Cloister house opens out onto a central courtyard, with thick, exterior walls that only have thin, arrow-slit openings giving glimpses in and out. The concrete provides shelter from strong winds and harsh sun, with its thermal mass creating a temperate environment inside that can be naturally ventilated via the internal courtyard.

“Upon visiting the site we realised there was some reconciliation to be done,” said the architecture studio. “In order to achieve the sense of privacy and respite from the surrounding suburban landscape we decided the house should be enclosed, inward looking and occupy the edges of the site.”
Project by morq.it
Text by dezeen.com
Images by Ángel Pérez

Tel Aviv apartment

We wanted to focus on the specific colors and play of light mixed with Bauhaus furniture. Eventually it turned somewhere else, with more woodish climate, but we hope it still gives the main idea of the single flat for a guy who’s only friends are colors and lights.

Desai Chia I`m Guest House

Hi, I like to share my last under quarantine personal project, its the I`m Guest House by Desai chia architects, while i was searching more info about the house i found that Nmachine have already done it on 2017 and its here on the ronnen bekerman forums. So just like they said fell free to post your comments! Stay safe people.