Images are primarily created with 3ds max, V-Ray and Photoshop. The winter image illustrates clearly the concept of the building and shows the playfulness between the facade and the slightly wonky pine trees around the site.

The aerial view is partly drone photo and partly matte painting. It shows the building in the context of an old military site with the city of Växjö just behind it and the forests of Småland in the horizon.

Estacion del Alto

This project is one of our first commissions we decided to do in Lumion, after years of using 3dMax and Vray for our main works. We are self taught and wanted to see how far we could push this new Software, mainly for Exteriors, as we feel we can push more out of the software.
We are always open to criticism and I would love to hear your opinions!

New Östervärn

Diploma project 2018. Urban planning. A whole new neighborhood and entrance to Malmö. Making place for a big new park in the heart of the area, next to the new art academy and art museum.