Noice Angle

After the design of the project was completed, I was asked to make a quick render for the client. I was playing with different camera angles and I stumbled into this one. I wasn’t really involved in the design of the project, my work mates and project manager were the one in charge.

Rare Air

I’m always trying new techniques in an attempt to push my abilities and renderings to the next level. This image was inspired by a book I received about Japanese dwellings. In the book there is a photograph of a living space looking out into a deeply forested environment which I found evocative.

My model seemed claustrophobic upon review so I decided to open up the view to the most dramatic expanse I could imagine and change it to an expansive shot of a high mountain lake.

I am also working on incorporating models of real-world items captured by photogrammetry and inserting them into my scenes in order to add that extra element of realism that pulls in the viewer’s interest.

I have found that using the native color settings in Lumion brings a vibrance to the final image that while beautiful, is a bit saturated for most scenes. Luckily the ability to manage this is handled well within Lumion with the use of some of the built-in effects.

This image represents an ideal environment for me personally and I hope to provide through my work the kind of life that could provide a view like this for my daughter and wife to gaze upon like the fearless young lady in the image.