Swati Crimson 4 BHK Apartment developed under Swati is Planned and designd through the eyes of its Patron. Designed for it’s Future Residence From the basics to the modern amenities, every Project is completed it its own rights. But every completed project acts as a motivator to us as it lays the foundation for our next project. With a belief of changing the good to better and the better to best, we continuously strive to evolve, improve and change.

The “HKANGAI” Mansion

Our project is located in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. As we see the architecture as a living being, corresponding to three important periods of a creature, the whole design concept of this short film can be separated into three sections.
The first section shows the birth of this building, like a butterfly getting out of its shell under the rising sun. Then in the second section, the building shines against the skyline of Ulan Bator, showing its beauty and vitality. After its birth and shining, in the last section, we created a dream for the building, letting it relax, sleep, and waiting for its next revival.


The idea was to take the concept of an old barn and wrap it in a newer garment using modern features such as fired bricks, large glazed windows, etc. The object that is situated between the trees is surrounded by a field and wild nature, yet it joins everything needed for a modern way of living.

Urban Blue Zone

There was a big tender In Utrecht (The Netherlands) for a big area between 2 rail tracks. It had to be filled with a lot of housing and some retail. Mecanoo asked us to make the visuals of their design. The visuals needed to have this summerish feeling. The concept of Mecanoo referred to the so-called Blue Zones. Areas where people will live longer and healthier. Something that should be reflected in the visuals.