Resolved in two levels, the house adapts to the forest environment through two intersecting volumes.
The ground floor houses the main areas of the house: entrance, foyer, kitchen-dining area, utilities, and living room.
While the upper floor contains a en-suite bedroom and a small workshop. The pool extends towards the north to take advantage of the views and the quest for the forest.

Haussmannian Flat

As I started my solo 3D activity, I wanted to invest my time in developing every skills I felt I needed in order to push further the quality and the realism of my renders.

I therefore designed and modeled a luxurious parisian flat. I imagined the flat without any reference, although the furnitures are mostly real-life products that I redrew in 3D. I planned on selling the scene online, so every asset had to be homemade. This revealed to be much more time-consuming than I thought. Making this video, along with a virtual 360° tour and many renders took me about 2 month of work. I’ve never learn so much and i’m really happy I took the time to do it.

The scene contains a whole flat interior – no exteriors – with a living/dining room, an open kitchen, entrance, shower, bathroom and two bedrooms. All assets have been created from scratch. The polaroïds, paintings, book covers and some molding details have been created using midjourney. Using AI to create some details can be very fun! I modeled the plants with GrowFX.

The scene includes carefully crafted assets, and intricade details – from thresehold strip screws to traces of dust on the wall left by a previously hanged frame, photoscanned onions, fully animated fire in the living room’s shelf gas insert (phoenixFD animation) and much more.

I modeled most assets on blender, textured with substance designer and painter, and then exported to 3dmax to render with V-ray Vantage.

Freudenstadt Resort

Freudenstadt, Germany
Project and architecture concept by Lindner Planungsbüro
Landscape and interior concept by Adrian Długosz
Visuals by Adrian Długosz

The residential senior living and wellness project in Freudenstadt, Germany, is planned in a former hotel complex located in the Black Forest, with two main towers connected by the health resort pavillon, which houses the wellness facility and two restaurants.
The concept is bringing back the original desing from the 70’s with the new modernised timber facade design, surrounding the original dark stone cladding.
The new wooden facade structure, has been developed with keeping the health needs of the residents in mind and allows the residents to grow gardens on their balconies, right in front of the windows.

Produced with Blender 3.4-4.0 and rendered with Cycles. Postproduction in Photoshop.