Blue Kithcen Apartment

The blue color idea came from the client blue colored Lamborghini urus, which we implement in the design, also client is a car fan, we put the real Lamborghini among the books on the shelf as a toy.
Also in kids bedroom the two Vibia Guise Wall lights corresponds to the two suns on Tatooine the home planet of Luke Skywalker, also on the shelf Yoda is taking out the Luke x wing from the swamp as in the V episode if I remember correctly

Saima Jinnah Icon by Pixarch

High resolution shots are added to Saima Jinnah Icon’s angular spread by Pixarch’s architectural visualization. Next door to Jinnah International Airport and Malir, this iconic structure is showcased for a larger than life picture through Pixarch’s magnificent virtual reality molds for a multidimensional effect.

The opulent show of the multi-level monument makes it quite attractive for investment. The gradation of spaces with glassy angles is portrayed with all its grandeur. The refined range embodies the 3D festive floor plans plus layouts of atrium, runway corridors, abodes, facilities and parking precincts. Pixarch projects a keen sense of specifications so that each project element is detailed to perfection for a lasting impression.

Gulberg Arena by Pixarch

In the race of being better and bigger than ourselves in the past, Pixarch has yet again pushed the boundaries of Visualizations to another extreme. Focusing our efforts in making your imagination be as close to reality as it can be, We at Pixarch leave no tactic, technique or craft unturned as we forge new ways of facilitating our clients and fulfilling their visual needs.