Dom Pérignon by John Pawson. Competition Winner.

A 400 million dollars construction investment to upgrade Dom Pérignon homestead, located 150km from Paris.

This was a competition by invitation between some of the best architects in the world, such as John Pawson or Shigeru Ban. For us, it was a great pleasure and an huge honor to work directly with the pinnacle of the minimalist architecture.

This was the hardest competition we ever did. All cgi images were created in only 8 consecutive days, with many consisting architectural and paisagistic changes… always with one goal in mind: for the client, make the best as possible with the available time frame.

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Provence in France

Location: Provence, Avignon, France
Architect: Lafourcade Architecture
Year: 23
Software used: Autodesk 3ds Max, Corona Renderer

On an island, in the Rhone river in France sits an intriguing traditional stairway with a modern twist. Complete with a calm palette of colours and artwork on display.
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Copenhagen Street

This project involved creating a 3D model of a street scene at dusk, using 3ds Max and the Corona renderer. The scene was designed to be atmospheric and evocative, with fog filling the air and lights glowing in the windows of the buildings and around the trees. To add to the realism of the scene, cars were included and were made to appear as if they were moving by only rendering their headlights and taillights. Finally, people were added to the scene using Photoshop to further increase the sense of realism and to create a sense of activity and life on the street.

The goal of this project was to showcase my skills in creating 3D models and rendering them using professional software, as well as my ability to use Photoshop to make compositing and finishing touches to the final image. By creating an immersive and believable scene, I aimed to demonstrate my ability to tell a story through my work and to create visually striking and engaging images.

Camp Roig 31

We chose this project to perfome how we see interior visualization. Camp Roig 31 is a minimal townhouse located in Alaró, Spain, designed by Durietz Design & Development. The project shows our main values in architecture field. There are legacy and long history, context, work with landscape and atmosphere of home.
We also decided to show some light schemes for this type of design.