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ANIMA 3.5 Released + Alive

anima 3.5 released by AXYZ Design + alive, an innovative technology that establishes a link between your 3D modeling software and anima. This level of control is very much welcome and will improve the overall workflow for sure! Check it out below.

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UE4- Interiorxc

This is my latest work using UE4 and Blender. Interior scene textures by hand and some photo textures used as well. Majority of the assets were created by me with some assets which are free models modified, cleaned up and textured from scratch.
For this project, I created dynamic textures for majority of the assets which enables clients to play around with colors and mood during projects. Also very useful during skype and google hangout discussions with clients as changes can be made on the fly in real time.
I have included a small demo of how the dynamic textures work at the end of the animation video.

Music by Michael FK – Lighthouse

The House of Ball

“The House of Ball” is my artistic vision of a Stadium filled with mist, colorful lights, and memories. The stadium, which even empty is full of its legend. On the Stadium’s screen was displayed the match between Poland and CCCP from the year 1957. The whole project is running in real-time in Unreal Engine 4 and can handle 22000 of instanced seats.

Credits: Modelling/CGI/Lighting/Cameras: Jakub Lesniak
Stadium Design: Perbo-Projekt
Music: Lee Rosevere “Healing”

Cherry Apartment

This is the project which I made to check the boundaries of real-time visualizations in Unreal Engine 4. All I can say this engine has almost limitless possibilities and in my opinion will drastically change the world of computer visualizations. All of presented images, video and 360 panoramas are straight from the engine without any additional post-production in other programs (the only one post is the one from the engine). I’ve modeled most of the assets, which were then textured using mostly “Substance” plugin build in Unreal Studio Beta.