Lookout house

Inserida em um lote de 20 metros de declive, a casa emerge do terreno, conformando 3 volumes que se adaptam a topografia do lugar e emolduram a vista da paisagem.

Inserted in a plot of 20 meters of slope, the house emerges from the land, forming 3 volumes that adapt to the topography of the place and frame the view of the landscape.


Elementos claros e limpos, o que determina a predominância do branco e cinza de forma delicada no ambiente social, mas que é interrompido por pontos de imprevisibilidade e aconchego. O piso de madeira se torna ´caixa´ no home, sem revestimento de paredes e forro, cria um espaço aconchegante e íntimo, que contrasta e valoriza a base neutra e clara.

The Aftermath

A friend gifted me a set of apocalypse assets, and since I was getting pretty tired of the day-to-day archviz work at my studio, I took the opportunity to work on some lighting and texturing skills! The tone is kind of dark, but I also wanted to bring a bit of light and hope to the image with the plant. I also got to play with some depth of field in that shot!

Modular Office Shelving CGI (Set 1)

Last year we created a full CG office interior for one of our clients to display their new line of sofas. The client returned with a new brief, this time to create a striking modern office interiors, showcasing their new range of modular shelving. The shelving product has been specifically designed for storage and zoning in open plan workspaces. It uses a triangular framework which can be configured with shelves, lockers and cupboards to suit almost any office environment.

The interior has been planned by our in house design team before being produced in 3DSMax and rendered with Corona renderer, adding finishing touches and colour adjustments in Adobe Photoshop and Fusion Studio 16.

We’ve also created a clever online configurator tool for the shelving if anyone wants to play around with configurations – https://www.pikcells.com/portfolio/frovi-furniture-cgi-interactive