It is a scene, turned into an unreal engine, to study materials, lighting, and interactions, I have an executable in case anyone wants to try it, just ask me

Tverrfjellhytta: Unreal Engine film

I wanted to post this project here because my whole interest of Unreal Engine started with Ronen’s Cabins challenge some time ago. For my next project with Unreal I wanted to push my environment creating skill further and also create something gray and moody. I don’t remember where I saw Snohetta’s pavilion for the first time but it definetely inspired me very much.

This is the first ever animation that I made. Unreal is a great tool for someone who wants to do such an animation by themself since it doesnt require tons of time to render a film. It speeds up the whole process a lot.

Architectural interactive demo (UE4)

This demo presents a basic functionality and visual quality of the product. Any additional tools can be added to fit client’s requirements.
Demo application can be downloaded for free from our website:

Created in Unreal Engine 4

Music by David Hilowitz – First Day of Spring