Small Details

This is a small animation I did for TheRookiesco Competitions.

I really like to focus on the small details when I’m doing 3d, but these days the clients want wide images to show the whole space. So this project is going to be about close-ups and details.

Also, I decided to have a little fun with phoenix fd, tyflow, and growfx, so I force myself to learn new skills animating liquids, smokes, plants, and cloth.

Architectural love

I made a lot of tests on this project. I started on corona render and later changed it on Fstorm render. Also and started to practice parametric modeling in houdini and It’s very hard for me now but I got a lot of pleasure from this work.

CGI: School De Boomgaard

Primary school “De Boomgaard”
(age 4-12 year) was based on two location because of the lack of space.
The extension will give the Boomgaard enough space for the future.
We wanted tp make a wooden school.
Construction, interior, facade all-in wood.
The floorplans are very efficient in creating a central space for all the kids
in the same age group (there will be 7) classrooms with 30 kids each in the age 4-6,
and then there are 3 classrooms for every next year.
The wooden extension is fort he first three classes: age 4-7 year.