Victory project is a multi-storey apartment building located in Toronto, Canada. The building consists of 30 floors above ground and 2 floors of underground parking. The parking has a total of 6 floors (2 underground and 4 aboveground floors).

In addition to the residential spaces, the building has a community barbecue terrace, gym, children’s playground, sauna and billiards.

For this project, we also did the exterior animation and editing of the animation using drone video.

The visualization of the architectural project was done for the Canadian architectural bureau.

Enjoy the view!


Noon is a passion project for 2021 I did in my free time over a period of one year.
I used growFX for the animation of the plan and Corona render. It started as a pure concept product design. You can see the hole project here too :

Sun Outdoors Islamorada

More videos available at

Islamorada is a unique destination in the beautiful Florida Keys. Outdoor hospitality leader Sun Outdoors saw an opportunity for a luxury resort (RV and Vacation Homes) focused on the close-to-nature experiences that bring out the brighter side of their guests.

Working closely with the brand guide and construction documents of Sun Outdoors’ marketing team, Ten Over Media’s artistic directors, designers and filmmakers translated the lighthearted and carefree emotions of Islamorada into one-of-a-kind pre-opening promotional 3D films and images. The resulting media tells a powerful story that connects viewers to the resort.

Like a breath of fresh air, the resort’s brand guide called for an authentic, vibrant and intimate experience. The first element is music, which easily communicates emotions. Defining the right soundtrack opens the door to understanding and experiencing the resort, which then acts as a guide to creating the perfect sound environment. Once production began, Ten Over Media’s team searched their library for cheerful and fun soundtracks with electric guitars or ukulele to create a warm, positive and carefree atmosphere.

The visual components were designed to reproduce an exploration of the Keys. The photography is clean, bright, vibrant and friendly with pops of color. A playful balance of teal and blue with coral and stone tones makes Sun Outdoors Islamorada feel energetic and captures the essence of fun in the sun.

Rhythm in the film editing works the same way. To portray the guest’s experience of transformation, Ten Over Media’s editor often cuts between wide panoramic location shots to broaden the viewer’s perspective, and intimate close-ups to bring the viewer in. As such, coming from an unobstructed view of the land to a close-up of your dog in your car feels like a happy surprise.

Movements and camera angles are the first visual components to attract the eye, and affect the intensity of edited scenes. Using objects, camera angles and the user’s eye as they watch the screen, Ten Over Media’s filmmakers guide the viewer’s attention in an environment full of contrast where parallel lines rarely show. This creates visual intensity, which mimics the guests’ spontaneity and likeness for the unplanned.

A pelican, a beer, a hammock, the sounds of wind chimes and splashing waves… These authentic, relaxed and approachable features are an opportunity to go beyond architecture visualization and towards an immersive and truthful experience, harnessing the creative power of imagination. For Sun Outdoors Islamorada, Ten Over Media’s films and images offer an invitation to the traveler to relax and let the power of time outdoors transform them.

Sun Outdoors set out to redefine the outdoor hospitality experience, and Ten Over Media’s promotional content demonstrates how brand look and feel can be adapted to these outdoor experiences utilizing an assemblage of objects, lighting, sounds and color palette that tell a unique story, and adds value to the vision they built : transformative outdoor experiences that bring out your better & brighter side.

Pop Up Book 3D Animation – Life Apartments

Animated pop up book as a new take on real estate presentation.
Our client wanted a different approach to the presentation of a residential complex, so we were challenged to do something different from our regular projects.
However, the main aim of the video was to show all the amenities of the neighbourhood, so the emphasis was put on three main advantages: spectacular architecture, abundant greenery and recreational areas.
Quite an original challenge for the VisEngine Digital Solutions team – and we loved it!