Canadian Inspired Buildings

The buildings in this image were inspired by the Parkinson Activity Centre and the Paramount Theatre in the city of Kelowna, BC.
The buildings were modeled using a Blender addon called Archipack, the grass was another Blender addon called Graswald. The textures were mostly from Quixel, the cars were free ones from Viz People, and the people themselves were mostly from Mrcutout.
The rendering was done with Cycles and post work was done in Davinci Resolve.

That house from the hood

Two years ago I created a render called Simon’s house ( where I wanted to show a country house based on a nice concept I found.
Now, a project to create a suburban neighbourhood showed up and I decided to go deep on one of the houses to create a nice suburban scene.
I used this house also to create a 3D artist article that will be included in the next issue of the magazine and I’m sure I will use it to create future tutorials in my YT channel.
I tried to create a worn house, for references I went outside during weeks to find into which things I would be able to lean and which were the cornerstones of a realistic worn look. I’m really happy with the result. Let me know what do you think!
Besides, I included day and night lighting.
Thanks for your time!
I did everything with Blender and rendered with Cycles.

Architect & Kitty

I decided to sort of tell a story in this piece. An architect gets home to find his kitty has done a lot of work in his working room and decides to have some sleep afterwards. I have always wanted to tell stories using architectural elements. I sculpted and textured the cat in Blender.
Modelled everything except for the leather chair and open book which I could easily do but didn’t want to waste time on, textured them myself as well. Assets were textured using game engine techniques to speed up texturing and make things more streamlined if there is need to export to game engine later. Learnt a lot from this project.
Used 3dsmax and Corona renderer. Photoshop was mainly used for texturing.
I intend to try and tell more stories in future using architecture.