Modern living room

Hello friends
I hope you are well
This is a new project of me and Mr. Yazdi
This project is actually a modern design for an interior project
In this project we tried based on color scheme and act according to the scheme and create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere for the residents of the house
That’s why we considered three types of color cycles for the design and acted according to it
Also, we used modern furniture to reduce the crowded space
The design of this work was with Mr. Yazdi and the rendering of this work was with me (Yahya Jafari)
I hope you enjoy the work….

Times Square Mall & Residencia Visualized by PIXARCH

Times Square Mall & Residencia is a brilliant project in Lahore. Its novel design of architecture truly represents the distinct beauty of the vicinity. The project’s 3D Virtual Walkthrough manifests its bold architecture and blissful amenities presented in a phenomenally realistic manner.

Pixarch’s creative team worked hard in giving precise 2D and 3D bird’s eye view in order to easily convey the project’s design and architectural plans.

Titan One Karachi Visualized by PIXARCH

Pixarch has embraced “Titan One” as its own big thing to portray it in an elegant style of attraction, that simply can mesmerize the viewers. The project has owned the higher reputation to become an exemplary work of Pixarch, to be imagined and visualized in a way better than the reality itself! The minute details and reflection of the calibre, present the project as piece of proud for Pixarch.

From the monument’s extra-ordinary views to the alluring sights of the interiors and amenities, Pixarch has portrayed everything in a style that viewer can not simply resist and can get easily attracted to the charms of residence people already visualizing for themselves to move into their fancy life.

Gravity One Visualized by PIXARCH

Gravity One is a premium project in the mesmerizing City of Lights. Situated near seaside, it’s a corporate capital, accommodating offices of modernistic infrastructure.

Its 3D virtual walkthrough is creatively visualized, revolving around the heart-warming views of ocean, while its impressive rendering is done with tilted camera angles enhancing the elegance of the project.

Shayan Grand Residency Visualized by PIXARCH

Another project is simply another victory for Pixarch! And Shayan Grand City meets this definition on a higher level because of its extra-ordinary visualization. Pixarch owns the expertise to portray your simplistic projects into the sights of wonders and show their environs in a way absolutely appealing to the eyes.

The interiors are portrayed in an artistical manner that Shayan’s specified target audience cannot resist it in any way possible. The monumental views, amenities and close-by facilities are visualized in a detailed and an alluring style so that on-lookers can simply sense that this is the life they wanted for themselves!

3d visualization

Professional Visualization Studio «CH visual» is a team of creative people who help to present your projects, even at the design stage, with realistic visualizations and video animation.

We work with architects and developers in more than 20 countries and have gained strong trust, in particular, because of implementation the most creative ideas and solutions.

Our goal is to make our animated video films and images evoke feelings and tell stories about the objects from which they are created. Our focus is on understanding these architectural objects and perceiving their future implications.

“CH visual” – virtual view into the future!
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