A Study in Blender and Cycles for archvis

I’m a 3D generalist, but have many requests for “photo real” archvis projects. This was practice for one of these projects. I’m new to archvis in general, and work entirely within Blender and Cycles. I’m looking for helpful feedback, or Blender specific tips to take my work to a new level of realism. I’m not convinced I’m quite there yet, as this render looks to be lacking that secret touch, and I’m not sure what that might be.

Doña Oliva Apartment

My first “big” commercial project. I was responsible for designing an apartment at a reasonable price with a contemporary feel to it. It was quite an interesting experience to work on a project where I had to stick to the requirements of my client and limit almost all my ideas. I had to keep it relatively low cost and minimalistic which meant that I couldn’t even use different wall colors, had to stick to tiles on the floor etc.

When it comes to the technical aspect of the project, I mainly used an HDRI for lighting. To reduce render times I also used ambient occlusion. Render times varied from 3-4 hours.