New Product Collection –Sunon

Sunon has created world-class offices from leading global brands and public institutions, including fortune global 500 companies. Few of the esteemed clients include names like namely, Tata, HDFC BANK, Pepsi, Siemens, Birlasoft, Alibaba, Evergrande Group, Saudi Aramco, Wework, etc. Sunon’s standard procedure for project support includes proposal -drawing, generating layouts and renders provided by a professional design team and with the help of support tools such as CET Designer and online 3D showroom.

Sunon is on its path to challenge the status quo of traditional office spaces and create sustainable, modern and collaborative spaces, which will lead all of us in the new era of work.

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3D Architectural Rendering Canada

We produce 3D Image Rendering pre-model design that helps to handle work within the budget. Excellent realistic designers in 3D rendering, modeling with transparent effects like glass and light. The exact design of customer expectation is fulfilled, which can be either customized further or be the final model.

HooDoo House Case Study

It is always a joy to share work by Bartosz Domiczek, winner of the CABINS Challenge, and HooDoo House is no different. Join Bartosz in this case study about the making of this amazing piece.

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Museum of Wyspiański in Cracow

The new museum refers to the existing Main Building, both in volume and rectangular form. The existing vertical structural divisions on the Main Building’s eastern façade passes into the construction of the new building first in the form of a roofed glass hall, and then define its entire structure.

The building has a clearly noticeable division of an open (public) zone on the ground floor and a closed (exhibition) zone above it. Therefore, the ground floor was fully glazed to connect the interior of the building with the surrounding space, while giving a sense of integrity and spaciousness. The aim was to invite people inside the museum. The window-free exhibition part arouses curiosity and encourages visitors to visit the exhibition. From the outside, it gives the effect of levitating mass over the square and greenery penetrating under the building

Insvire company office

This project was created for an Indonesian app development company Insvire. We really enjoyed working on it, as the design is rather expressive. The deadline was quite tight, but our amazing team was able to complete it on time. The building featured in this project consists of 3 floors: – Lobby, kitchen, and meeting room are located on the first floor – Second floor houses the division and coworking areas – The third floor contains the relaxation area The Insvire offices project was truly great to work on and we are looking forward to many more interesting collaborations in the future.