I would like to create an architectual scene that tells a story. When the summer ends and the autumn starts – this is a nice feeling because you prepare for the long and cold dark winter. The first leaves are starting to fall from the trees. I enjoy the golden orange colored nature and I am happy to have a roof over the top and I enjoy the time with my family. We soak up the last warm sunrises to prepare for the winter.

I am architect and my inspiration is the art of house design. I would like to live one day in my own designed house. So I try to show in this competition my own designed dream house in a harmony golden enviorement situation.

My goal was to create a positive mood in the eyes of the viewer. Even if summer is already over. Spend time with your families and enjoy the good times. Enjoy the golden time.

Making of the Dream House

I am very happy to welcome Hossein Yadollahpour back to the making-of section with The Dream House project. He previously shared his process of Making the Nasu Tepee house and today he breaks down the process of creating this little corner on earth and architecture and more by using. Enjoy!

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Nader restaurant

I learned a lot of things in this project named Nader restaurant….
A lot of things such as designing,lighting,layout and the most important POST PRODUCTING with strong weapon ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CC….
Nader restaurant located in Narmak area in Tehran (IRAN_TEHRAN) and design by Iman Takbiri
and rendered by Yahya Jafari for our client Nader Damirchi
Architect: Iman takbiri
Render: Yahya Jafari
Instagram: @yahya_jafari
I’ll be happy to visit 360° renders of Nader restaurant on my Facebook page
July 2019
Hope you like it