MuBE – Paulo Mendes da Rocha

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MuBE – by Paulo Mendes da Rocha:

Architecture Visualisation is not only a medium to show the unbuilt spaces for architecture, design, or commercial purposes but we see it rather as a kind of virtual souvenir, like a photograph of a visited place that you want to keep in your memory. Architecture Visualisation gives you the freedom of composition and framing of an image and leaves your imagination more freedom in interpretation of space. The challenge of making images of existing buildings is the approximation of the infinite palette of degradation, of weathering and patinas of the ever-ageing construction materials. Time, the influence of industry, transport and weather keep changing a material and its visual aesthetics.

MuBE, the Brazilian sculpture Museum in Sao Paulo was designed by Paulo Mendes da Rocha. His attitude to architecture was not just to make aesthetic and solitary architecture but to make private spaces act like public spaces, where no divisions and privacy nor segregation take place. Instead, his designs strive for communal, non-isolated spaces that embrace the community in office buildings, as in museums or in private houses.
MuBE was designed as an introverted building, carved in stone, it does evolve all the necessary spaces in the subterranean layers of Sao Paulo without disturbing the landscape. The portico, the roof over the communal spaces, it shelters sculptures and the visitors from rain and sunlight like a stone in the sky- “a pedra no ceu”.

We had the idea to make this set of images to remember the one year of the passing of Paulo Mendes da Rocha.

Production: NATA.ARCHVIZ
Direction and Edit: Alban Wagener with Paula Valerio
Sound and original music: José Alberto Gomes
Graphics: Inês Nepomuceno


José Alberto Gomes:

Inês Nepomuceno:

Roshan Business Center 2 | Visualized by PIXARCH | Bahria Town Karachi | Karachi

We at Pixarch are proudly presenting another meticulously crafted 3D architectural animation walkthrough video. Roshan Business Center 2, a ground plus 18 floors high-rise, located in Bahria Town, Karachi. Our experts focusing on every detail of the project created an almost tangible 3D structural animation making it a visual pleasure. The video enables you to get a tour of the entire design of architecture in a very effective way. This walkthrough covers all intricate detailing of the design, including shopping outlets, immaculately designed offices, and spacious corridors.

We have also created an elegant brochure and flyer along with the required stationery of the stunning Roshan Business Center 2.

Dominion The Grand Visualize by PIXARCH | Bahria Town Karachi

Pixarch proudly present the ultimate 3D architectural visualization of an iconic vertical marvel, ‘Dominion The Grand’, destined to shine brightly in the rows of speckles in the colours of Bahria town Karachi.

The project has been flawlessly presented in the 3D architectural visualization, giving an immense feeling of tangibility.

So, let’s not make you wait further… Pixarch is proudly presenting the wonderful 3D animation of DOMINION THE GRAND.

The Court Skyscraper Visualized by PIXARCH

We at Pixarch, are the leaders in architectural animation, longest-serving and the most trusted company of the country, a powerhouse elevating your brand to the highest pedestal with our contemporary 360-degree campaigns. Recently, we have designed a 360-degree campaign for a high-end edifice of the metropolitan city, The Court Skyscraper. After burrowing deep with our team of master crafters, we emulated reality through every ray of light, surface texture, and finish and delivered an impeccable result. Using the holistic marketing philosophy, we have positioned the brand perfectly. After burrowing deep into insights, we have created a systematic customer touchpoint array starting from Brand Identity to Realistic 3D Views, 2D and 3D Floor Plans, Print and Outdoor Design to Realistic 3D Architectural Walkthrough for both social and electronic media.

We have created an ultimate brand, The Court Skyscraper.

Times Square Mall & Residencia Visualized by PIXARCH

Times Square Mall & Residencia is a brilliant project in Lahore. Its novel design of architecture truly represents the distinct beauty of the vicinity. The project’s 3D Virtual Walkthrough manifests its bold architecture and blissful amenities presented in a phenomenally realistic manner.

Pixarch’s creative team worked hard in giving precise 2D and 3D bird’s eye view in order to easily convey the project’s design and architectural plans.

Titan One Karachi Visualized by PIXARCH

Pixarch has embraced “Titan One” as its own big thing to portray it in an elegant style of attraction, that simply can mesmerize the viewers. The project has owned the higher reputation to become an exemplary work of Pixarch, to be imagined and visualized in a way better than the reality itself! The minute details and reflection of the calibre, present the project as piece of proud for Pixarch.

From the monument’s extra-ordinary views to the alluring sights of the interiors and amenities, Pixarch has portrayed everything in a style that viewer can not simply resist and can get easily attracted to the charms of residence people already visualizing for themselves to move into their fancy life.