Russian Residential Competition

UP Architects developed a concept from the detailed competition brief for an organisational system for the residential units that worked well within the brief constraints. Hessian Design joined the team to provide a material and facade expression for this system. The idea is that within the organisation structure there are many different possibilities for facade expression using a pop-out module or set back balcony as the pieces to compose an elevation. Three different building typologies were identified in the brief and the images represent 2 of them with different material and organisational expressions.


This is my last tutorial which is made by our team

Master: Aref Razavi
Modeling: Marzie Mehdipoor
Modeling / Lighting / Materials: Saeed Mandegar
Render / Post Production: Aref Razavi & Saeed Mandegar

Tutorial narrator: Erfan Alizadeh
Sounds: Parking Records Studio

all rights reserved to Zavir Academy.

London Social Housing Regeneration

This is one of two images created in an invited bid for a social housing estate regeneration scheme in North London.

Originally, we wanted to create more moody shots to suit the way London looks most of the time (it does get cloudy here a lot!) but eventually managed to settle for an after-shower scene due to client comments. We tried to create an image that looked natural – not overcrowded, not too glitzy and a bit rugged and true to real life. The result was well received and an accurate portrayal of what the finished scheme would probably look like.


The main subject is from a real project but in a fantasy space. Based on KL House by Bourgeois Lechasseur Architects.

Model : Marzieh Mehdipour in Rhino.
Render : Aref Razavi (me).

Software : Rhino, 3dsmax , V-Ray, Forest Pack and Photoshop

West Texas Retreat

Here I was commissioned to composed and make three images of a house remodel in the West Texas Desert. The project became about creating 3 different moments one might encounter if living in the house. Rendered with only natural light, the images let the space, materiality, light, and the building’s relationship to the landscape speak with the loudest voices.