City square New Year

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on the project of reconstruction of the local city square. And if the other renders which were made are mostly technical, with this one I decided to show upcoming New Year feel. Always wanted to create a snowy scene, but as you can see there isn’t much snow, heh. But I definitely do more in the upcoming projects, because why then I spend so many hours for setting up snow shader 😀

Lifting Longyearbyen


An official from the governor’s office exclaimed: “The ground is melting!” She cautioned the town folk that “We can no longer trust the permafrost.” Eventually, the town started to get assaulted by melting glaciers, precipitation induced landslides, coastal erosion, and rising sea level. Over time, these phenomena occurred with more frequency, and they were becoming increasingly damaging. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ “The people living in the town were exceptionally proud of their charming and cheerfully painted gable-roofed homes. Eventually, the governor was compelled to devise a strategy simultaneously mitigating the unrelenting bombardments by natural forces while maintaining the town’s natural heritage. The innovative solution was first to extricate the houses from their foundations, then insert them into a mega-structure anticipated to be tall enough to hover above the impending flood.⁣ ⁣ “Eventually, a glimmer of hope washed over the citizens when they elected to rename their town from Longyearbyen, to Askeladden, a name derived from Ashlad, a small child from Norwegian folklore who succeeds when all others failed. It was the best representation of the towns people’s optimism, durability, and conviction.

Omni KA

First of its kind and unique to the land, Omni Karting Circuit is a new and state-of-the-art Kart Racing Circuit located in Karachi, Pakistan. Pixarch took up the challenge and ensured the client that their expertise is not limited to residential or commercial real-estate but have heavy prowess in 3D visualization, that enables them to create realistic views of all that is required.
From the fine details of the grainy asphalt to the feeling of rush that is proffered to the viewer, Pixarch perfectly crafted the visuals required to give this amazing project the limelight it deserves. Using high-level 3D Graphics, superior visuals and dynamic moviemaking techniques, Pixarch was able to create the perfect 3D Walkthrough and Photorealistic views for Omni Karting Circuit.

Temple of Urban Food

The still images below represent the internal space of an indoor urban farming system.
With vertical planter cover multiple “pipes” columns, the fresh vegetable production not only acts as organic food contributor but public educational space in order to rise urbanist awareness of cities food lacking future.