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Long ago i wanted to make an animation, so i choose this project to do so, one of the big challenges was render times, I just have one Pc, so i had to pull every trick possible to do so 😉
Also it was my first time with the background music, so its not perfect by any means but it was my first and i learned a lot.


Brut is a renovation project of an existing family house in Byblos.
The design proposal turned the architecture 180 degrees into something brutalist and modern.

Office Interior Design Concept for fan-coil Visualization

The request was to provide an interior design concept for an office, in order to integrate the design and graphics of fan coils into the environment.

Our choice is an open space office of a video game agency, with focus on a beta testing area with a relax area in the foreground.

We have customized the fan-coil with a graphic concept inspired by the arcade video games of the 80s and, the graphic design of the two products, is the transposition of an idea in loading (Fan coil on the left) and of an idea completely loaded (fan coil graphic on the right).
The wall graphics connect and transfer the loading of “pieces of ideas” from the left fan-coil to the right fan-coil and, to and from the luminous holes in the ceiling, as in a continuous creative cycle of creating ideas.



Design: Lumicene & ASB Architectures

Available in two different versions, LumiBar invites the urban dwellers to enjoy their favorite drinks or meeting with friends while having a pleasant setting either within or outside through large sliding windows.
Depending on the bar concept and its location, the internal layout and the external skin can be customized with a wood cladding for a project on the ski slopes or an aluminium skin more suitable for urban environments.

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The Chezaray project is a restaurant located in one of the American cities.
The main client’s request was to make the round-shaped building and the final exterior design of the building we created together.

This is quite an unusual request, but anyway we like working with such tasks. They always allow us to add something of our own to the project and to be a part of the dialogue.

The usage of natural materials, a combination of glass and wood was taken for the basic concept of the restaurant.
We additionally worked on the impressive atmosphere of the image.


TYPOLOGY: Exterior
STATUS: Completed
CUSTOMER: Château de Zéra


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