Mykonos High-End Resort

Making nature visible within a building elevates the spirit. It serves as a visual connection between the indoor, the outdoors, and the natural environment. It can reduce stress, produce more positive emotional functioning, and actually improve our concentration.

In SALTVISION we try to make the connection between the nature and architecture as close as possible with a natyural visualization that observer can understand the charm of the environment and the phylosopy behind the design.

Dom Pérignon by John Pawson. Competition Winner.

A 400 million dollars construction investment to upgrade Dom Pérignon homestead, located 150km from Paris.

This was a competition by invitation between some of the best architects in the world, such as John Pawson or Shigeru Ban. For us, it was a great pleasure and an huge honor to work directly with the pinnacle of the minimalist architecture.

This was the hardest competition we ever did. All cgi images were created in only 8 consecutive days, with many consisting architectural and paisagistic changes… always with one goal in mind: for the client, make the best as possible with the available time frame.

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Provence in France

Location: Provence, Avignon, France
Architect: Lafourcade Architecture
Year: 23
Software used: Autodesk 3ds Max, Corona Renderer

On an island, in the Rhone river in France sits an intriguing traditional stairway with a modern twist. Complete with a calm palette of colours and artwork on display.
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