Ethereal Cradle

The Ethereal Cradle project, a collaboration between Tanevoo, Omegarender, and XX, explores how artificial intelligence can reshape architectural design, blending cutting-edge technology with innovative ideas.

Spanning 180,000 square meters in Amargosa Valley, Nevada, the project includes an academic and research complex, a production and research facility, an oasis, and a transport hub. It blends technological innovation with sustainable practices, incorporating solar panels for energy efficiency and a design that minimizes environmental impact.

The Ethereal Cradle is more than an architectural achievement; it represents the synthesis of diverse disciplines, merging technology, nature, and human creativity. It is a philosophical exploration into the enigma of artificial intelligence and its emergence in the heart of the arid desert.

Tanevoo, Omegarender, and XX merge their expertise in architecture, AI research, and archviz, propelling technology and design forward through a shared vision. XX intricately expanded upon the architectural concept, while Omegarender enriches the project with its prowess in architectural visualization. Meanwhile, Tanevoo contributes invaluable insights from AI research, culminating in a multifaceted team united by a singular vision.

The Smart city

I envision a groundbreaking startup that leverages the Metaverse to empower architects and investors in the realm of Smart Cities. In 2023 and 2024, I’m committed to realizing this vision.
My goal is to create a Virtual platform, utilizing Unreal Engine SDK, to assess the energy efficiency of physical structures.
This innovative platform will be open source, allowing architects and designers worldwide to integrate their data and upload 3D models for evaluation.
This initiative serves as a bridge between the tangible world and the boundless potential of the Metaverse.
It’s a visionary endeavor poised to revolutionize the architecture and sustainability sectors.

If you’re a developer with hands on the Unreal Engine and you envision something similar in the realism of smart cities feel free to contact me.

The Project will run on a crowdfund, there’s no seed capital at the moment.

Vasant Kunj Residence

Nestled in the coveted location of Vasant Kunj, the ongoing project by Design 21 unveils a captivating farmhouse that epitomizes architectural excellence and meticulous attention to detail. With its splendid spatial layout comprising of two adjacent houses, this project sets out to redefine luxury living and create a sanctuary. The design ethos revolves around offering an unparalleled living experience, where every element is thoughtfully curated to ensure the utmost comfort, privacy, and spaciousness.

Embracing the essence of its surroundings, the farmhouse harmoniously blends with the natural landscape, establishing a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. A neutral colour palette, complemented by warm wooden textures and abundant natural light, imbues the interiors with a sense of tranquillity and elegance. The facade, adorned with diverse materials, exudes timeless sophistication and stands as a testament to architectural finesse.

Beyond aesthetics, the project prioritizes the well-being and aspirations of its future occupants. Innovative design elements and cutting-edge technologies are integrated to enhance convenience and elevate the living experience.

UnrealEngine5 House

I did an independent project to learn UnrealEngine 5.
I believe that the shortest way to learn is to investigate the necessary technology while actually creating the work.
For the building design, I referred to references, but added original elements.
I also design with the golden ratio in mind.
I modelled using 3dsmax.
I then transferred the building data to UnrealEngine 5 using Datasmith.
Materials were downloaded from QuixelBridge.
However, the main concrete and other materials were not enough,
I used SubstancePainter.
Trees, grass and rocks were also created using data from QuixelBridge.
For furniture I used free assets from Epic or modelled it myself.
In UnrealEngine, I use Lumen.
I made adjustments in PostProcess, but did not composite in AfterEffects or other software.

UE5 Cathedral- Kuiopo

To view the 360 video animations of this project, you can check my artstation here:
or Behance:

Pls watch 360 videos at highest resolution possible (4k) and turn on loop for the best viewing experience. I sincerely apologize for youtube’s video compression issues while viewing.

L-HOUSE for single-family house developers

Our new interactive product L-HOUSE is nnovative, engaging and conveniently personalizable, and this digital marketing tool is essential for developers specializing in single-family housing. Win the hearts and minds of your clients by inviting them to take active part in the virtual configuration of their dream home!