House on a rock

It is a great honor for me to present to you the recent work that I did. Today I’m sharing with the whole “House on the Rock” in this blog.
I hope you like it!
I tried to create emotional photos and photorealistic ArchViz, using the knowledge and experience that I received earlier.
This work was created for itself as inspiration of imagination and full freedom of thought.
3D modeling
My first step is modeling the main house in Sketchup, which is an excellent and simple tool for modeling the basic 3D architectural models, and I often feel comfortable when I use it at this stage.
Then I used a lumine for rocks and water, as well as atmospheric weather.
I fully applied the textures and materials for Sketchup. I just installed them in the loumion.
In my opinion, it was a bit difficult, it was to create a suitable place in the mountains in Loomion.
Then I get the final rendering photos, as you can see. Then I just used a small Photoshop for lighting and color sorting.
Thank you so much for taking the time to create me! I hope that my experience will help you in your work.

Special thanks to Ronen Bekerman for giving us the opportunity to share our work with all of you.

Rustic kitchen

A fun personal project inspired by the awesome deVOL Kitchens. Went for a warm rustic/farmhouse feel. Some models from the 3D Warehouse, the cabinet is modelled by me. All textures and lighting achieved in Lumion 8.0, which I’m testing now. It has a lot of potential!

Making of the CABINS Challenge Concept Art

CABINS, The 7th Architectural Visualization Challenge, was soft-launched yesterday with information to be shared during this week leading up to the Monday start day. As part of this, I’m sharing the making-of the CABINS concept art on the challenge site. I used good old pen & paper, SketchUp, Lumion, Megascans assets and Photoshop. Part ONE is live and waiting for you. Enjoy!

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Hello! MMF House Meets Lumion

Lumion… We meet again! In the previous AT WORK post, I took the Amazon Lumberyard Bistro for a spin after seeing that being used as part of the Lumion 8 marketing material. In the past week, I decided to take that new version for a good spin. First, using one of the example scenes it comes bundled with and then with the MMF House project we recently completed the usual way with Corona Renderer. This is an early test, but I would love to know what you think about this.

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1st semester project – Requirements was to design a structure that can span 12meters(39feet) without intermediate supports.

The space requirements was to accommodate an artist for a few months to do some work. Similar to that of a studio apartment we only needed to have a bed, toilet, shower, kitchenette, small living area and an office.

I decided to do an Aluminium structure.