UnrealEngine5 House

I did an independent project to learn UnrealEngine 5.
I believe that the shortest way to learn is to investigate the necessary technology while actually creating the work.
For the building design, I referred to references, but added original elements.
I also design with the golden ratio in mind.
I modelled using 3dsmax.
I then transferred the building data to UnrealEngine 5 using Datasmith.
Materials were downloaded from QuixelBridge.
However, the main concrete and other materials were not enough,
I used SubstancePainter.
Trees, grass and rocks were also created using data from QuixelBridge.
For furniture I used free assets from Epic or modelled it myself.
In UnrealEngine, I use Lumen.
I made adjustments in PostProcess, but did not composite in AfterEffects or other software.

UE5 Cathedral- Kuiopo

To view the 360 video animations of this project, you can check my artstation here:
or Behance:

Pls watch 360 videos at highest resolution possible (4k) and turn on loop for the best viewing experience. I sincerely apologize for youtube’s video compression issues while viewing.

L-HOUSE for single-family house developers

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Interactive software L-ROOM for Luke Lamps

This new case study of our interactive L-ROOM configurator is created for Luke Lamp Co., a high-end lighting design and production studio based in Mamaroneck, NY. All the lamps in this unusual collection have blazing flexible LED cords, which LUNAS were able to showcase at their most gorgeous. This project is further evidence that L-ROOM, designed and developed by LUNAS, is an extremely adaptable and powerful tool – with L-ROOM you can create an almost infinite number of real-time renderings of your products inside the software, while the quality of this CGI is almost identical to that of real photos!


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3D Animation Walkthrough Services of Modern Colony in Meridian, Idaho

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