We are art

Born from a simple idea of two art directors who share a love a typography, art in general. We try to synthesize an entire art or an artist in particular that has really left an important mark of history.


Kitchenette Interior visualization

The inspiration was a photo I found on Pinterest and I liked the simple design and material (stucco lustro or stucco veneziano, the grey wood). I also loved the lightning the indirect lights and the illumination by the natural light and the downlights.

Green Patio

Hi everyone,
I’d like to share these images developed some time ago where we focused on vegetation and trees in the green patio and in the roof terrace. Both views are of the same project by Nemesi Studio (Rome, Italy) in daylight and artificial lights.


Hi Guys,
here is my last personal project called “sunburn”. This time I want to capture the elegance and simplicity of the midcentury architecture with a different style and story. Of course, the charm of the old gas stations has inspired me a lot by doing this project.
It was the first time I used C4D from start to finish for modeling. Textured, shaded and rendered in Octane and for texturing of the hero objects i used 3DCoat, which is very handy tool for handpainted textures.
Hope you like it guys and thanks for watching.
Comments and Critics are always welcome.
Best, Bahadir