Living Room Interior Visualizations

V-rayNext for SketchUp

New Year Render!

Living Room Interior Visualization

Rendered by: Abe Faji
Used HDRI: Waterbuck Trail by Greg Zaal @ Polyhaven. com
Workflow: SketchUp , V-ray, Photoshop
Credits to the owner of the model Dinh Thanh
Credits to Nuwan Chandrasiri for sharing this model
Render resolution: 3000 x 1687

Happy New Year to all !! 2023

Improved Amaresa House

2D plans – 3D modelling – 3D Rendering

Finished render using V-rayNext for Sketchup.

An improved Amaresa House for Calub Residence, 2-storey Residential with an attic.

*Architectural Visualization
*Modeled, Visualized and Rendered by : Abe Faji
*Design Integrated by : Abe Faji & IDr. Grace de Guzman
*Software used : SketchUpPro2021 x V-ray Next 4.10 x PScs6

*Used 3 HDRIs @ :
-Clarens Midday by Dimitrios Savva & Jarod Guest; 2k resolution
-Lythwood Field by Greg Zaal; 4k resolution
-Rural Graffiti Tower by Andreas Mischok

*Render resolution : 3000 x 1687

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