An imagination to celebrate space exclusively.

It all began with a desire to integrate
three materials along with the shape and orientation of the architectural design.

The elaborative planning and placement
ensured the highly distinctive blend with the beautiful open, wide, and green space.

We’ve specifically used dawn, dusk, and moonlight which not only offers a great warm and cool environment but also plays with all the elements, materials, and textures of the space remarkably.
We’ve also experimented with different frame angles and background music for creating a unique ambience.

Hope you enjoy our Animation..!!

Table Design Idea

3D visualization / render work using V-ray Next.

Architectural Interior ; table design idea
*Modeled, Visualized and rendered by : Yours truly
*Workflow : SketchupPro2018 – V-ray Next 4.10 – PScs6
*Used render lighting approach : Rembrandt
*Used HDRI : Old depot at Haven captured by Majboroda
*Resolution : 1500 x 1500 pxl
*Inspiration : Shop concrete coffee + dining table collection by “living by design”

Granville Str.

Dark and moody 3D render of a luxurious dwelling in the heart of Vancouver can not be easily recognized – the image looks as if a shot taken from a Hitchcock movie. The sad clown greeting the visitors, even the “Nemesis” Cafe, veiled in the fog all look as if something’s about to happen.

Moja Zena

Architectural Visualization using V-ray Next for SketchUp

-Project title: MOJA ZENA
-Modeled, visualized and rendered by: Abraham Fajilan
-Workflow: Sketchup x V-Next 4.10 x PScs6
-Used HDRI: Lythwood field by Greg Zaal
-Res.: 1300×1300

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