Beatrice Apartments

An exclusive modern apartment with a slight aftertaste futurism. Using a variety of original ideas I managed to make the project truly unique. Natural materials along with complex geometric shapes create a sense of style and comfort. In the project you can see paintings by famous artists Oleksandra Ekster and Huguette Caland


In the course of my Matura thesis I designed this visualization with a glass/copper facade. The skyscraper borders directly on the Rhine port and on the Rhine swimming pool I designed.

The visualization you see before you is my first in my career as a future architect. I created the 3D model with ArchiCAD and worked on it afterwards with Photoshop. In comparison to other more professional visualizations my picture is in the shade, but I think it is still good for my first visualization. I try to top the last one with each further visualization and to develop myself.

3D Aerial View Rendering

3D Aerial views are the best marketing tools to allure buyers and it makes the best first impression. It helps to prepare project proposals that can enable the area developer to depict the projects in the best possible way across all stakeholders, be it Real Estate Financers, Buyers, etc.

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