Interior visualization of an impressive mansion in Munich

The interior of this stylish Munich mansion is proof that even the simplest shades of brown and grey bring style and modernity to a space when done tastefully. We turned the scene into a 3D-rendering that highlights the charm and elegance of its interior design.
We create 3D-visualizations to not only depict architecture, but to give the viewer the most lifelike experience of being present in the space being shown. Different light settings allow us to generate specific moods through captivating 3D views.

Customer: p.k. Architekten GmbH
Implementation time of the project (5 pictures): 45 days


Exterior visualization of a modern and luxurious apartment in Graz

Could you imagine living close to the beautiful ORF Park in Graz, in a designer luxury apartment like this one? Our client Stilvoll Wohnen makes it possible!
The playful yet stylish black-and-white palette of the residential building’s façade forms an appealing contrast against the green front lawn. For our 3D-visualization, we added a friendly blue sky to compliment the monochrome exterior.
Architecture presented in a realistic and inviting 3D-environment makes potential buyers want to move in right away.

Customer: Stilvoll Wohnen
Implementation time of the project (4 pictures): 23 days


Ash 28

Ash 28 is the project by Rennie, a real-estate company from Vancouver. The initial client is the Canadian developer Terra Blanka Developments Corp.

The architecture of the structure stands out with its unconventional form that is equally distinct and grounded, soft and strong, intimate and open. Twelve garden flats and penthouse homes, of one or two levels, embody the function of a single-family home. Now, the residential complex is under development.

In terms of visualization, we especially enjoy the aerial view image. It demonstrates how Ash 28th will stand out within the single-family neighborhood aesthetic. In addition, the view of Pacific Spirit Regional park from the private terrace will make the entire family feel like they are in their own special haven.

Living Room Interior Visualizations

V-rayNext for SketchUp

New Year Render!

Living Room Interior Visualization

Rendered by: Abe Faji
Used HDRI: Waterbuck Trail by Greg Zaal @ Polyhaven. com
Workflow: SketchUp , V-ray, Photoshop
Credits to the owner of the model Dinh Thanh
Credits to Nuwan Chandrasiri for sharing this model
Render resolution: 3000 x 1687

Happy New Year to all !! 2023

Provence in France

Location: Provence, Avignon, France
Architect: Lafourcade Architecture
Year: 23
Software used: Autodesk 3ds Max, Corona Renderer

On an island, in the Rhone river in France sits an intriguing traditional stairway with a modern twist. Complete with a calm palette of colours and artwork on display.
Hope you like it!

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