtual walkthrough, realistic 2D & 3D floor plans, carefully designed booklets and gripping TVCs all-encompassing visualizations.

It was pure thrill to design the project’s minutest details with elegance & perfection. The sole purpose was to creatively charm the on-looker into reaching a decisive clarity.

Titan One Karachi Visualized by PIXARCH

Pixarch has embraced “Titan One” as its own big thing to portray it in an elegant style of attraction, that simply can mesmerize the viewers. The project has owned the higher reputation to become an exemplary work of Pixarch, to be imagined and visualized in a way better than the reality itself! The minute details and reflection of the calibre, present the project as piece of proud for Pixarch.

From the monument’s extra-ordinary views to the alluring sights of the interiors and amenities, Pixarch has portrayed everything in a style that viewer can not simply resist and can get easily attracted to the charms of residence people already visualizing for themselves to move into their fancy life.

Tiny House in the Forest

A modern cabin of 248 sq. ft. (23 sq. mtr) in a minimal style on the banks of a small river in the area of Saranac Lake, NY.
The concept of the design was to leverage the surrounding space of the forest, so that the house blends seamlessly into the environment. The house is actually “divided” into two parts with the eastern side offering natural light through the window construction which act as skylights and it was inspired by the structure of a greenhouse, whereas the western side provides shelter and accommodates the kitchen/dining and sleeping area as well as the bathroom.
The house is optimized to offer enough storage space for a couple without being cluttered. The interaction with nature is constant as the change of seasons “reflects” into the interior space.
The wood, being the main element both in the exterior and the interior spaces, offers serenity and calmness in accordance with the environment.
More of my work can be found on behance
Thank you.

Paragon Towers Real Estate Visualization by Pixarch

Paragon Towers’ visualization is carried out in a way that on-lookers can get easily mesmerized to invest on estate of a fortunate future.

From the exterior elegance to the interior gracefulness everything is artistically modeled to provide a perfect view of the end-settled and finally refined memorial with a focus of clarity to the viewers to imagine their future whether for a luxury living or an auspicious investment.

Al Ghafoor Grande City Surjani Visualized by Pixarch

A modern apartment complex well-suited for all your needs, Al Ghafoor Grande City is located in Surjani Town. Comfort and convenience at its best, Al Ghafoor Grande City is an excellent example of a stylish abode. Pixarch’s creative team has made the imagination come to life. Key features in the project are highlighted through 3D animation video, while the project’s layout is presented as a 2D and 3D floor plan.

The branding of the project comprising logo and stationery is exclusively designed by Pixarch. The TV commercial is carefully executed, capturing the right target audience and converting them into leads. Outdoor media advertising and billboards have also been designed by Pixarch, giving Al Ghafoor Grande City the competitive edge to help it stand out among others.