Uprise Waterfront

The amazing graphics and the sound effects added to the 3D walkthrough by Pixarch provides an enigmatic cinematic experience. The ship and helicopter’s aerial view concept is quite original in relation to property depiction. This unravels the creativity used in the portrayal of seafront scenes.

The prosperity related with Gwadar port city is vividly reflected by the progressive development and layout of Uprise Waterfront which makes it ideal for investment. The futuristic feel of the metallic structures with angular cuts and corners is immaculately displayed by the artistic animation of Pixarch. The splendid residential and recreational avenues are illuminated with light variances by Pixarch’s ingenious virtuosity tools.

Victoria Residency

Victoria Residency is located in Dubai, and since everything in Dubai is larger than life, Pixarch was asked to do justice to the project with top-of-the-line 3D High Resolution Views, HD Quality Walk-through, brochure, and other marketing material. Using the latest technology, Pixarch developed a super fine walk-through for the project that was as magnificent as the project itself. The remaining material was developed with the help of seasoned art directors to ensure creativity and quality for end to end.

The Park – 3D Architectural Visualization by Pixarch

With more than 30 years’ experience on a global scale, The Ikon team has deep understanding and genuine passion for creating bespoke property developments. From concept to completion, the projects completed by The Ikon are designed with the client’s best interest in mind.
Pixarch was chosen over many other agencies by The Ikon to design High Quality 3D Views, Brochure, 3D Floor Plans and website for their latest project – The Park. This international project required dedication, meticulous efforts and the understanding of the mindset of the people living in Wolver Hampton. Pixarch’s team gave their 110% and did the project justice, which is evident from the work we completed for them.

Gessi Inciso

Gessi Inciso

Brand: Gessi
Product: Inciso
Design: Rockwell Group

Inspired by simplicity and tradition, the Gessi Inciso collection, designed by David Rockwell, merges modern style with heritage details that invite touch and discovery as well as an inner need for a return to authenticity.
The sculpted contours are paired with smooth surfaces and textured patterns customizable through a vast range of different models and finishes (black, nickel and bronze) suitable for any environment.

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