Container Home

For this project, I decided to depict a very industrial looking container home in a very natural scene. I tried a number of new tools to create the environment. The first were the 3D scanned rocks by Adrian Kubasa, which will be available here:
The second was the Scatter addon by BD3D.

The scanned rocks are very high-quality, with good UVs, and even their own asset manager to easily add them into your scenes. I’ll definitely be using them on all future nature scenes.
The Scatter addon was ideal for well, scattering. I used it for all the ground plants as well as the rocks. So far, it’s the closest equivalent to Forest Pack I’ve seen for Blender. It makes setting up scenes like this much easier.
For textures, I used Poliigon for the majority. The containers were textured using Substance Painter.

Loft JD interior

This is a project that I tried to visualize the interior of Loft JD, designed by Bruna Pires. I loved the design and the cozy feelings that materials and lighting bring to the interior.

Original design:

The completed renders are done in Blender, which is an open software that can create amazing render, and the built-in Cycles renderer.

I used fSpy to determine the perspectives, materials mostly are from Poliigon library, rendered with Cycles in Blender

Orange and Teal Living Room

A set of renders for a luxurious modern apartment that uses orange and teal as an integral part of its design.
The majority of the textures are from Poliigon. The books on the shelf are set to each have a random cover to prevent repetition. The models are from a variety of sources, including 3DSky, Vizpeople, CGMood, and Poliigon.

Extruded House

A CG remake of Extruded House designed by MCK Architecture & Interiors. I wanted to practice exterior rendering and lighting. This one was great for that purpose as it required me to model both interior and exterior and combine them later which sometimes was challenging due to hardware limitations.

Canadian Inspired Buildings

The buildings in this image were inspired by the Parkinson Activity Centre and the Paramount Theatre in the city of Kelowna, BC.
The buildings were modeled using a Blender addon called Archipack, the grass was another Blender addon called Graswald. The textures were mostly from Quixel, the cars were free ones from Viz People, and the people themselves were mostly from Mrcutout.
The rendering was done with Cycles and post work was done in Davinci Resolve.