Design 101

Typology: Apartments
Status: Completed
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Customer (Architecture): Construtora Di Francesco Visualization: Omega Render
Completion Time: 1,5 months

Luxury high-rise apartments in the center of the most populous city in Brazil.
Apartments has plenty of building amenities, such as own swimming pool with lobby bar, fitness center, barbecue terrace, lounge part and children’s room.
Residents choose to live here for its wide array of cultural, nightlife and daytime activities. It’s truly a combination of some of the best things an apartment has to offer.
We’ve tried to convey all this atmosphere in our visualizations.
Enjoy watching!


This apartment in Chicago, which features wood and steel volumes slotted within an exposed concrete structure, was designed by local firm Vladimir Radutny Architects to create a spacious home for a couple.