Doroshenko Contest

Seeing as the existing sidewalks of the city are too narrow for the contemporary Lviv, therefore, the project proposal avoids the usage of the pavilion train stop and suggests the integrated analog instead. The surrounding historical buildings in this area had an internal yard which was an integral part of private space. The intension was to recreate this historical feature by constructing a glass atrium with vegetation planted inside running through each floor up to the roof allowing sun and rain to penetrate through. The generic nature of retail spaces will allow us to accommodate shop fronts varying from 20 m sqr. to 700 m sqr. The first level prioritizes separate exits to the street from the retail spaces.

The project was based on the task to diversify the hotel rooms and spaces of the GRAND ROYAL hotel, therefore, the main focus of the design was placed on the hotel rooms and rest spaces. The main reasoning behind this design decision is the great depth of the building. Space is divided into 3,60 m wide partitions which coincide with the same amount of axis and windows as in the previous building that occupied this space and was destroyed during World War II. This will allow for the length of the rooms to be used to its maximum.

Despite the small area of the sixth floor, the proposed plan features a conference room that can accommodate up to 150 people, as well as a banquet room for large scale events.

To integrate the big volume of the façade into the historical surroundings we decided to use brass material which is closer to the color palette of the original facades yet looks modern and enriches the appearance of the historical Doroshenko street.

The perforation on the facade mimics the look of the previous building on this site, providing a precedent of space commemoration for the city of Lviv.


It is said that human beings have a natural desire to be connected with nature. It is everyone’s dream to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, to visit a home away from home. Here, technology takes a backseat. The sound of ripples in the water, rustling of the trees, serenity of the greenery around will leave you mesmerised. While you enjoy dipping your feet in the crystal clear water of the pond, the school of fishes feel like bubbles to the feet, relaxing and rejuvenating your soul.

Doesn’t this sound like a dream? See it for yourself !

Onar Suites Hotel

Official opening is planned for summer of 2020. The mission was to create a set of summery images which will present mainly the hotel’s public spaces. Our images are playing an important role in pre-opening marketing and bookings.

We have changed our pipeline alot for this project. We have tried new (for us) techniques as we always try to expand our “armory”. Some of these are: a) Containers, b) caustics, c) 360 sky textures, d) extensive use of Corona Distance map on various occations, e) extensive use of UVW Randomizer, f) alternative use of Corona Scatter for the creation of palm leaf roofs g) different style of color correction.

A Day At The Races


Not so far from now.

A day at the races to save the planet. A day to breathe again.
Apparently the Earth looks natural and safe. Still a nice place where to live. Apparently.
Pollution and huge climate changes have made air impossibile and unhealtly to breath. Everyone needs an helmet that cleans air. Whitout this, humans could breathe just a few seconds. Then it comes irreparable damage for lungs. No way back.

A young kid champions race to express an hope to breathe again. To push everyone to stop all this situation and look forward to the future. A hope coming from the young people, those who deserve a better future.

This is an image that reflects the future to me. Not a futuristic vision with weird sci-fi buildings but a community image with a way to live our lifes completely different from now. Our task is to look at the structure of why we are failing as human beings. And all of us, we are failing. And if we don’t have faith in the people, what do we have faith in?
The future is in the human beings”.

Created, modeled and rendered by Vittorio Bonapace

Credits: AXYZ Models. Humano 3D. Evermotion. Kitbash. Except one kitbash building, an Evermotion building model and 3D people, everything modeled from a scratch, trees, cars and tires included.