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Crowded / miniCHALLENGE #05 Announced!

Today we begin the 5th miniCHALLENGE. Crowded is focusing on the implementation of 3d Scanned People Assets in Still Images, specifically with AXYZ Design’s Anima crowd management software. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to showcase a crowded urban scenario be it outside or inside while leveraging Anima capabilities as you populate the scene. You can either create things from scratch or reuse projects you already made that fit with the Crowded theme. miniCHALLENGE#05 will run 30 days right here on the blog on the dedicated challenge section with €3,000 EUR CASH PRIZE + Software and Content for the Winners. Good Luck!

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Scanning Materials with your Smartphone

Photogrammetry is the thing for material creation these days and today we’ll see how to use a smartphone camera to capture a material. This time using the new scan filters in Substance Designer 6. With these, it’s possible to transform a smartphone into a material scanner. Follow Anthony Salvi, a Creative Technologist at Allegorithmic as he describes the process.

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Corona Renderer 1.6 for Autodesk 3ds Max Released

The latest update to the Corona Renderer once again brings many new features to this CPU-based un(biased) photorealistic renderer. The focus is on speed in rendering & workflow, with overhauled Distributed Rendering, improvements to IR, the Corona Image Editor for working with your images outside of any 3D application, bake LightMix settings into the scene, 3ds Max 2018 support, and more!

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