Circular living is taking shape

Typology: Residential building
Status: Realized
Location: Netherlands
Customer (Architecture): Kant Arkitekter
Visualization: Omega Render
Schedule of visualization: 1 month

This time we had a chance to work on an amazing project and create visualization of unusual residential buildings.
These houses are distinguished by their atypical architecture for residential buildings. They are designed as a circle with a patio for walking and recreation.
On the adjacent territory, residents of houses can organize their own garden.
As a result, the architects created a quiet, cozy and green place for a comfortable life. And we managed to convey this atmosphere through visualization.

Mid Century Living Room

My website needed a new homepage image that truly shows my style of choice, which is mid century modern–especially Danish mid century. I often consider myself an interior stylist just as much as I consider myself a visualization artist. The goal was to create a beautiful, clean, white interior with Walnut/Teak furnishings that really pop.

I used Fstorm’s Sun & Sky for the lighting, along with portals in the windows. Tonemapping was all done within Fstorm, including a custom LUT I have made for myself.

If you would like to see more of my work, you can find me in these places below:

Denny Substation

Our mates at NBBJ described this work as a large, unique and challenging project with both the technical and non-technical aspects of the project: technical challenges associated with network distribution and non-technical challenges required for substation design such as visual appearance, architectural cover, interface with potential public benefit…


This is our last challenge completed: create a perfect 3D twin of the administrative and technical headquarters for a dermatological product company in Nancy (France) by Studiolada located in the middle of a forest of deciduous trees. Again trees and grass are full 3D, modeled from scratch using Forester for Cinema 4D. Modeling, framing, lighting and texturing: Silvia Labanti with Cinema 4D and V-RAYforC4D. Post-production: Angelo Ferretti. Inspired by Ludmilla Cerveny original photos.