The Making of Island House with Blender

Pawel Pecherzewski showcased his Island House with Blender visuals not long ago and today he dives into the waters (pun intended) and shows us what you can do with Blender as your main tool of the trade. Also using Cycles, MAXTREE, and more.

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Personal work. Made with Blender and cycles.
Modeled and textured everything in Blender.
Created lots of masks with the texture painting mode.
I created a thread on my twitter with the progress. 36 hours of work.

House on the rock


Here is one of my work.
I wanted to work the composition and a very diffused lighting.
I love the atmosphere that rock and water produce when both are on contact.

I really hope you will like the render.


Island House

I’ve always loved the beauty of tropical beaches, turquoise water and the peace and serenity of those places. How amazing would it be to live there – I’m sure many of us have at least once asked themselves.

Well, I’ve grown tired of just imagining it and decided to bring that vision – my very own version of it – to life. A house, located on top of a rocky island where you can see the ocean every day. A long beach shaded by coconut trees to enjoy the crystal clear water. And a small tropical forest with trees swaying in the wind. That’s my vision of paradise and I hope you will enjoy it just as much!

Cinematic animation using Unreal Engine Ray tracing

since the technologies is changing fast and i take the advantage from the lock-down covid19 to learn new tools to make my life easier in future .
after exploring ray tracing inside unreal engine i start exploring new possibility to make animation in short time with one machine after two month for testing Blender and unreal engine i get this result , i hope you like

Gulberg Arena by Pixarch

In the race of being better and bigger than ourselves in the past, Pixarch has yet again pushed the boundaries of Visualizations to another extreme. Focusing our efforts in making your imagination be as close to reality as it can be, We at Pixarch leave no tactic, technique or craft unturned as we forge new ways of facilitating our clients and fulfilling their visual needs.