Um platô natural no alto do morro acolhe esta casa construída com os materiais tradicionais da região. O desenho revela elaboração no telhado oculto pouco inclinado, horizontalidade de modulação tanto das fachadas como dos ambientes internos.

A natural plateau at the top of the hill accepts this house built with the traditional materials of the region. The design reveals the creation of a hidden roof with little inclination, the horizontality of the modulation both of the facades and of the internal environments.

Modular Office Sofa CGI

This eye-catching office space was styled and planned by our skilled designers, then
produced in CGI for a new furnishing client. Their distinctive modular sofas, screens and linking tables can be arranged in an infinite number of combinations making them ideal for flexible workspaces, office meeting areas and communal lounges.

Our 3D artists have been meticulous sculpting the sofa models and manually adding creases and detail using Zbrush. We’ve also included the technical draft sofa renderings that we sent to the client for sign-off, ensuring that we had captured the fabric textures and details correctly. Finally the office scene is recreated with the clients furnishings in 3DSMax and rendered with Corona Renderer, adding finishing touches and colour adjustments in Adobe Photoshop and Fusion Studio 16.
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Efjord Retreat Cabin

The site is positioned on an island called Halvarøy on a natural ledge in the terrain overlooking the fiord to the west, two of Norway´s most challenging climbing peaks towards the south and protected by a ridge in the terrain towards the east.

I was inspired by the excellent work of architects and decided to try to convey the environment and atmosphere of this place.

I think it turned out really good.