PLANTS PRESERVATION CENTER , Designed and visualized by RAYDESIGNS- HISHAM BAHAA ELDIN. wanted to give life and focus to a previuosly designed model, dominating environment to the scene to make the building standout.,
the project was done during the quarantine time., so we wanted to add life to an old project., camera was adjusted to let the environment dominate the scene, adding depth of field centers and focuses on the building itself.
lighting was done using hdri , tried to use 6k maps for retouches done using photoshop .
wish you like it

Into The Woods

The simple vertical architecture complements its sun-kissed surroundings and requires minimal decor. The tone and texture of timbers used alongside the woods and promise of a beach nearby brings in harmony to its fullness.

Elementary works of this personal project is done in 3DS Max; rendered in Corona render -while playing with the depth of field- and glazed in Adobe PS


its been over 3 months i ve worked on this project.The reference image that i found from . In the begining i was really intrested to work on this project and thought of completing this in a week but i im working in a retail company ( and the work was at peak i coudnt even got a breathing space out there so the personal work moved like a turtle . Doing office work and working on the personal work at home was a great challenge to me that time somehow i finished it (i could have done much better)
for this project i have learned substance painter and leaned how to work on quixel mixer overall it was a great experience for me & also mentioning this is my 1st exterior render in corona renderer


It took me a timeline of 3 days to complete this project from scratch. Since the area of the Café was small, I was left with limited shots to actually showcase the design of the project effectively. Hence,I set close up shots to bring out the warmth of the color palette used to spark interest.I could finish the project within my set timeline since the furnitures and plants 3d models used were ready made. Small details like fingerprints have been added to the coffee machine to make it look like it has been used overtime.