Mountain Bowen House

I came across a photo of this view a few years back and recreated it using tools I wanted to explore such as the Substance suite. The main structure was modeled in Sketchup and then imported in 3ds Max for detailing. Some of the objects are scanned assets from Quixel megascans but most of it was custom modelled, including the foreground plants using Grow Fx. After the rendering process I tried to get as close to the photograph in post production, making some of it directly into the V-Ray Frame Buffer, then using Camera Raw and some individual elements later on in usual Photoshop.

Rawabi Al Hijazi by Pixarch

Rawabi Al Hijazi unveils a world class community in an evolutionary Saudi set up. The commercial, residential and recreational arenas are depicted with a riveting resolution by Pixarch. The 3D walkthroughs and views have completely transformed the architectural angles to fully functional ones. The award winning frames are brought to life by the leading edge virtuosity of Pixarch.

Pixarch has captured the aerial shots with perfection and zoomed in so that the locations are exact and quite visible. The scintillating community lay outs display posh and pristine scenes which create a desire to live in such a dream locality. The 360 degree visualization extracts the beauty in construction of Rawabi Al Hijazi. The creative camera shots show the vibrant vicinity in its vigor for a life like feel.

Theatre Architecture Competition 2017: Story Tracks

The concept of this design work is the ‘track’. Tracks represent certain stories of this old stadium, which also mean a infrastructure element in this new design, that helps run this site as a theater theme building and connect the site with its neighbor areas.

Consequently, the idea about redesigning the old stadium is to create this historical place several unexpected routines. In fact, the enclosed theater play an crucial role to attract art lovers from various background, that could be their first time to visit this historical place. Thus I make the walking route to watch plays in the enclosed theater become a sightseeing route so as to impress audiences and they will come again. It could also be explored after going through an extraordinary entrance. When visitors get into the building from north west, they will through a half enclosed entrance space, where is quiet and a bit narrow. Then they will arrive at the open stages venue changed from old terraces, which has many stories that old citizens know them well. There is a dramatic atmosphere in this conventional place that everywhere in it could be a performing stage. Therefore, the tracks have been well preparing for the coming shows and the stories are waiting to be told.

For presentation, I additionally made growing animation to show how I regenerated these spaces before and after.