Glass, Fork, Caustics

Playing and trying some composition with common decoration from every day to explore caustics properties from glass.
Photography has always been a fascinating subject to me – not only architectural, but also from artists like André Kertész, Albert Renger-Patzsch and Ansel Adams. I believe as archviz professionals, one can learn so much from black and white photography.

Sukh Chayn

Pixarch expertly exhibits the spectacular tower elevations. The unique features with drop off lane, open air balconies and canopied rooftop views represented by 360 degree angles are shown with the finesse at its height. Pixarch maintains the Sukh Chayn essence of serenity with a lush green expanse and scenic surroundings.
The marbled and wooden scopic passageways meander harmoniously around the well-designed decor and residential features for a lavish outlook. Each medium and material used retains its high quality with Pixarch’s photorealistic views. The wide to zoom-in angles depict Pixarch’s mastery to focus on the best angles for perfect precision and projection of the prestigious property, with an elegant enhancement, which adds to its market value.