Objects garden

The purpose of the contest was to recreate the accessibility of the garden to have more path readability for the entrance of the garden.
But are people problems with the garden path readability and entrance or is the program in the garden?
Our solution for this garden is to create a new layer on the existing site to unhide the other land uses. The new layer has formed from architectural elements which have been inspired by Isfahan’s ancient architecture. In these objects will happen many deferent events.
Reviewing the ancient architectural forms and elements, help us to create new architectural forms and objects, also reveal hidden aesthetic features for us. founded objects detached from their previous position, deconstructed, and finally recreated in a new situation. This project is formed from the synthetic of the founded objects and placed in the new context.
After redefining the purpose of the contest and unhide the other land uses, In the proposal of the project, the site has expanded and the problem with the entrance extended to the whole site and garden’s program. In this way, the project has expanded to a new layer in redefining architecture and turning it into objects to be seen.
* Honorable mention in “from the garden city to the garden of the city”​ competition
* Top 10 digital made model in architecture model competition 2021 by Mango Architecture and Archivoice

Baobab Waterfall

The country’s economy has always been in crisis, although less than 20% of the population has access to electricity. And this means more than 75% of the population lives in the poverty and that poverty is the most important factor in the significant increase in crime. More than 50% of prisoners are pre-trial detainees and the population of prisoners increased more than 150% in the last 10 years that means the occupancy level also increase to more than 230%. 
Our team’s solution to the current crisis and turn it into the best economic opportunities in the future, is the continuous production of electricity from serial and large waterfalls such as Niagara Falls, but this time at the ocean. Large deep-waterfalls that surround the prison with a very purposeful approach create another stunning view for the Madagascar island as a point of interest for tourists, and many tourists will be traveling there to see this stunning view.
In this touristic prison, after receiving the necessary training and skills, the prisoners interact directly with the tourists. Each prisoner is responsible for his physical needs and the society, which they achieve by farming on the farms of prison and trading with the community. This process reform and rehabilitate prisoners for a healthy economic life in society. That is the reason for reducing crime in the country.
After a few years and decreasing crime, the prison is expected to become a multi-purpose hotel and tourist hub with waterfalls on the ocean to produce green energy.

Dynamic Facade

The idea of designing this facade, shaped when we realized, in Yousef Abad of Tehran There is a rule for apartments that one face of the stair’s box must be semi-open. In other words, they must locate the stair in the facade, so the stair can be semi-open.
We deleted that face to have an open staircase.
We know the stair is the heart of every apartment but in the last few years because of the elevator is useless. We spot the stair as an open space, in this way it can create a dynamic and active space for people in the apartment. We didn’t want to hide the stair we designed the stair as a main dynamic element in our facade.
To control the shadow and sunlight we designed the second element of our dynamic facade that is rolling sunshades. The people in the apartment can control it for themselves, in this way we have different looking facades at different times of the day.
For the skyline of the street, we designed the roof garden for people in the apartment. even though we can improve the quality of living when we have a roof garden in the apartment.
For the entrance facade, we were inspired by the historical architecture of Iran and our old streets. on those houses, we saw a welcoming area and sitting benches in the entrance so people in the street can sit there and rest or even like old days they can only watch the people in street.

Sohrab Apartment

The house, with increasing population, lost its pleasant courtyard and the little balcony took the place and deprived us of looking to the sky. The courtyard solving a thousand problems.
the coolness of summer nights and the gentle warmth of the winter’s sun that gathered the family in the open area to enjoy the fresh air. That was a bridge for a slow walk from the outside to inside the house.
The courtyards, like climate change, had the lung function of our neighborhood and a serious role in our communications, communications that now are the main problem for these days. In fact, Sohrab Apartment was a model for sustainability and development.

Jahan Apartment

It is easy to model a residential area where all the houses are the same, but the point is how a different building in terms of appearance and size can be well placed in visualization.
The Jahan apartment is different from all the points of its residential area, however, in this project, I tried to create the materials as realistic as possible, such as white brick, which is modeled vertically.
The alley is made up of people of different ages but most of them are very old, we try to show them in the visualization too.
but the main Idea was the difference in height of our building with other houses which I tried to show the difference as a good thing.

Mahour Apartment

This project offered us by one of our friend. Total area of land was 260 square meter and he asked for an apartment with 7 units. The size of the apartment’s unit was challenging because of the engineering system’s rules in Iran. The second challenge was price of the project, so we used areal materials such as concrete and brick, for the facade we couldn’t use to much wall-posts and Iron framing and this was reason of choosing flat surface facade looks. We played with brick patterns to create different looking facade from other buildings.