3D Modeling and Rendering for a Wall Panel Company

Creating 3D Models: The client provided CAD drawings they designed. The designs are simple. Hence, creating 3D models from the drawings was easy.

Texture and Lighting: Since their panels contained no textures other than solid colors, we applied simple vray materials. The part that required expertise and creativity was lighting. We had to place the light in a way that helped showcase the details of the panels.

Eyeglass shop interior 3D modeling and rendering

This is 3D Modeling and Rendering project
Software: 3DS Max 2023, Vray, Photoshop.
Modeling of the interior space based on CAD drawings and a few reference images provided the the client. Some interior objects is also modeled from scratch, after completing the rendering, post-production is done in Photoshop.
Project Duration: Took 3 Days, including 3 revision rounds.