Aesthetica + Haptic Architects: Middle East Waterfront

Aesthetica + Haptic Architects: Middle East Waterfront

Artist: Ilaria Ciancibello

Here’s the Haptic Architects’ money shot for the New Terminal of a large scale waterfront scheme in the Middle East. B&W delicacy by our artist Ilaria Ciancibello, design by our friend at Haptic Architects.

We hope you like it!


Facade design competition of Yousef Abad

The main idea of designing this facade, shaped when we realized, in Yousef Abad of Tehran There is a rule for apartments that one face of stair’s box must be semi-open. In other word, they must located the stair in the facade, so the stair can be semi-open.
We deleted that face to have a open staircase.
In the next post we will explain why we deleted that face.
We know the stair is heart of every apartment
but in last years because of elevator is useless. We
spot the stair as a open space, in this way it can create
a dynamic and active space for people in the
apartment. We didn’t want to hide the stair we designed
the stair as a main dynamic element in our facade. To
controlling the shadow and sunlight we designed
second element of our dynamic facade that is rolling
sunshades. The people in apartment can control it for
themselves, in this way we have different looking
facade in different time of the day.
to controlling the skyline of street we designed the roof garden for people in apartment. even though we can improve the quality of living when we have roof garden in the apartment.
For entrance facade we was inspired by historical architecture of Iran and our old streets. on those houses we saw a welcoming area and sitting benches in entrance so people in the street can sit there and rest or even like old days they watch the people in street.

Hidden Home Office CGI

We styled and crafted this hidden home office CGI to demonstrate the practicality and sophistication of our clients bespoke furniture. Our artists recreated the clients hidden office concept, with further embellishments from our interior design team to compliment the trendy colour palette with stylish props.

This CGI has been produced in 3DSMax and rendered with Corona renderer, adding finishing touches and colour adjustments in Adobe Photoshop and Fusion Studio 16.

Festival Pier

We’re glad to share one of our favorite projects – Festival Pier. We created this project in tight cooperation with the Bernardon company.

Festival Pier is a renovated facility located in Philadelphia. There are two new mixed-use buildings with the retail area with parking on the first floor and five floors of apartments above.

As you can see, the section is located along the Delaware River waterfront.
The major aim of the project was to show both the landscape and architectural components of this project as equally important objects in our renderings. The surrounding context also plays a big role, particularly the Ben Franklin Bridge located south of the section as well as the Philadelphia skyline.

We’d be glad to know your impressions of this project. Welcome to the comments.


TYPOLOGY: Exterior
STATUS: Completed
LOCATION: Philadelphia, USA
CUSTOMER: Bernardon

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