Hi there,these are some marketing images I rendered a few month ago. Interior design by Bänziger Innenarchitektur AG. Project is based in Oberhofen, Switzerland. As always, created with Cinema 4d, Vray and Photoshop.

Theatre of the Wild

architectural visualization from africa to the world.

We did Tsavo West National Park recently. Uninterrupted three days, with nature presenting herself at her pace. Our daughter tagged along, not wanting to be left out of the fun.We stayed at the famed Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge.

Designed by Retired British engineer, John Corry Firth, the lodge is known for its unique architectural concept consisting of 96 distinctive oval-shaped rooms overlooking a waterhole and the vast Tsavo plains.

The beauty of this architectural marvel heavily inspired me to try and replicate this masterpiece in 3D.

Project Link: https://www.behance.net/gallery/84888119/Theatre-of-the-Wild-CGI


Hi all. Here’s a commissioned work that I would like to share. I find it always some kind of tricky to respresent a space, rather non-spectacular like this one. To make it feel appealing or attractive, but to remain realistic and not to overdo. What do you think? C4D, Vray and some Photoshop.

Casa GP

The goal of our last images was to create a faithful replica of Casa GP designed by AE Arquitectos and photographed by Lorena Darquea, and play with 3 different natural light setup: daylight, sunset and evening. The most challenging part this time was the setup of a rich looking but light and fast greenery, as always modeled from scratch with SpeedTree, to make the render of trees and grass possible also on a average power computer.