Loft Crosby

Personal archviz project based on the work of Crosby Studios and photography by Mikhail Loskutov.
I only made the most 3d models and rendering for a personal project.
I hope you liked 🙂
3D Collective (Luts / Textures / Hdri / 3d models), (textures), Freedesignfile (Textures) Evermotion (3d models), CGmood (3d model), Threedscans (3d model), Scifi 3d (3d models), Cgtrader (3d model)

Unseen Grace II

A CGI music video tribute to the people that preserve and improve our spaces.
Architecture was not made for them, yet they see its beauty the most.

Part 01 –
Breakdowns –

By Ryan Wai Kin Lam

Story and lyrics with Hana Schonegger
Music with Teresa Tan
Motion graphics with Alberto Vangelista
Crowd simulation by Jon Hudson
Vocals by Kintsuku
Typography by Alexa Kelly
Narration by Molly Gavin

Original score :
Wai Kin – Silent Footfalls

The Church

How much can you reduce the elements in a scene and still achieve a good dramatic image? Here is an experiment where we tried to keep it VERY simple! The scene includes 4 main materials (concrete sails and floor, timber benches and stage, weathered plaster, metal altar and cross) and few basic geometries (check the building steps underneath) so we hope you enjoy the final effects.
This was a very funny and quick project to work on as it tested our skills in 3D and the Photoshop aspect.

We used 3DS Max + Vray + Photoshop.

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