Color Harmony

color theory in the architectural design and its effect on our visual perception is the topic of one of my video tutorials using my Color Harmony 3dsMax script
this is a 3dsMax script which I have written for finding color harmonies inside 3dsMax it can support:
Complementary, Split Complementary, Analogous, Triadic, Tetradic, Monochromatic

it is compatible and tested with Cool Picker, VH Color Picker plugins and default 3dsMax color picker as well.
give you information about select color in RGB and HEX color code.

HELLO house

HELLO everyone!

I’ve not posted here projects for a long time… So decided to start the retrieval with greeting!

This super positive house was designed by OOF! Architecture with collaboration with artist Rose Nolan and located in Melbourne, Australia.

I wanted to accurately re-create the enviroment and the building, and add a little bit of my view by storytelling. 

It was really fun to make the visualisation and postproduction!

 Hope you like it!

House at the highlands

The highlands in Scottland are very powerfull looking. Different types of green grasses and a foggy mood are the typical environment facts. Sky is looking grey and allways around of stones of covered rocks. In such an environment architecture is more focus on it like in the city full of traffic. A simple house looks like a landmark. Similar to a skyscraper in the city. I try to create a landmark in the highlands with a warm interior situation.

Rainy Rooftops

Harcourt House was a palatial residence built in 1722 by Thomas Archer and is listed as a Grade II building. It is the centerpiece to the west side of Cavendish Square. Originally divided into luxurious apartments for Lord Harcourt I, today, it contains 25 apartments with a medical facility on the ground floor.

Refurbishment of existing building began in 2016. It included alterations to the rear, installation of services at new basement level, removal of roof plant and erection of roof extension at main roof level in connection with 25 residential apartments. Balconies from third to sixth-floor level to the rear with terraces and plant located within an acoustic enclosure at lower ground floor level and other minor external alterations to the front façade.

Architects, Darling Associates, contracted Construct Media to provide several architectural visualizations for the project. We provided 10 verified views, 1 blended photo merge and re-touch and 15 interiors, using 3dsmax, V-ray, and Photoshop.

We were provided with the outline and given the freedom to choose the furnishing, mood, and feel of the luxurious apartments. We attempted to honor the heritage of the building as well as provide a new modern aesthetic.

Library in L’Escala

We made this image for a competition in L’Escala, Catalunya. Our objective was to show this library at his closing schedule time, when the people is heading back home after a long day studying and working.

In order to achieve a powerful image we focused on the two main parts of the picture, the autumn wet outdoor pavement and the glassbrick façade.

We hope you like the result!

Have a nice day 🙂
Quatre Caps