House with Three Eyes

House with Three Eyes is a non-profit project, more like creative and practical for acquiring new skills and practices in 3D visualization and modeling.
How it all began: initially I found the references of this house on the site
I liked this house with its design, cladding, layout, and decided to repeat it in 3D. Since there were not many references, it was decided to make 2-3 renderings. At the modeling stage, having carefully looked at this house, I saw a certain image, an association. If you look at the facing part of the building, its pediments, then the wooden dice resemble fish scales, and the large round windows are fisheye. And then an idea came to me – let it be the house of the fisherman. I supplemented the scene with details, came up with the landscape of the inner part of the courtyard, completed the 2nd building (I thought it would be a bathhouse), modeled a path, lights, etc., picked up furniture and other trifles.
As a result, in my opinion, it turned out to be a very interesting project, with a certain history, in which a simple idea was laid.

Craft Labolatory

This time I want to introduce one of the most interesting colaborations with an architect and designer Wojciech Losa from Katowice, Poland.

I wanted to reflect character of the project showing it in varied moments and stories.
The visulisations which I was willing to create needed to use the exact same language as Wojtek’s projet – direct and specific one, without dispensable chatter.​​​​​​​

Read all stories behind the images on Behance!

Still Life

This is actually my first attept to create still life image, totally inspired by works of Bertrand Benoit.
It took pretty long time in the making, composition is still messy here and there and also I regret that FStorm does not support PhoenixFD, so I had to do tea steam and candle lights with a planes, but I hope it looks more or less decent. 🙂