New Östervärn

Diploma project 2018. Urban planning. A whole new neighborhood and entrance to Malmö. Making place for a big new park in the heart of the area, next to the new art academy and art museum.

Making of ZHA’s Leeza SOHO

The making of Leeza SOHO Visualization is among the best articles in the past year and as part of a blog content review I’m pushing it up, so those of you who did not see it yet do not miss it! COSMOSCUBE did a fantastic job breaking down the architectural rendering process as they visualized Zaha Hadid Architects Leeza SOHO 46-story tower in Beijing, China. For comments, jump into TALK using the link at the end of the article.

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FOREST office campus

Aerial shot of Forest office campus in Warsaw, Poland.
Building is supposed to meet high ‘green’ standards and will have many environment-friendly facilities within its premises. Those include a roof urban farm, outdoor fitness, leisure deck and others. Additionally it will be surrounded by a nice park – so the name “Forest” came up naturally.

The project had many versions since we first started working with HRA on it in 2015 and I hope I’ll have a chance (and client’s permission) to share them with you at some point.

Aerial photography was done in coop with Przemyslaw Pawinski from Geopoint

Russian Residential Competition

UP Architects developed a concept from the detailed competition brief for an organisational system for the residential units that worked well within the brief constraints. Hessian Design joined the team to provide a material and facade expression for this system. The idea is that within the organisation structure there are many different possibilities for facade expression using a pop-out module or set back balcony as the pieces to compose an elevation. Three different building typologies were identified in the brief and the images represent 2 of them with different material and organisational expressions.