Silent Meditation Forest Cabin Competition Renderings

The Competition asked that the designers propose a design that would provide a comfortable living accommodation to a single person for 4-5 days. It had to be in operation for all seasons of the year, to contain a sufficient clear floor area for meditation. It also needed to include an area to store small amounts of food and water, alternative lighting options as well as a way to heat the place in the winter months.

Our design focused on being built in the forest area as well as around the small lake.

Although we didn’t win anything it was a fun competition to be a part of and a learning experience.

Studio Apartment

As an Architect, designer and visualiser, I am attracted to spaces that oozes personality. I wanted to create a space that reflects my attraction to modern living spaces in growing Cities. This visualisation is just a simple room, with typical Revit window families and 3D models downloaded from Cadnav, but it explores what a designer can do with a simple thought and a few precedent images.

The Floorboards are generated with FloorGenerator, very simple box modelling and chamfering, Revit windows, and models downloaded from Cadnav for personal use. Workflow consisted of Revit – 3DS Max – Vray – and a subtle touch in photoshop.


Observatory House Competition

This is one of the images of a design submission for a public competition. The architectural program prompts for a retreat space for astronomy enthusiasts. The site is located at a historical site in Roccascalegna, Italy.
This project is an experiment with OctaneRenderer and 3DS Max as our studio was looking for systematic and efficient ways to produce architectural visualization. Since then, we started using GPU for both everyday workflow and final production.