In ADARA, we worked alongside the architecture and development teams to produce a set of visuals that conveyed the idea of the high end living experience that the projects aims to offer.We worked on the whole interior styling for the project, starting from a very basic yet elegant architectural finishes palette which we complemented with furniture and decor full of contemporary lines and metallic details that ensured a timeless aesthetic.


This project was in my head for a long time. It was important for me to find the best lighting and mood. Overall a nice practise for this personal project.

who is the boss

It was a really nice interior we received. With the huge atrium something needed to be done.
The hanging birds came in handy and the did a greenscreen shot with the ladder to add a bit more story.

Modern Exterior

Who does not like mornings with hot, aromatic, brewed coffee? This project was carried out while enjoying this moment, tasting the taste and aroma of freshly ground and brewed coffee beans. It is a modern style, materials from which it was built is stone and wood. This is an original connection. The surroundings placed around this architecture in one of the pictures are presented in the morning weather. Sunlight falls on the ground and the window reflects the surroundings. The second weather is rainy. The sky is overcast and there are drops of rain on the glass. Around the architecture there is a lot of free space, this is due to the order to obtain the effect of minimalism.

An Office in the Forest

The design shows the interior of the office, among the forest in the fog. An important advantage of this interior is simplicity, lightness and spatial openness. The only certain thing is change. The combination of sophisticated design and aesthetics gives us a feeling of comfort. What space do we really need to contain our thoughts? Sometimes just a few sheets in a notebook, another time you need an entire folder with files… Meanwhile, fertile minds need even hundreds of cubic meters, in which ideas can move freely without encountering any obstacles. Guided by the proportions, lighting, surroundings, and texture of the landscape, we create compositions that are perfectly fine.
That’s what I was trying to create in this project.