Piscine interieure en Suisse

In the end of 2019 we were commissioned to visualize the interior of a swimming pool for a house in Switzerland. Our client needed this image to present his ideas of a relaxing spa in a theatrical atmosphere, to the client. The design and the materials changed along the visualization process and the resulting image was very appreciated by the architects.

Cold War Museum

3XNs proposed design for a new Cold War Museum in Northern Jutland that will be an addition to Regan Vest, a Cold War bunker that will be opening to the public for the first time in 2021.
Rendered with Enscape.

Headquarters in New York

I am very proud to publish these images I did during my stay in David Chipperfield in London. I was head of the visualizer team during and I was accompanying the design team during the design process of this innovative office building. I extended my knowledge on high rise buildings and new technologies in sustainable architecture. I hope you like the images.