Sunac City Exhibition

The Yinchuan Sunac City Exhibition Center project, designed by AAD architects and renderings are done by @saltvision_bv stands as a beacon of innovation and artistic excellence within the Expo in China. Here, amidst the bustling energy of social life, visitors are treated to a visual symphony of creativity and ingenuity. Each image within this architectural marvel is meticulously curated to not only showcase technological advancements but also inspire awe and wonder. Join us as we explore the convergence of societal importance and artistic brilliance at the Yinchuan Sunac City Exhibition Center within the Expo in China.

Interior Rendering Project : Rubin Residence

This bedroom interior rendering is based on bunch of photos of the existing property with a design mood board. From there, we crafted 3D models of furniture and fixtures, ensuring each piece was rendered to match with the scene.

The Cross Architecture

Hello Guys.
Inspired by the idea of the beautiful cottage project, I decided to design and simulate this project.
I hope you enjoyed this project.
3ds Max,V-Ray(Chaos Vantage),Photoshop.


The allure of the exhibition lies not only in the products on display but also in the experience it offers. Each visit is an opportunity to be inspired, to discover new possibilities, and to appreciate the craftsmanship behind every piece.
One of the key features of Once Building is its ability to reflect the pulse of the industry. The design layout incorporates dynamic spaces that adapt to the evolving trends in furniture design. Whether it’s the revival of classic styles or the introduction of cutting-edge innovations, the exhibition space serves as a platform for creativity and ingenuity to flourish.