Freudenstadt Resort

Freudenstadt, Germany
Project and architecture concept by Lindner Planungsbüro
Landscape and interior concept by Adrian Długosz
Visuals by Adrian Długosz

The residential senior living and wellness project in Freudenstadt, Germany, is planned in a former hotel complex located in the Black Forest, with two main towers connected by the health resort pavillon, which houses the wellness facility and two restaurants.
The concept is bringing back the original desing from the 70’s with the new modernised timber facade design, surrounding the original dark stone cladding.
The new wooden facade structure, has been developed with keeping the health needs of the residents in mind and allows the residents to grow gardens on their balconies, right in front of the windows.

Produced with Blender 3.4-4.0 and rendered with Cycles. Postproduction in Photoshop.

Living Room for a loft in Limassol Cyprus

Renderings for an interior design project regarding a residence in Limassol, Cyprus. It’s the first part of a series of renderings which includes the living room (as seen here), the bedroom and the entertainment area. A juxtaposition of natural materials and finely crafted furniture, create the perfect balance through modern and minimal forms.

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Revitalisation project of park and museum is located in the central part of Berlin.
It was a big pleasure to work on this project, because it’s touching one of my biggest love – landscape architecture, from where I’m coming from. Combination of the great organic architecture with the organized, natural environment is a graceful topic to be shown.
To create this image, I was inspired by works of George Lambert – one of the greatest landscape painter and a pioneer of British landscape art. And of course, by a lot of pinterest.

Making of Aland Islands House

Making of by Artur Szóstakowski

Aland Islands House

Aland Islands House immediately captured my attention. It is a Blender-based project that looks super good and showcases both still and animation work done by a very skilled artist and fantastic final results. Worthy of exploring how it was made.