Conceptual design of Municipal complex in Zielonki, Poland. (Near Krakow)

The concept of forming the center of Zielonki, Poland, near Fort 45 Marszowice, which is a protected heritage, provides for the formation of a dense quarter and reduction of the projected area to 2.66 hectares to save money and end point of the complex. The center is a public square, which borders all the buildings of the complex. It provides for the formation of a large number of public spaces (main square, observation deck in the municipality and the rise to it, the space above the skate park), active (bike paths, skate park and sports stadium) and passive (walking routes around the fort) recreation.

Fluidity 2.0

A catalyst for reinvention, a fluid but coherent field of buildings, each separate but all logically connected in a continually changing ensemble the volumes encompassing the new retail centre in the seaside town of Jesolo open up around a central space like the petals of a flower.

The Design of the organic buildings are inspired by the nature and natural forms. The fluidity series showcase the meeting of the conceptual design and nature.
The original design is from Zaha Hadid Architects, my goal was to remodel this building as a practice to explore the free form surfaces and 3d modeling methods. I chose this building because of its complex design and futuristic, curvy shape which reminds me to motion and water fluidity.

Baobab Waterfall

Madagascar, the land of opportunity. But how people living there?
Do you know only 20% of people having access to electricity? also More than 75% of people lives in poverty.
We all know the main factor of Crime rate that is poverty.
Do you know more than 50% of prisoners in this country is pre-trail detainees?
We try to design prison with manmade green energy.
The Main focus of prison is to rehabilitation prisoners and in the future the prison will change to Hotel in the middle of ocean.

Daring Leap

‘Daring Leap’
The Fall_Design and Illustrated by Duy Phan

What does it take to jump out a diving bridge for the first time? Life is not that long to wait until the perfect moment. It all needs the courage to accept the risk sometimes.

Thriving for the better requires thinking and doing differently every day. It will take you pain with some failures first, but the gain is exclusive for those who dare to take the leap.

The crowd is way enough of stand-still feet, so jump out and speak up, keep motivating and renovating.

Guastalla Kindergarten

I wanted to achieve a winter mood, which should be the perfect playground for kids and grown people. I’ve tried to do as much as possible in 3d, trying to replicate the original location. So maybe in the future it can be developed with different moods and cameras as I have the whole project modeled.