Vivá Palmas do Arvoredo

Surrounded by mountains, Praia de Palmas has the sea in shades of green and blue. Refuge for those looking for tranquility in contact with nature and comfort at the same time. Located in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil.

The interior concept was designed using natural materials and sober colors. So that the entire project would complement the surrounding nature.

We seek to convey, through aerial photography, the balance of the project and nature in its entirety.

Conceptual design of Municipal complex in Zielonki, Poland. (Near Krakow)

The concept of forming the center of Zielonki, Poland, near Fort 45 Marszowice, which is a protected heritage, provides for the formation of a dense quarter and reduction of the projected area to 2.66 hectares to save money and end point of the complex. The center is a public square, which borders all the buildings of the complex. It provides for the formation of a large number of public spaces (main square, observation deck in the municipality and the rise to it, the space above the skate park), active (bike paths, skate park and sports stadium) and passive (walking routes around the fort) recreation.

Google Office

The office is designed keeping in mind the movement of the employees, creating healthy and playful work experiences.
The Google office tends to reflect Google’s ideologies by blurring the lines between work and play and extending the exterior landscape elements to the interiors.

Polar Station

We have created a conceptual project of research polar station located in the taiga, not far from the “Land of Hope” ethnic settlement, in the mountains of the Polar Urals.

This polar station is a year-round and fully autonomous complex, created on the basis of renewable energy sources and hydrogen energy, without diesel fuel.
A unique platform is being created for international cooperation of engineers, researchers, scientists and young scientists

“As an artist, I wanted to achieve the feeling of touching something unknown, like another planet. The observer receives a full range of emotions and goes a long way from alienation to love for this place. In the first images, the building is shown in the distance, in bad weather, but gradually we trying to get closer to the object, walk towards and in the end we enjoy the beautiful northern lights in the background of the polar station.”