lake house

I caught the idea of creating this scene while starting my computer. : D
It sounds crazy, but it’s true, a picture provided from window 10 made me excited, and I decided to reproduce it with sketchup and lumion.
My work lasted for 5 hours, I used sketchup to outline the house, and all the rest left, creating terrain, planting trees, I made with lumion 8.
I love the autumn air, the color of the trees when I go in autumn, I want to recreate the early autumn, when the branches are beginning to change the color of leaves …
I hope you will like this project, if you have any questions or comments, please send me. thank you.

Bay View Terraces

This project is one of my 1st entries into ArchVIZ Renderings, Im self taught and wanted to see how far I could push Lumion 8 . Im always open to criticism and I would love some help on composition and detailing .

I was going for a Scandi feel while keeping an industrial edge, which I feel I achieved , Im happy with the lighting and overall concept

MMF House with Lumion - Pool View

Converting to Lumion – MMF House Revisited

Converting to Lumion the MMF House to Lumion was among the most engaging articles this year and the starting point for my Lumion review “Visualize at the Speed of Mind” that was published yesterday. I decided to freshen things up a bit here, add some new images like the pool shot you see as the header, and link it to a Talk thread so the discussion can keep on going. Reading this can help set the stage for the review I made.

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A Lumion Review – Visualize at the Speed of Mind

This one was a long time coming. After giving the new Lumion version a good go and now that I completed teaching my first class about it I found time to write this review which will shed light on the good, bad and all else related to Lumion 8.

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Cathedral of Freedom / Hommage to Joze Plecnik

CATHEDRAL OF FREEDOM / Hommage to Joze Plecnik is an experimental short film dedicated to Slovene architect Joze Plecnik.

Cathedral of Freedom / Plecnik Parliament (Slovene: Plecnikov parlament) is the colloquial name of two designs for a building intended to house the legislature of the People’s Republic of Slovenia within the second Yugoslavia. Formally known as the Slovene Acropolis and the Cathedral of Freedom (Slovenska akropola / Katedrala svobode), the two designs were proposed in 1947 by Slovenia’s most eminent architect, Joze Plečnik, but were rejected in favour of a more conventional design.

A square, colonnaded false façade would have surrounded the cylindrical main building of two stories, surmounted by a tall, spirally tapering conical cupola. Supported internally by inclined columns, the cupola would have spanned the parliament chamber. The facade would have measured 50 m in length, the tower rising to 120 m. Several slightly varying designs were produced, some including a second colonnade wrapping the second floor of the main building, different porticoes, or an asymmetrical ground floor.

Year: 2017
Production / Direction: Kristijan Tavcar
Visualization: Kristijan Tavcar
Music: Kai Engel

Essex Modern City

Essex Modern City strives to set a new standard for mixed-use development in San Antonio, reinventing urban infill development, by referencing the historical patterns of San Antonio as a Spanish colonial city based on while embracing new technology’s impact on the urban environment. It returns the focus to the people, both those who live there and visit, by making it a walkable community with vehicular access limited to emergency and service access. The large central plaza and extensive green space throughout provides a venue for events and exhibits for residents and visitors. Vertical and horizontal urban farms will grow produce to be utilized by restaurants on the property, purchased by residents/visitors, or marketed as a revenue source to those managing it. A market will provide a venue for local food vendors and craftsmen to market and sell their goods. Local arts and entertainment will be celebrated throughout the Essex Modern City development.