Parkview Signature Apartments-3D Architectural Visualization by Pixarch

Pixarch Architectural Visualization always does the things with inimitable approach and Parkview Signature Apartments were no exception. It was our job to paint a realistic, understandable and desirable picture using the blueprint so a viewer or a prospective buyer can see the final outcome. Pixarch used modern practice to give the project a digital life.

Parkview is a modern building, in the heart of LAHORE City, which provides housing with state of the art amenities and accessibility. Located just a few minutes away from Gulberg and the colonial Mall Road, Park View Apartments are easily accessible from every corner of Lahore.

For this project, the 3D modeling, texturing and detailing were carefully created to the finest detail as to capture the zest and feel of the project.

For Parkview Signature Apartments, Pixarch provided a beautiful and stunning 3D architectural walkthrough and photorealistic 3D views.

Bodega Negra Restaurant

3D visualization created for Jason Volenec Studio that specializes in bar & nightclub interior design.

A unique restaurant concept mixes patterns and details incompatible at first glance, that eventually create a confusing yet captivating combination that arrests viewers’ attention to the tiniest of objects making them spend some time trying to resolve an unprecedented mystery behind the concept.

House on the Railtrack

The history of Noblessner started in 1912 when Imperial Russia’s submarine shipyard was established here. Within the last 5 years, it has been transformed from a restricted industrial area into a human-friendly marina district. The historical architecture of Imperial shipyards harmonically combined with the marina and new real estate developments.

5 new buildings will be raised just in front of the berth. Spacious terraces with beautiful views at the seafront with. Hard landscape design elements such as lighting units, ventilation pipes are styled to match old shipyard’s design. Marine slipway’s structure shall remain and be preserved as it is protected by the National Heritage Board’s.

It was very tempting to play a bit with the weather and view angles, so we have created a series of non-commissioned visuals based on this beautiful location and property.

• The Vernon •

They have a large experience in manufacturing and use qualitative materials only. This is why we are able to create a comfortable and modern men’s outfit.

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