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Hello everyone, i’m sharing with you my latest interior design project. In this project main purpose was keep space fresh and get more natural light. The customer’s request was keep open space and make zone for each areas. For the color and finishing client gave freedom to designer and overall client was satisfied about that. For the hard surface’s before the designing we discussed about finishing on mood board according the design. Now project execution process. I hope you will enjoy design and rendering.

Aesthetica + Mikkelsen Arkitekter: Greenland Arena

Aesthetica + Mikkelsen Arkitekter: Greenland Arena

A light metallic roof blending into the sublime landscape of Greenland and opening towards the city of Nuuk. This is the brand new Greenland Arena designed by Mikkelsen Arkitekter and yes, It’s going to be built. Thanks Mikkelsen Arkitekter for giving us the chance to work on such beautiful design!

We hope you like it!