The film is focusing on atmosphere, light and detail. That is why I decided to have very few wide-angle or establishing-shots. It’s impartiality is supported by slight camera movement, providing a shy but yet strong and authentic feeling. The flickering lights support the timidity of the whole scene.

A year ago I decided to completely focus on realtime-rendering. For the technical aspect of the project, the lightmaps are rendered with the GPU-Lightmass. I did not make use of the DX12-Raytracing-Features of my RTX2080Ti, because I personally find, they are not yet production-ready. But lots of other lately implemented features such as the new DOF algorithm and other stuff found their place in the project.

SoA announces Epic Games as main partner for ADX

State of Art (SoA) Academy is happy to announce Epic Games, creator of Unreal Engine real-time technology, as the main partner of the 10th edition of Academy Days, one of the world’s most revered archviz events.

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G Hub – 3D animation

G Hub – residential and retail development in Istanbul, Turkey by Mar Yapı. At MIII we created a set of high-quality 3D visualizations and promotional CG video for the project.

This time we decided to use Unreal Engine during a concept stage and present a client with more visually refined version of animatic.

MIII Production Team:
Director – Alexandr Smirnov
3D Artists – Alexandr Smirnov, Evgenia Timofeeva, Choduraa Hopuya, Alexandr Belkov
Manager – Lena Varlamova
Art Director – Ivan Savenko

Chroma House

Inspired by Tylko House, I decided to try the Unreal Engine lightmass lighting on these simple colored arches to see how it behaved.

While there is room for improvement, the result is good and it was a great exercise.

Tara Iti Ocean Suites

The Tara Iti Ocean Suites project was created to showcase the design of proposed visitor accommodation for the recently completed Tara Iti Golf Course in New Zealand.

The Ocean Suites sit within the link land in between the Pacific Ocean and the golf course itself offering high end accommodation for the quests of the course and it’s members

Designed to sit naturally in their dune environment, the Ocean Suites provide curated comfort after a day on the links or in the surf.

The project was completed using Unreal Engine before the advent of hybrid ray tracing and provided a chance to create animation in real time rather than using traditional offline techniques. The project was created working with Architect, Ella Darby and Herringbone Design for interior design and styling direction. The models were largely created in 3DS max before being imported into Unreal Engine. The free form roof structure was created using Rhino and Grasshopper as these model were later used for manufacture.