Clínica Qorpo

Project of a medical clinic in Brazil, modeled in Sketchup and rendered in Artlantis
The clients wanted a render of this clinic with some specifications about the final product. It needed to be a late afternoon with lights on type of imagem. For this, I felt necessary to do some interior design on clicnic, even though there was no specfications to it. They also wanted the buildings around to be represented, but since there’s was very little going on, I went to Google Street View and replicated everything possible. I also replicated the street as accurate as possible. I used a HDRI for the sky. I used the cars from Artlantis library because it was really easy used to move the cars around in each image. I used some high detailed 3D people from 3D Warehouse. It saved me trouble to a tedious Photoshop process. It also allowed me to placed them easily on the interior of the building. I chose to use some dirt textures to make more real. A lot of Photoshop was used but only on pre-production. I did some minor adjustments on post production.


The research was undertaken in order to establish philosophical and aesthetic conclusions for Thornton Road: a debut remodelling project in Walls Can Be More’s mission to create simple yet beautiful interior and exterior spaces that not only harness the forces of the sun for heat and light but also promote and foster calm and serenity through the quiet contemplation of nature.

Set in a vibrant suburb within the historical city of Manchester, it is our hope that this two bedroomed, mid-terrace will one day inspire the UK’s homeowners to embrace a new way of living in which nature and architecture, inside and out, are always blurred.


My first post in the forum after following for a long while, hope it can bring something interesting!

The Frist is a project done for an Australian Structural Inventor in Brisbane. The client was developing a new type of construction structure and system that help to save cost and time for the on-site building process. They reached out to ask for an architectural design that could help them showcase the use of their product and also provide appealing images to use on their marketing campaign as well.

The structure system is perfect for typical housing design. In order to pitch the idea of reachable to any conventional housing architecture, I kept the design simple but pushing the renders a bit to help the client attract more attention for their publication.

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