Parkview Signature Apartments-3D Architectural Visualization by Pixarch

Pixarch Architectural Visualization always does the things with inimitable approach and Parkview Signature Apartments were no exception. It was our job to paint a realistic, understandable and desirable picture using the blueprint so a viewer or a prospective buyer can see the final outcome. Pixarch used modern practice to give the project a digital life.

Parkview is a modern building, in the heart of LAHORE City, which provides housing with state of the art amenities and accessibility. Located just a few minutes away from Gulberg and the colonial Mall Road, Park View Apartments are easily accessible from every corner of Lahore.

For this project, the 3D modeling, texturing and detailing were carefully created to the finest detail as to capture the zest and feel of the project.

For Parkview Signature Apartments, Pixarch provided a beautiful and stunning 3D architectural walkthrough and photorealistic 3D views.


Murooj is a residential project in Yanbu, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The project is developed by Alargan projects. Pixarch developed high quality work for Murooj. The 3D Views and depth of the project were captured in stunning 3D architectural visualization and 3D floor plans.
The Exterior and Interior spaces of Murooj were highlighted through high resolution 3D images, which were used for printing and outdoor media, such as billboards. In addition, a TV commercial was also created for Murooj to be aired in the month of Ramadan.


For this work.
I imagine an hotel on abandonned marble quarries in grasses landscape.
For this architecture, I create a volume who remember the marble block and aspect of old stone.
The 3D model and render was made in Lightwave.


Cottage near Lviv, UA

Our practice was responsible for the renovation of an old cottage on the periphery of Lviv city. Throughout the design process we constantly felt it’s inspiration is largely driven from both the interior of a traditional English cottage and from the Italian exterior and landscape treatment. This is what we ended up with finaly. Hope you’ll like it.

TSR 001: SOA Academy Day #5 Special

MIR / Mats Andersen & Trond Greve

Located in Norway, MIR is a big source of inspiration to me in many aspects, not just in their visuals but in the way they go about doing their work. They dedicate one artist per one week per one image, which allows them to remain focused and undistracted, and to deliver a high-quality product on time. In my conversation with them, Trond and Mats describe this process they title “MIR is a Resturant,” as well as their disciplined approach to their art, how they plan to develop their visualizations in the future, and what hopeful potential employees should do, and not do, to gain their attention.

I’ve posted a written interview with MIR back in March 2011 which could be very interesting to read before or after listening to the recorded one years after.

“A proper daytime sunny image” – Trond Greve

Render Legion – Corona Renderer / Adam Hotovỳ & Juraj Talcik

Corona Renderer is a high-performance photorealistic renderer software program developed in Prague by Render Legion. I talked with Adam Hotovỳ about some of the milestones they were working to meet at the time of SOA Academy Day #5. Juraj Talčík also had plenty of great things to say about why he and Veronika Demovičová prefer to use Corona Renderer over other rendering programs.

Icelandic House by Talcik&Demovicova

Icelandic House by Talcik&Demovicova

Peter Guthrie

At the time of this conversation, Peter Guthrie and Henry Goss were two days into their adventure at The Boundary. The incredible success of their company is a topic that will also feature in a future session of The SpectRoom.

The Boundary is Born!

The Boundary is Born!

DBOX / Christiaan Klaassen

DBOX is a full-service agency, taking their clients from branding all the way to the publication of a project. I’m talking here with Christiaan Klaassen about CGI, how synchronization happens with the whole team, and the incredibly detailed work they put into each project.

432 Park Avenue, rendering by DBOX

432 Park Avenue, rendering by DBOX

Arqui9 / Pedro Fernandes

Based in the UK, Arqui9’s Pedro Fernandes stresses simplifying your portfolio and specializing in your greatest area of strength. He also has some great tips for artists that are looking into going out on their own that you’ll want to hear. Expect to hear more from Pedro in a future session.

Pedro posted two MAKING OF articles on the blog that you should check out – Making of Seaside Feeling & Making of Adelaide Housing.

Making of Seaside Feeling by Pedro Fernandes

Making of Seaside Feeling by Pedro Fernandes