Yin Yang The Love seat ; Rainy mood

Finished render using V-ray for SketchUp

Interior modelling to Interior rendering

Credits to the pleasing photo of my girl, Cheryl Agapito. Always easing to the eye, as easing as the rainy season.

🔹 Theme : Rainy Season
🔹 Project title : Yin Yang The Love seat ; Rainy mood – titled by Marcus Bello
🔹 Workflow : SketchupPro2018 x V-ray Next 4.10 x PScs6
🔹 Modeled, Visualized / Rendered by : Yours truly
🔹 Used 2 HDRIs :
🔹 Resolution : 1265 x 1500


Modern bir konut yapısıdır.Sade ve şık bir cephe kurgusu vardır.Yapımız da bölgesel iklim hava şartları ve yerel mimari renklerden esinlenerek oluşturmaya çalıştık.Daha belirgin mekanlar ve cephe düşüncesi ile tasarımda ilk adımlarımızı atmış olduk.

Breige Dubh House

“Black is the queen of all colours. Black represents mystery and the unknown.”

Finished render using V-ray for Sketchup

*Architectural exterior to V-ray rendering
*Project title : BREIGE DUBH HOUSE
*Modeled, Visualized and Rendered by : Yours truly
*Software used : SketchUpPro2018 x V-ray Next 4.10 x PScs6
*Used HDRI :
-Abandoned Tank Farm 04 by Greg Zaal; 8k resolution
*Render resolution : 1620 x 1080

Vivá Palmas do Arvoredo

Surrounded by mountains, Praia de Palmas has the sea in shades of green and blue. Refuge for those looking for tranquility in contact with nature and comfort at the same time. Located in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil.

The interior concept was designed using natural materials and sober colors. So that the entire project would complement the surrounding nature.

We seek to convey, through aerial photography, the balance of the project and nature in its entirety.

Dominion The Grand Visualize by PIXARCH | Bahria Town Karachi

Pixarch proudly present the ultimate 3D architectural visualization of an iconic vertical marvel, ‘Dominion The Grand’, destined to shine brightly in the rows of speckles in the colours of Bahria town Karachi.

The project has been flawlessly presented in the 3D architectural visualization, giving an immense feeling of tangibility.

So, let’s not make you wait further… Pixarch is proudly presenting the wonderful 3D animation of DOMINION THE GRAND.