House on Lublin outskirts

Client provided me with a basic Sketchup model of the house, which then was imported to Blender, where most of my workflow took place.
I used hdri images for lighting, I also placed some blackbody light planes inside the building for evening shots.
Trees are from Evermotion “Archmodels for Blender” pack.
Fern models were created by me, using textures from Quixel “Forest Undergrowth” pack. That’s also where the stones and and trunk models come from.
I used grass from BlenderGuru’s “Grass Essentials”.
One image also contains my unfinished side project – Alfa Romeo Disco Volante, which I am also planning to visualize.
Compositing was mostly done in Blender, two last images are straight from there, but I also used some Photoshop magic for godrays and dust particles in two first images.

Writer’s Desk

Personal project for a custom-made writing desk designed for a modern cabin in the woods. As usual, I also worked on details: there are several elements created by Masters that I really admire a lot. These images are a personal tribute to Charlotte Perriand, a French architect and designer that brought about a profound change in aesthetic values and gave birth to a truly modern sensitivity towards everyday life and John Pawson, a British architectural designer whose work is well known for its minimalist aesthetic.

Simon’s House

I remember when I found this artist and his artwork last year. It blew my mind. This piece was my break-through into Simon Stalenhag’s universe.
I wanted to convert this piece into 3D immediately.