Living Room Interior Visualizations

V-rayNext for SketchUp

New Year Render!

Living Room Interior Visualization

Rendered by: Abe Faji
Used HDRI: Waterbuck Trail by Greg Zaal @ Polyhaven. com
Workflow: SketchUp , V-ray, Photoshop
Credits to the owner of the model Dinh Thanh
Credits to Nuwan Chandrasiri for sharing this model
Render resolution: 3000 x 1687

Happy New Year to all !! 2023

Incredible India

The land of vedas, cultures, colors, heritage, art and diversity. Where the ancient architecture exemplifies the beautiful history, classical music is almost like worship, every great religion finds a home, the creation of art is still a part of everyday life in Indian culture. 🇮🇳
3ds Max, Vray, Itoo forestpackpro, Photoshop

Hansel and Gretel

For this project we were looking for something dark and creepy, but in the same time attractive and eye-catching. So after many discussions and studies, we decided to go deeper into something childish, but in the same time creepy and horrific like the Hansel and Gretel story. We wanted to capture the moment just before they enter the house of the witch, which I believe is the most interesting part of the whole journey.

The color palette was also very important – we wanted to use more rose and purple in a cold, grim environment. The light had to be also mystical. By adding puddles in the garden, we tried to bring the feeling of uncomfortable, cold and wet environment. So the only option for the small kids would be to go inside the house. How scary is that?

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Fog and heights

The main requirements for this project were to create an original 35 feet high skyscraper in a city environment. And the main focus had to be on the facade of the building. So, I was trying to create an interesting composition, unusual lighting setup and to build extraordinary surroundings. The idea was to make it look like a real-life day scene, but in the same time futuristic and unreal. So it went through a long way of tests and studies before getting into that final outlook. Eventually, the rendering got to top 10, so all of my efforts were appreciated I guess.

Improved Amaresa House

2D plans – 3D modelling – 3D Rendering

Finished render using V-rayNext for Sketchup.

An improved Amaresa House for Calub Residence, 2-storey Residential with an attic.

*Architectural Visualization
*Modeled, Visualized and Rendered by : Abe Faji
*Design Integrated by : Abe Faji & IDr. Grace de Guzman
*Software used : SketchUpPro2021 x V-ray Next 4.10 x PScs6

*Used 3 HDRIs @ :
-Clarens Midday by Dimitrios Savva & Jarod Guest; 2k resolution
-Lythwood Field by Greg Zaal; 4k resolution
-Rural Graffiti Tower by Andreas Mischok

*Render resolution : 3000 x 1687