Revitalisation project of park and museum is located in the central part of Berlin.
It was a big pleasure to work on this project, because it’s touching one of my biggest love – landscape architecture, from where I’m coming from. Combination of the great organic architecture with the organized, natural environment is a graceful topic to be shown.
To create this image, I was inspired by works of George Lambert – one of the greatest landscape painter and a pioneer of British landscape art. And of course, by a lot of pinterest.

3rd May Avenue Office Park

Conceptual office building proposal located next to the Błonia Park in Cracow, Poland – one of the largest city centre meadow in Europe. Design of the office complex refers to polish interwar modernism, which is dominant in neighbouring buildings, but it’s also a link between them and the natural shape of Jordan’s Park.

More about project:

Technical information:
PC Spec: 3950X, 96GB ram, RTX3090
Blender 3.1, Cycles, ACES Color Space, max. 5K resolution images rendered on RTX3090, 1-1.5K samples per image with scrambling distance option enabled.
Postproduction: Photoshop
Lighting: HDRI Only
Addons: Photographer, Scatter 5.1, Graswald Library I/II, Real Snow

Calatrava’s UAE Pavillion

Digital recreation of the UAE pavilion by Santiago Calatrava.
Project developed to further explore the capabilities of blender as a modelling and rendering tool to recreate complex architectural shapes.
3d model and blender file available here:
High res images available here: