Conceptual design of Municipal complex in Zielonki, Poland. (Near Krakow)

The concept of forming the center of Zielonki, Poland, near Fort 45 Marszowice, which is a protected heritage, provides for the formation of a dense quarter and reduction of the projected area to 2.66 hectares to save money and end point of the complex. The center is a public square, which borders all the buildings of the complex. It provides for the formation of a large number of public spaces (main square, observation deck in the municipality and the rise to it, the space above the skate park), active (bike paths, skate park and sports stadium) and passive (walking routes around the fort) recreation.

Star stone Factory

Our client’s request was to design a store , a private office for Ceo with the terrace and office space for sales department.
The lack of architectural separation for different work activities in iranian factories is the major reason for the low quality of living spaces for such functions.
Our program was to separated main functional spaces with slabs in different levels and creating costume Quality for each factions..
As a industrial town, Mahmoud Abad didn’t have a good facade system looks and every facade in this area looks each other.
We design double facade system to save more energy and privacy for Office spaces and also we use brick and concrete blocks to have same look with other facades.

Sohrab’s House

” Everywhere I am, sky is mine ”
The word “Everywhere” in the poem of the contemporary poet, Sohrab Sepehri, it seams pointing home.
The house, with increasing population, lost a pleasant courtyard and the little balcony took the place and deprived us of looking to sky. The courtyard which solving a thousand problems.
the coolness of summer nights and the gentle warmth of the winter’s sun that gathered family in the open area to enjoy the fresh air. That was a bridge for a slow walk from the outside to inside the house.
The courtyards, as climate change, had the lung function of our neighborhood and a serious role in our communications, communications that are now the main problem for these days. In fact, the Sohrab’s Apartment was a model for sustainability and development.
In design prosses of Sohrab’s apartment we try to study sustainable development of a building from different aspects and give a positive answer to it. The sustainability of the building is not only related to environmental factors and more factors are involved in it. In Sohrab’s apartment, we tried to address various aspects, including cultural and social problems, energy, environment and futurism.

Breeze of Innovation

Our friends from SMAR Architects have won the competition to build the landscape landmark for the city of San Jose in Silicon Valley with their project “Breeze of Innovation”.

We bring you some of the images we made to portray their beautiful project.

We hope you like it 🙂