UE4 Archviz Animation

West Chelsea Apartment
The West Chelsea Apartment in New York located in the 3rd floor of a 1910 building. I decided to recreate this project in full CG.
This is a previous project of mine and I decided to give it a go and bring it to Unreal. Well, there are still a lot to learn in UE4. First ever animation in Unreal from me.

The Wine Room

Created through the boredom of isolation the project was a chance to learn some more plugins and programs!

Primarily GrowFX, Railclone and ForestPack. With large mirrored ceilings, imagined to reflect the landscape beyond, I wanted to create everything digitally. So using GrowFX to create the vineyards and the vines was helpful! It also made created low and high poly versions very easy which allowed me to create the rolling hills without to much of a performance hit!

Mountain Bowen House

I came across a photo of this view a few years back and recreated it using tools I wanted to explore such as the Substance suite. The main structure was modeled in Sketchup and then imported in 3ds Max for detailing. Some of the objects are scanned assets from Quixel megascans but most of it was custom modelled, including the foreground plants using Grow Fx. After the rendering process I tried to get as close to the photograph in post production, making some of it directly into the V-Ray Frame Buffer, then using Camera Raw and some individual elements later on in usual Photoshop.

Isolated Cabin Exterior

As we are all dealing with our own self isolation, I’ve created some cgi’s of a secluded cabin in the forest, inspired by the designs of Koto Cabins, focusing on the interior of the project.

I wanted to use my time to test out different styles in composition & using forest pack to generate a full scene.