Constant Springs Residence

I added some women playing music inside, just in the center of the picture to emphasize the idea and to help the viewer to read which is the main focal point. This image is part of a project that I was working on while I was studying an Archviz Course in School-ing (Madrid), to try to experiment with architectural pieces and appealing landscapes or moods.

Snowy Morning

Hello Everyone ,
For this project we worked on different moods to achieve a convincing winter feeling.
It was fun adding details and using snow objects to make it look and feel like a cold winter day.

Studio: build Architektur-Visualisierung UG
Uncommissioned Project.

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Boulevard House 2

Incredible is little to define Boulevard House, a residence designed by Ferri Arquiteturta. The location is living proof that architecture is open to infinite possibilities and that simple squares and rectangles are not the only options when thinking about a construction. Ferri went after the materialization of a totally unique house.

Food Pavilion

This image was a result of an architect who fully trusted his visualisation artist. The architect was pleased with the art direction from the beginning and in the end no time was wasted on amending a large amount of comments. Instead some time was spend on the last details and finesse of the images. An overly happy architect with an overly happy client. Win/win.