This project is named LSD (that stands for “Laurence Simoncini Décoration”!). Designed by Isabelle Stanislas and decorated by Laurence Simoncini, this apartment is located in front of the Louvre Museum, and this is why you see the replica of Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. Modeling, framing, lighting, texturing by Laura Savelli with Cinema 4D and Corona Renderer. Post production: Angelo Ferretti. By the way, the 99% of what you see in these rendering is modeled from scratch, including carvings and floral decorations!


This is our last challenge completed: create a perfect 3D twin of the administrative and technical headquarters for a dermatological product company in Nancy (France) by Studiolada located in the middle of a forest of deciduous trees. Again trees and grass are full 3D, modeled from scratch using Forester for Cinema 4D. Modeling, framing, lighting and texturing: Silvia Labanti with Cinema 4D and V-RAYforC4D. Post-production: Angelo Ferretti. Inspired by Ludmilla Cerveny original photos.

Scandinavian Kitchen

This is my first completed render of a realistic interior.

In total, about 30h was spent on it over the course of 3 months. (not including render times)
20% of the time was spent gathering, organizing and preparing reference images.
40% of the time was spent modeling and framing the shot.
30% of the time was spent texturing and lighting.
10% of the time was spent compositing.

Included in the gallery is the render passes used.

Most of the passes were used as luma mattes for adjustment layers, as i used the beauty render for the background layer.

The built-in noise pass from octane was desaturated, then used as a guide pass to denoise the image.

Beauty render and passes rendered in 2h, but with optimizations it could be brought down to 30 minutes. (32 ray bounces might be a bit overkill)

Esalwa Stadium

Story: Forget tall stories about bhang, Luanda, home to the famous Abasiekwe rain-making clan, has Esalwa Stadium, what’s already being dubbed one of the most beautiful arenas in Kenya. The home of the Itumbu Greens is on Luanda’s west shore, hugging the banks of the mighty Yala River.