Apartments in the Alps

Apartments in the Alps
Typology: Apart hotel
Location: Switzerland
Status: on-going
Customer : Render Vision
Visualization: Omega Render
Schedule of visualization: 1 month

The presented apartments offer to your attention 2 beautiful designs “Modern Rustic” and “Modern Light”. In each of them designers use the most high-quality and expensive materials, furniture and accessories. Everything is aimed at comfort and impeccability. And outside the windows there is a wonderful view of the mountain ranges and amazing nature. We tried to convey the necessary atmosphere in our visualizations
Enjoy watching.


This is a visual presentation of a new development area in Lillestrøm, a town situated in the south of Norway.

We made the animation with a stylistic manner, this enabled us to highlight the things that our clients thought were most important to convey in this phase of the developing process.

OH! House

My goal was to limit post-production proces in this project to basic photographic methods.
Except the winter image most of the elements are full 3d (falling snow added in PS).
I started this personal project more than 2 years ago, but due to the lack of free time it ended on modeling.
Last time I decidet to test OTOY octane in some exterior work, so before testing on clients I decided to finish this personal work.