Calatrava’s UAE Pavillion

Digital recreation of the UAE pavilion by Santiago Calatrava.
Project developed to further explore the capabilities of blender as a modelling and rendering tool to recreate complex architectural shapes.
3d model and blender file available here:
High res images available here:


Looking for to improve my interior renders, I realize making a kitchen was a pretty good exercise to do it, I model the kitchen and also adding some assets from free libraries.
The porpuse of the render was getting a warm and confortable feeling in the kitchen.

Hovering Platforms

My last academic architecture project. An old warehouse is renovated and adapted to a Coworking space, where the old overhead cranes were reinterpreted and transformed into unique sliding platforms, making the space flexible in it’s configurations and enabling other events.

Tiny House in the Forest

A modern cabin of 248 sq. ft. (23 sq. mtr) in a minimal style on the banks of a small river in the area of Saranac Lake, NY.
The concept of the design was to leverage the surrounding space of the forest, so that the house blends seamlessly into the environment. The house is actually “divided” into two parts with the eastern side offering natural light through the window construction which act as skylights and it was inspired by the structure of a greenhouse, whereas the western side provides shelter and accommodates the kitchen/dining and sleeping area as well as the bathroom.
The house is optimized to offer enough storage space for a couple without being cluttered. The interaction with nature is constant as the change of seasons “reflects” into the interior space.
The wood, being the main element both in the exterior and the interior spaces, offers serenity and calmness in accordance with the environment.
More of my work can be found on behance
Thank you.

Parkview Signature Apartments-3D Architectural Visualization by Pixarch

Pixarch Architectural Visualization always does the things with inimitable approach and Parkview Signature Apartments were no exception. It was our job to paint a realistic, understandable and desirable picture using the blueprint so a viewer or a prospective buyer can see the final outcome. Pixarch used modern practice to give the project a digital life.

Parkview is a modern building, in the heart of LAHORE City, which provides housing with state of the art amenities and accessibility. Located just a few minutes away from Gulberg and the colonial Mall Road, Park View Apartments are easily accessible from every corner of Lahore.

For this project, the 3D modeling, texturing and detailing were carefully created to the finest detail as to capture the zest and feel of the project.

For Parkview Signature Apartments, Pixarch provided a beautiful and stunning 3D architectural walkthrough and photorealistic 3D views.

Parsa Citi

Pixarch provided all real estate design marketing solutions under one roof to Parsa Citi, which included 3D video walkthrough, 3D floor plans, website design and development, and visual designs. Also, 9 types of TV commercials and outdoor/indoor media campaigns were created.

From logo designing to complete stationery designing, including online website banner advertisement, Pixarch delivered complete solutions to Parsa Citi. This can be seen in their testimonial as well.

The production technique of ‘Chroma Shoot’ was used to create photorealistic views of the project by combing real people with 3D walkthrough. The Chroma technique is a technique dynamically used in moviemaking. In the Chroma technique live action footage is merged with 3D graphics to produce work that is economical, yet effective and of high quality.