Levitas Temporis

When I started to read, a new world opened in my mind. My wife is the person who made me love books, and I am so thankful for that.
Levitas Temporis or Lightness of Time represents how time goes quickly when we are reading.
This short film made me realize how books, cinema, and TV shows are joining my passion for storytelling.

NY Loft Office

We waited almost a year but finally, we can share with you a new personal project inspired by NYC.

An individualist, loft-like office space created in some old refurbished building. The idea was to create a creative space, finished in high-end materials, with many astonishing art pieces and the soul of the iconic city enchanted within it.

We are very proud of the outcome and eager to see your reaction!

Star stone factory

The lack of architectural separation for different work activities in Iranian factories is the major reason for the low quality of living spaces for such functions. Our program was to separate main functional spaces with slabs in different levels and create custom architectural Quality for each function.
As an industrial town, Mahmoud Abad didn’t have a good facade system looks and every facade in this area looks at each other. We design a double facade system to save more energy and privacy for Office spaces and also we use brick and concrete blocks to have the same look as other facades.