Another Boring Office

People feel the space through their senses. The responsibility lies with designers, whether the space will stimulate or calm our mind. That is why it is so important to consciously and subtly impact on our senses through conscious design. As a result, ELEMENT has created an unobtrusive space, which becomes only a background for work, subsequently treating all employees equally. We defiantly call it boring.

Hoodoo House

Embedded in the bedrock among the characteristic tent rock formations, Hoodoo House is articulated so as to support the natural circulation of the cooled air from the shaded water basin area. The protruding white vents are the visual commentary on surrounding geology and allow to bring diffused light into the recessed rooms.

Full project:

Infinite Patterns

Personal project that seeks to establish connections between various fields that interest me deeply: geometry, and how it appears linked to nature, on the one hand, and to art and architecture, on the other; raising relations between all of them. Somehow it would mean the fusion of the interests of two of my previous works: Nature by Numbers and Ars Qubica.