Saxony Hotel Miami

This is what the Saxony Hotel could have looked like if Roman and Williams had been allowed to finish the job. We worked alongside the architects at full steam until the day that things suddenly changed. Now – one of the few places you can see the splendor of the original RW2 Design – is here. The project was entirely modeled with Rhino and Rendered with Maxwell Render.


Because of the versatility and space-less nature of the project, we specifically piked Tokyo, JPN as the main context for this shot to seductively portray a picture of a stimulating distopian urban environment that has, both intrigue and mystery.

Northern Neighborhood House

Proof of concept using photogrammetry to digitally reconstruct a real place for use as architectural context in real-time visualization. Software list above needs some updating — this project used Rhino3D, Reality Capture, Meshmixer, Photoshop, and Unreal Engine 4. Unreal lighting is not baked; it’s fully dynamic allowing for instantly changing time of day. Note, this is not a pre-rendered animation. Navigating the model looks identical. Target aesthetic is not photo-realism, but rather an architectural illustration that can be moved through — somewhere between a comic book, a photo, and a painting.

Continental Headquarters

Visualisations were made for a competition for Continental in Hannover, Germany. From the brief was given drone photography of the site and two images were chosen as mandatory perspectives for all competitors. One of those were a “fish eye”/”photomerged image”. Therefor the foreground of the overall aerial was created in 3d to get a useful perspective and composition. Background was then created with usual matte painting techniques. Close up perspective is a combination of render and matte painting from eg. the drone photography.

Beach Resort Sardegna

Own studio project in which we developed the landscape design, architecture, interior design and visuals. Our aim was to depict a Mediterranean location and atmosphere. It was a challenging project but we are so happy with the final results.
Hope you like it.

7 Apartments in Rubí (Spain)

I am very happy to share this image because it is part of the first commissioned project of my new archviz studio ( The whole project was modeled in Rhino and then imported to 3DsMax and renderd with Corona Renderer. One of the most challenging parts was the creation of the rolling blinds. They were modeled using Grasshopper 3D for Rhino (to generate all the luvres from a Spline and to add random variations in each luvre). Another tricky part was the vegetation: the architects wanted climbing plants in very specific positions and shapes. So I decided to learn GrowFX and I am quite happy with the result. I hope you like the image and please let me know if you have any comments.