Mark Superlofts

Aim of the project was to create dynamic mixed-use complex for living, working and leisure in the former industrial harbour area’s. Residents of Superlofts are offered a space for co-wroking and organising events in the three-storey podium and on the common terrace. The higher part of Mark project provide compact, flexible lofts with high and bright interiors. Moreover, the building provides an open framework which easily adapts to changing inhabitants and their various lifestyles. We are glad to be part of this project.

Visualizations were made by Corona Renderer Engine in 3dsmax. Forest Pack is our favourite program for implementing greenery. These programes give us full control over final outcome of an image.

Private house in the south of Russia

A private house in the south of Russia designed by our studio for the architectural competition “Beautiful Wooden Houses 2019”. The house has a wooden frame in places of large unsupported spans, learned by steel beams. With this project we wanted to show that a wooden house can be not only a traditional style of chalet,
country and Russian style, but also in a modern minimalist style. The facade is made of black plank and wood panels of light wood.

Winter Cabin

Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for reading books, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire, it is the time for a Cabin

Cathedral of Freedom / Hommage to Joze Plecnik

CATHEDRAL OF FREEDOM / Hommage to Joze Plecnik is an experimental short film dedicated to Slovene architect Joze Plecnik.

Cathedral of Freedom / Plecnik Parliament (Slovene: Plecnikov parlament) is the colloquial name of two designs for a building intended to house the legislature of the People’s Republic of Slovenia within the second Yugoslavia. Formally known as the Slovene Acropolis and the Cathedral of Freedom (Slovenska akropola / Katedrala svobode), the two designs were proposed in 1947 by Slovenia’s most eminent architect, Joze Plečnik, but were rejected in favour of a more conventional design.

A square, colonnaded false façade would have surrounded the cylindrical main building of two stories, surmounted by a tall, spirally tapering conical cupola. Supported internally by inclined columns, the cupola would have spanned the parliament chamber. The facade would have measured 50 m in length, the tower rising to 120 m. Several slightly varying designs were produced, some including a second colonnade wrapping the second floor of the main building, different porticoes, or an asymmetrical ground floor.

Year: 2017
Production / Direction: Kristijan Tavcar
Visualization: Kristijan Tavcar
Music: Kai Engel