G Hub – 3D animation

G Hub – residential and retail development in Istanbul, Turkey by Mar Yapı. At MIII we created a set of high-quality 3D visualizations and promotional CG video for the project.

This time we decided to use Unreal Engine during a concept stage and present a client with more visually refined version of animatic.

MIII Production Team:
Director – Alexandr Smirnov
3D Artists – Alexandr Smirnov, Evgenia Timofeeva, Choduraa Hopuya, Alexandr Belkov
Manager – Lena Varlamova
Art Director – Ivan Savenko

Chroma House

Inspired by Tylko House, I decided to try the Unreal Engine lightmass lighting on these simple colored arches to see how it behaved.

While there is room for improvement, the result is good and it was a great exercise.

Tara Iti Ocean Suites

The Tara Iti Ocean Suites project was created to showcase the design of proposed visitor accommodation for the recently completed Tara Iti Golf Course in New Zealand.

The Ocean Suites sit within the link land in between the Pacific Ocean and the golf course itself offering high end accommodation for the quests of the course and it’s members

Designed to sit naturally in their dune environment, the Ocean Suites provide curated comfort after a day on the links or in the surf.

The project was completed using Unreal Engine before the advent of hybrid ray tracing and provided a chance to create animation in real time rather than using traditional offline techniques. The project was created working with Architect, Ella Darby and Herringbone Design for interior design and styling direction. The models were largely created in 3DS max before being imported into Unreal Engine. The free form roof structure was created using Rhino and Grasshopper as these model were later used for manufacture.

VR Technopark

Siberia. Krasnoyarsk. On the bank of the Yenisei river, at the site of a former plant, a new
residential area is being designed with the Smart City technology integration. The center of
innovation should become the heart of the area.
While working we have created a VR model of a part of the area as an additional element of
the design development allowing to assess the scale and to get the spatial experience being
both in public spaces and in the interior. In addition, it perfectly helps to solve the tasks of
the project presentation, allowing customers to plunge into the atmosphere of a new location
already today.
Thanks to “Unreal Engine 4”, the users have the opportunity to evaluate new public spaces
and to stroll not only next to the new building of the innovation center, but also to look at the
historical object built in the beginning of the 20th century under reconstruction.
We have also developed several interior locations, with the ability to appraise the views from
the window.
Recorded on video card: Geforce gtx 1080
VR headset: HTC Vive
More: https://www.behance.net/gallery/80296911/VR-prezentacija-tehnoparka

Minimal Interior

A practice Interior job created in unreal engine based off an actual render and design i found on behance by KIRILL VILL, Hālō Studio and A.T.O studio.
I only replicated the design using UNREAL ENGINE 4.21.2 to learn how to create spaces with very distinctive vibrant colors and to try as much as possible to match the GI and REFLECTION quality of a ray trace rendering software (corona).

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