Modern living room

Hello friends
I hope you are well
This is a new project of me and Mr. Yazdi
This project is actually a modern design for an interior project
In this project we tried based on color scheme and act according to the scheme and create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere for the residents of the house
That’s why we considered three types of color cycles for the design and acted according to it
Also, we used modern furniture to reduce the crowded space
The design of this work was with Mr. Yazdi and the rendering of this work was with me (Yahya Jafari)
I hope you enjoy the work….

Altos House

this render was conceived from the original design of Duque and Motta AA, I sought in it to bring the mood of the project site, located in Chicureo, a suburb of Santiago. Despite a wide view, with the impression of being inside a pure natural atmosphere, it still has its dense atmosphere, which we usually have in the middle of cities.



Development: Z&L Properties
Architecture: Architecture International
Marketing: Compass

Through a collection of 39 modern residences located in San Francisco’s historic and vibrant South of Market neighborhood, OneEleven unfolds a curated living experience.
From the wood-paneled lobby with built-in seating to the landscaped rooftop terrace, the eight-story building features design-centric one and two-bedroom typologies with oversized windows to bring in natural light, modern appliances and sleek finishes.
Amenities also include a barbecue area exclusive to residents, a ground floor retail, a bicycle storage, a mail room and an underground parking.

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Star stone Factory

Our client’s request was to design a store , a private office for Ceo with the terrace and office space for sales department.
The lack of architectural separation for different work activities in iranian factories is the major reason for the low quality of living spaces for such functions.
Our program was to separated main functional spaces with slabs in different levels and creating costume Quality for each factions..
As a industrial town, Mahmoud Abad didn’t have a good facade system looks and every facade in this area looks each other.
We design double facade system to save more energy and privacy for Office spaces and also we use brick and concrete blocks to have same look with other facades.

Duke Street Hotel

The images themselves are 90% CGI with some photography filling in some of the more distance and iconic buildings on Duke Street which leads down to the docks and the far end of Liverpool One. We even got to model the famous Wolstenholme Square “balls-on-stems” sculpture! We went for a muted tonal pallet overall with soft light/shadows and, as the streets are quite narrow, in order to get more light and interest in the lower parts of the images, we opted for post rain streets so we could bring down sunny highlights into the shaded areas through reflections.