House in the Air

Three volumes of concrete seem to float in the air, where it seems that some glass boxes are their only support, the design intention here, was to create a home, which would open to the public areas on the ground floor, without sacrificing the private space upstairs.

We begin the exploration of the project, through sketches, drawing by hand and modeling in sketchup, with all freedom and efficiency we define details.
With the clear concept, in 3dsMax, we define framings and illumination, we fine-tune details of modeling and we generate the environment, we are very strict when basing ourselves on the existing context, to define what elements they add, and where we can intervene. This part is an adventure, we define materials, textures, colors, tones, etc. This is my favorite part of the project.
Once this stage is finished, and the images are rendered, we proceed to adjust curves and rectify the contrast.
Less is more, and in this project this phrase was our motto.

Happy Holidays

The intention of this project was to create nice Christmas images to share them with our partner customers. It was our gift for them and we really enjoyed doing it.

The images are fully 3d, we used 3dsmax for modeling and compositing, Megascans for texture and for scanned rocks. Vray next for rendering, Phoenix FD for realistic river, Displacement Height map for background mountains, Itoo Forestpack for scattering trees (evermotion) and scattering snow on every trees.
One of the greatest challenges was making realistic snow. In the end, it was a combination of Itoo Forestpack for scattering a single plane, and Frost MX to convert every single plane in snow. We also used Megascans for all the texture mixing different surfaces with Quixel Mixer.
Another big challenge was creating a realistic creek, Phoenix FD was fondamental to achieve this result. We exported the simplified basic riverbed, we added the scanned rocks and we run the phisic simulation for two days and a half (800 frames)!!

Our goal was to create a magical Christmas feeling. The scene tells the story of a family that celebrates the holidays spending beautiful time in their chalet in Switzerland.
During the evening the three older brothers went outside to observe two reideers that stopped by the creek for drinking.
Inside the house you can see two young parents holding a newborn, and enjoying the scene from the living room.

Happy Holidays from all the Wolf Team!