Studio: Archigraph

Designer / Architect: Peter Milner

Client: Sven Christiansen

Personal / Commissioned: Personal Project

Location: Lagos Nigeria

The source of inspiration for this rendering is from one of Peter Milner’s works. I did a re-make with the same software he used , nxtrender for AutoCAD. I know this software is quite old but with this work i tried to push the limits and to prove that nxtrender, though using an old-generation rendering algorithm can as well produce photo-realistic renderings if all other processes in production are taken care of.
As an artist, for a while i have been drowning in the number of possible options available in the industry today. Then i thought to myself, why not achieve more with less ; since at least success is achieving the most with the available resources.

In nxt render, you dont really need to tweak so many settings to get the desired result. its intuitive and very easy to use.