Portugal Olive Guest House

Portugal Olive Guest House for the Verde family

The main concept is to create a unity through achieving harmony with the context and engaging visitors in the production process of olive oil, its history and tradition.

This has been accomplished through gathering volumes around a courtyard, with the same morphology and roof typologies as surrounding buildings and expressing the production process in the facade of the production area.

In this way, visitors participating in a workshop, can also engage with the production process.

The entrance to the guest houses are ordered in a way to have access from the courtyard. While the meditation area is more secluded from the courtyard and connected to the semi – private area, like the terraces of the guest houses.

Respecting the topography and the trees on the site have been resulted in a promenade that depicts the circulation and interralationships of spaces and their hierarchy. Besides, saved green on site are also cutting direct sunlight and vegetation on the roof of the guest houes provides insulation, reduces stormwater runoff and improve air quality.

Regarding the materials lime rendered rammed earth walls, cork and oak wood has been used. Cork is used as isolation material for thermal and coustic comfort. It provides, like rammed earth, a cool environment during summer months and it’s recyclable. Besides, Portugal is world’s largest producer.

Oak wood is used for roof constructions, floors, window frames and veins. Oak columns and beams are repeatable. So features such as modularity, cost – effectiveness, climate comfort and easiness to fix and change, make those materials a perfectly adaptable choice for use.


It’s my second project made in Sketchup + Vray. I used to work with Blender + Cycles to make visualizations but it seems that V-ray is better with lightning.

East Hamptons Home

Exterior renderings of a home in East Hampton, NY. The home is located in densely vegetaded area, so nailing the surroundings was integral to the success of the renderings. The model was created in in SketchUp and rendered with VRay. Skatter was used in conjunction with various foliage models to create the landscape.

Terrazo Bathroom

Enscape for SketchUp

Finished renders using Enscape for SketchUp

2D Plans to 3D modeling to 3D rendering

“Terrazo tiles, create a dash of merriment to an entire design.”

Project Title : Terrazo Bathroom
Designed by : Yours Truly
Modeled, Visualized and Rendered by : Yours Truly
Resolution : 1576 x 2553 , 2754 x 2388

Rothschild 87

Rothschild 87 – Urban renewal project in “The White City” of Bauhaus that is Tel Aviv, Israel. Visualization by The Craft and Architecture by Stability Studio.

We are showcasing the addition of three floors over a conservated building originally planned by Architect Carl Rubin in the international style. The original square composition maintains the continuous horizontal lines by subtracting volumes in favor of balconies along the whole façade.