fresh air

this is my newest architectural visualization, based on the Elliott Ripper house by Christopher Polly Architect.
During the work I decided to give the whole thing a little twist, by using my own colors and change things at the building, materials, surrounding and environment.
This idea came up because I already have a white building in my portfolio and I like it more colorful. The mood I wanted to reach should be an evening after a sunny day at the very early stage of the fall season.
The modeling is mostly done in 3ds Max. After getting in contact with Blender a few weeks ago, I tried out Blender and Blenders awesome Cycles renderer and PBR material workflow.
Lighting is completely realized with a HDRI from HDRI Haven, check out the great HDRIs Greg have on his website.
I also used Substance Painter in some parts.
The big trees in the back and the magnolia in the front are made with The Grove, a 3d tree growing software which is available for Blender, definitely worth a try.
The compositing was done in Photoshop.
I hope you like the picture. Feel free to leave a comment, ask questions and check out my homepage, get in contact at LinkedIn and ArtStation.

You can visit my ArtStation site for a better jpg quality.

Thank you.