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Exploring different techniques in architectural visualizations we came to an idea to try to recreate a maquette styled approach. Doing so its immediately clear that the presented architecture is put in the focus of the presentation and it is relieved of any excess details and “noise”. Definitely will be doing more of these in the future.

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Case Study Model 22

Minimalist Monastery

So far, the only glimpses of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s home have been shared in social media posts. But the celebrity power couple opened the doors of their $60 million Hidden Hills. California estate when Kardashian participated in Vogue’s “73 Questions,” and it is really something. The austere home, which Kardashian refers to as a “minimal monastery,”


Museum of Anthropology and Traditional Restaurant

This is a plan to rebuild the Sanai school. This project is located 65 km from Tehran.Sanai School is related to the cultural heritage of Garmsar city.
To design this project, according to the studies, we have been using the material for the area to maintain the traditional texture of the city.
We used a motif in front of the windows to prevent the intensity of sunlight.
The design process of the motif is as follows: Initially, we considered a brick. Then we cut that brick trough the diameter direction. Then the trench, which was in the form of a triangular right-angled, was added to the both sides of the brick.
As a result, a rust-shaped brick was made.
Finally, for the type of brick, we place the rhizome brick in two directions of the original brick to obtain this pattern.