Development: Group Satellite
Architecture: Hafeez Contractor & SSA Architects
Marketing: Vanguard Realty

Rising up from the heart of Mumbai, Sesen offers a unique living experience in the city’s most distinguished neighborhood at 29 Nepean Sea Road.
Elegant and striking, the residential tower recreates a holistic environment across its 68 floors and 30 exclusive dwellings, providing flexible and fully customizable layouts equipped with modern amenities, large terraces and several common areas on the lobby and upper floors, reflecting not only a luxury lifestyle, but also a design statement in the southern edge of the city.

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Salon moderne a` La Colle Sur Loup

This is a slightly modified old project I created for Blanc Studio. I changed a color scheme to something closer to me.
I am always attracted by the organic connection between architecture and landscape. Therefore, I wanted to represent my view on this project MXMR Architecte&Associes .I see this space as an extension of nature. On the one hand, there are natural shades and textures, on the other hand, there are minimalistic forms.
The beauty of simple solutions is inspiring.
I used shades of green to make the sterile geometric space softer and more comfortable. In my opinion, this project shows to us the importance of natural elements for creating good architecture: light, plants, water.​​​​​​​
I make my projects completely in 3D, except for the background, which does not require detailing, it helps to make the images more realistic.

Villa Void

This is the perfect project for me. Harmonious introduction of stylish minimalism into the forest environment creates the desire to live in this place. I love the cozy cocoon feeling that this building creates. It is gray and cold outside and warm enveloping inside.In this project, I paid special attention to the surroundings. Careful selection of the surroundings always makes the picture more realistic.
I also paid great attention to the materials: wall decoration and wooden surfaces.

Follo Museum

We had a pleasure preparing a set of visualizations for the architectural competition for new workshop building in Follo Museum in Akershus, Norway. A beautiful proposal, created by talented Sunnerö Architects from Sweden, was created in harmony with nature and in tune with the Norwegian wood tradition.

Guastalla Kindergarten

I wanted to achieve a winter mood, which should be the perfect playground for kids and grown people. I’ve tried to do as much as possible in 3d, trying to replicate the original location. So maybe in the future it can be developed with different moods and cameras as I have the whole project modeled.